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04 Jan 2024


Apple to settle lawsuit over multi-million dollar gift card scam

Apple has reached a settlement in a lawsuit that accused the tech giant of knowingly allowing scammers to profit from its gift cards.

04 Aug 2021


Apple Store website gets refreshing new mobile-friendly redesign: Details here

On Tuesday, the Apple Store website was mysteriously down for approximately one hour. However, like the proverbial phoenix emerging from its ashes, the website resurfaced with a complete visual redesign and a dedicated tab on Apple's top-level navigation.

30 Sep 2020


NewsBytes Briefing: Outage hits Apple App Store, iCloud, and more

Last night, in a rare incident, Apple suffered from a major outage that left many of its services down, including Apple App Store, Music, Apple TV+, Photos, and iCloud.

25 Aug 2020


Next month, Apple's online store could be launched in India

More than 10 years after launching the first iPhone in India, Apple is gearing up to start direct sales in the country.

Nearly 30% of Apple Stores will be operational this week

Apple has started re-opening its stores in different parts of the world.

03 Apr 2020


Apple's cheapest iPhone could be launched this week

A fresh Apple Store leak has confirmed that the company's upcoming 'affordable' smartphone would go by the name of 'iPhone SE'.

18 Mar 2020


Apple launches faster (and affordable) new MacBook Air

Apple has launched an upgraded new MacBook Air.

15 Mar 2020


#NewsBytesWeeklyRecap: Alphabet's coronavirus tool, Iran's surveillance, Apple Stores closed, more

This week, a vast majority of developments in the world of tech were driven by the outbreak of coronavirus in various parts of the world.

14 Mar 2020


Coronavirus: Apple closes stores outside China, to hold online-only WWDC

Following President Trump's emergency declaration over coronavirus pandemic, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the decision to close down all company stores outside of Greater China.

13 Mar 2020


Apple Stores to restrict Watch, AirPods try-ons amid coronavirus outbreak

As the outbreak of coronavirus continues to claim lives around the globe, Apple is doing everything possible to avoid potential transmission of the deadly disease in its vicinity.

12 Mar 2020


Coronavirus outbreak: Apple shuts down stores in Italy indefinitely

In the wake of skyrocketing deaths due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy, Apple has shuttered all its stores in the country.

24 Nov 2019


Apple introduces free coding lessons for 3-year-old kids

In a major move, Apple has expanded its 'Everyone Can Code' program to help more kids, even those aged around three, learn basic programming skills.

Apple employee fired for sending customer's intimate photos to himself

In a shocking incident, an Apple Store employee allegedly stole intimate photos from the phone of a customer who wanted its screen repaired in Bakersfield, California (United States).

02 Sep 2019


Apple is offering free screen replacement to select Watch users

Recently, Apple said that it has identified an issue wherein "under very rare circumstances" a crack may form around the edge of the display on the aluminum case models of the Apple Watch Series 2 or Series 3.

23 Apr 2019

New Jersey

18-year-old sues Apple for $1 billion: Here's why

An 18-year-old teenager from New York has sued Apple for a whopping $1 billion.

19 Mar 2019


Apple launches new iPad Air and iPad mini: Details here

Just a week before its big event, Apple has launched all-new iPad Air and iPad mini models.

16 Feb 2019


All-in-one emergency number '112' to kick-off in 14 states, UTs

In an attempt to make emergency services faster, 14 states and Union Territories in India will be getting a single emergency number '112' on February 19, something similar to the 911 service in the US.

08 Feb 2019

Indian Railways

5 useful apps for frequent Indian Railways passengers

In India, the railways are genuinely a lifeline for tourists.

21 Dec 2018


Some iPad Pros are bent, but Apple says it's normal

Amid complaints of iPad Pros developing a bend, Apple has confirmed that some units of the new device might come slightly bent out-of-the-box.

21 Aug 2018


#CareerBytes: 5 best online courses to prepare for JEE Maths

Scoring well in the JEE exam is a dream for every engineering aspirant.

14 Feb 2017


iPhones become the latest casualty of demonetization

Apple's revenue and sales targets for India are in jeopardy as iPhone sales have plummeted since the demonetization.