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12 Mar 2018


French researcher "finds" 20,000 Aadhaar cards online, UIDAI dismisses threats

French security researcher Robert Baptiste (alias Elliot Anderson) is on a privacy checking spree. In the last few days, he claims to have exposed vulnerabilities on ISRO and Indian Post's websites and helped them correct the issues.

Open to extending Aadhaar linking deadline: Center

As the debate over mandatory Aadhaar rages on, the Center has informed the SC that it is open to extending the deadline for linking it to various schemes beyond March 31.

04 Mar 2018

Aadhaar Card

80% bank accounts, 60% SIM have been linked with Aadhaar

A month before the expiry of the deadline, around 80% of bank accounts and 60% of mobile connections have been linked with national biometric identifier Aadhaar, according to a senior official at UIDAI.

24 Feb 2018

Aadhaar Card

UIDAI announces blue-colored 'Baal Aadhaar' for kids below five

Aadhaar is increasingly becoming mandatory for Indian citizens, and even newborns are eligible to be enrolled.

Aadhaar hearing: Petitioners protest storage of data at state-level repositories

All biometric details stored in the State Resident Data Hubs (SRDH) prior to the implementation of the Aadhaar Act in 2016 have been destroyed, Senior Advocate Rakesh Dwivedi told the SC.

20 Feb 2018


How safe and secure is Aadhaar? All myths busted

Aadhaar is gradually becoming an essential document for Indians, but awareness of related issues remains low.

07 Feb 2018


Here's why you shouldn't use plastic or laminated Aadhaar cards

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has cautioned people against using "smart" or plastic Aadhaar cards or getting the normal ones laminated.

06 Feb 2018


Find your Aadhaar usage history for the last six months

Recently, several cases of Aadhaar data misuse have been reported. Last month, a racket was busted where scammers were letting people access the Aadhaar database illegally for just Rs. 500.

26 Jan 2018

Aadhaar Card

How to change Aadhaar details without a registered mobile number

Aadhaar can be used as proof of identity at many places. It is even mandatory for several schemes.

22 Jan 2018


Edward Snowden backs former RAW chief's article against Aadhaar

American whistleblower Edward Snowden continues to take on Aadhaar and its potential for misuse.

17 Jan 2018


Advocate to SC: Aadhaar will cause death of civil rights

Aadhaar will cause the death of civil rights and let the state dominate, senior advocate Shyam Divan told the Supreme Court while arguing against mandatory Aadhaar.

15 Jan 2018


UIDAI adds another security feature to Aadhaar: Facial recognition

Less than a week after announcing a new two-layer safety feature, the UIDAI has come up with another facility to increase security: your face.

13 Jan 2018


Lost your Aadhaar Card? Here's how you can retrieve details

With the Aadhaar card becoming mandatory for several essential tasks like filing of income tax returns or applying for a permanent account number (PAN), the importance of Aadhaar in today's India is undoubtedly on the rise.

11 Jan 2018

Aadhaar Card

More flaws in Aadhaar: Anyone can access your bank details

Reports about the lack of privacy and safety in Aadhaar only keep getting worse.

10 Jan 2018


Virtual ID, limited KYC: Aadhaar has new two-layer security feature

Days after a major breach was reported in the Aadhaar database, the UIDAI has come up with a new two-layer security system to protect privacy.

09 Jan 2018

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How to apply for Aadhaar for your minor kid

Many nursery schools in Delhi have mandated Aadhaar of kids for admission this time.

09 Jan 2018

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Arrest UIDAI, not journalists: Edward Snowden on Aadhaar breach FIR

Edward Snowden, famous whistleblower, has lashed out at the Indian government over Aadhaar, which has "destroyed the privacy of a billion Indians."

07 Jan 2018


UIDAI lodges FIR against The Tribune for Aadhaar report

According to an Indian Express report, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has lodged an FIR against The Tribune newspaper and one of its journalists over a report which alleges that Aadhaar numbers are anonymously sold over WhatsApp.

05 Jan 2018

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'Irrespective of laws, result is abuse': Snowden on Aadhaar controversy

One more name, and a famous one at that, has been added to the list of people opposing Aadhaar.

05 Jan 2018

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Aadhaar at Rs. 500: Know how to protect your data

Details about a racket "selling" Aadhaar data for Rs. 500 have emerged. Paying that amount, you can access details of anyone registered with the UIDAI, including their name, address and phone number.

17 Dec 2017

Bharti Airtel

Airtel, its payments-bank's e-KYC license temporarily suspended over Aadhaar misuse

Following allegations of Bharti Airtel "surreptitiously" using the Aadhaar-based e-KYC process to open accounts in Airtel Payments Bank without customers' consent, the UIDAI has -taking its strongest action yet- suspended Airtel's e-KYC license temporarily.

14 Dec 2017

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar-SIM linking deadline may get extended to March'18

After extending the deadlines for linking PAN and bank accounts to Aadhaar, the Centre has requested the SC to allow the same for mobile-Aadhaar linking too.

13 Dec 2017


Centre takes back December 31 deadline for Aadhaar-bank account linking

The Centre has revoked the December 31 deadline for linking Aadhaar to bank accounts. The new deadline is March 31, 2018, or six months from the date of commencement of the account, whichever is later.

How to ensure that your Aadhaar is not being misused

The Centre has mandated Aadhaar for authentication to avail a lot of services even as many flagged concerns over privacy and misuse of Aadhaar.

09 Dec 2017

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Aadhaar-SIM linking: Can do it at home using OTP-based system

If you haven't linked your Aadhaar and SIM yet, you can soon do that sitting at home, thanks to a new OTP-based system being rolled out on 1 January.

01 Dec 2017

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You can carry your Aadhaar on your smartphone!

Aadhaar is a valid ID proof for every Indian citizen today and is even mandatory for many schemes.

23 Nov 2017


Here's how to re-verify your SIM through Aadhaar

A week after saying Aadhaar-SIM linking through SMS is not "safe", UIDAI has approved the blueprints presented by telcos for linking through OTP.

20 Nov 2017


UIDAI mulls using dummy numbers to protect Aadhaar data

Amid a wave of criticism over lack of privacy and security, the UIDAI is mulling one more way to protect Aadhaar data of people: dummy numbers.

19 Nov 2017


Over 200 govt websites have revealed people's Aadhaar details publicly

As the government further extends the scope of Aadhaar, the UIDAI has revealed alarming details.

19 Nov 2017

Aadhaar Card

SBI may block your account if you don't link Aadhaar!

If you have an account with State Bank of India, make sure you link Aadhaar number to it before 31 Dec'17, else the account will "cease to be operational".

17 Nov 2017

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SIM re-verification: SMS method "not safe", use IVR or website

The UIDAI has rejected one of the three ways which the DoT had proposed for customers to re-verify their SIM with Aadhaar.

15 Nov 2017


Three new ways for you to re-verify SIM with Aadhaar

The UIDAI has approved three new ways for citizens to re-verify their SIMs with Aadhaar without having to visit retailers.

14 Nov 2017

Aadhaar Card

After banks' objection, UIDAI relaxes Aadhaar enrolment rules

A month after the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) opposed UIDAI's directives to banks, Aadhaar's governing body has relaxed its policies a little.

12 Nov 2017

Aadhaar Card

Here's how to check if your Aadhaar-bank account are linked

Aadhaar is an essential document as of today and has to be linked to different services.

12 Nov 2017


Aadhaar linkage deadlines: Know the complete list

With each passing day, Aadhaar is becoming more and more important as the government has mandated linking of Aadhaar cards for various services, especially in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector.

10 Nov 2017


How to change your address in Aadhaar database online

Aadhaar is essential today for accessing a range of services including opening bank accounts, using SIM cards and more.

06 Nov 2017


You might be able to link Aadhaar-SIM from home

Telecom operators have come up with options for customers to re-verify their Aadhaar-registered phone number without having to visit stores.

03 Nov 2017


Don't create panic, inform customers deadline for Aadhaar linking: SC

The SC has directed telcos and banks not to create panic among customers and inform them of proper deadlines to link Aadhaar instead of threatening immediate deactivation of services.

03 Nov 2017


Mandatory to link Aadhaar-SIM by February 6, Centre reiterates

The Centre has reiterated in the SC that linking of Aadhaar and SIM is mandatory by February 6, 2018. It submitted this was in accordance with a February'17 order passed by the court itself.

02 Nov 2017


People in Meghalaya want to "opt out" of Aadhaar system

Over 100 people have joined a campaign to opt-out of Aadhaar system in Meghalaya, claiming they were "coerced" into getting their 12-digit unique identification number.