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23 Jun 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some quick and easy home remedies for acne

One of the most common skin conditions out there, acne affects nearly 85% of the world population.

22 Jun 2020


Here's how you can make heavenly chocolate at home

Chocolates can fix anything. No, we are not exaggerating!

21 Jun 2020


Karisma Kapoor's most ravishing outfits for you

Be it her acting or fashion sense, Karisma Kapoor has always been a stunner. Her outfits have sparked newer trends every now and then.

21 Jun 2020


How to prepare a tornado potato at home

Tornado potato is a delicious dish that everyone loves to munch on.

20 Jun 2020


How to make delicious mango sushi at home

All of us have heard about sushi, the delicious Japanese dish that comes with a rice base and various kinds of stuffing, usually comprising seafood or vegetables.

19 Jun 2020


Here are some home remedies to get rid of tanning

Summer is supposed to be fun, but the hot and humid season comes with its own set of woes. Tanning is one issue we all have to deal with during the summer season.

18 Jun 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some marvelous health benefits of broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most popular and nutritious green vegetables out there.

16 Jun 2020


Five cool DIY projects you should check out

Some things never change, especially the things that we loved doing as a child.

12 Jun 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some incredible health benefits of eating grapes

A favorite fruit among many, grapes are amazingly juicy and delicious.

12 Jun 2020


How to make delicious idli at home

An important part of the South Indian cuisine, idli has gained popularity all around the world in the recent past.

11 Jun 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some astounding health benefits of flax seeds

Flax seeds are small oil seeds that originated in the Middle East centuries ago.

10 Jun 2020


How to make authentic dhokla at home

Famous all across India, dhokla is known for its juicy and delicious flavor.

07 Jun 2020


Five cheap decor ideas for your drawing room

Decorating your drawing room can get a bit daunting.

Five benefits of tea tree oil for skin

Tea tree oil is a medicinal essential oil, derived from the leaves of a small tree native to some areas of Australia.

05 Jun 2020


How to prepare dosa and sambar at home

We all fancy South Indian delicacies from time to time.

05 Jun 2020


Five amazing DIY projects you can try at home

DIY projects not only give you creative satisfaction, but can also help beautify your home.

04 Jun 2020


Five makeup essentials that everyone must have

Makeup is one thing that every girl loves.

03 Jun 2020


Five cool DIY projects you should try

Just because you are a grownup, it doesn't mean you have to burden yourself with never-ending responsibilities and worries.

03 Jun 2020


Here's how to style your tops the right way

Style is a matter of personal choice. But fashion can be learned and followed over time.

31 May 2020

Health & Wellness

Five astounding oils for better hair growth

At times, it may seem impossible to decipher what exactly goes into growing long and shiny hair.

30 May 2020

Fashion Tips

Here are some cool makeup hacks every girl should know

Makeup is nothing short of an art. And every art requires a bit of practice, patience, and some tricks of the trade.

29 May 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some amazing health benefits of amla juice

Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

28 May 2020


How to make lip-smacking veg paneer roll at home

We Indians are born food lovers. And street food is one thing none of us can say no to.

27 May 2020

Health & Wellness

Five effective ways to improve your sleep quality

Good sleep quality is pivotal to your general well-being.

18 May 2020


How to add a comfortable seating space in the balcony

Who doesn't want more seating space in their home?

11 May 2020


Tips to choose the right colors for your home

Colors develop the character of a place. In fact, they significantly impact the mood of its dwellers.

03 May 2020

Health & Wellness

Five hair masks to make your hair healthier

From dullness, roughness, frizz to split ends, there are just too many hair problems these days.

27 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

6 incredible health benefits of eating papaya

Papaya is one of the tastiest and most nutritious fruits out there.

25 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

Here's how you can treat a sore scalp

Do you feel pain and irritation while running your fingers through your hair?

23 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

Here's how to perform a one-day body detox

Whether you indulged in heavy-duty partying last night or just have been feeling a bit low lately, a one-day body detox procedure can come pretty handy.

17 Apr 2020

Walt Disney

Five amazing sleeve designs you can opt for

We are done with straight and boring sleeve designs.

16 Apr 2020


Want a pet but can't own dogs/cats? Here are options

Dogs and cats demand a lot of care, love, and attention.

15 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

The many health benefits of Yoga

The ancient, spiritual practice of Yoga has gained massive popularity across the globe in the past couple of decades.

15 Apr 2020

Health & Wellness

Here are some ways to speed up hair growth

Our increasingly packed schedules cause excessive stress, unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet - all of which lead to incessant hair fall.

14 Apr 2020


Five easy DIY projects to decorate your home

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot on your house's decor to make it beautiful.

11 Apr 2020

Travel And Tourism

Five essential travel accessories that everyone needs

Everyone loves to travel. It gives a break from your mundane routine and, of course, a trove of amazing pictures to upload on social media.

10 Apr 2020


Don these outfits to rock any party

The fear of not being able to find the perfect outfit for the occasion can bring you restless days and sleepless nights.

08 Apr 2020

Fashion Tips

Five ways to style your regular white t-shirt

More often than not, we end up spending a lot of time in choosing what to wear before simply picking our good old white t-shirt and pairing it up with our favorite denim jeans.

07 Apr 2020


Try these awesome tips and hacks to style your nails

Having sassy nails is a boon!