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27 Mar 2024

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes pacemaker surgery; jokes about being 'more machine'

Famed Hollywood actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently revealed that he underwent pacemaker surgery.

12 Jan 2024


'The Dark Knight' to 'Terminator 2': Best IMDb-rated action movies

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled universe of cinematic action, where pulse-pounding sequences, heroic feats, and explosive thrills come to life.

10 Jan 2024


'Terminator 2' to 'Groundhog Day': Best IMDb-rated time-travel movies 

With our carefully curated list, delve into the most acclaimed time-travel films that have left an indelible mark on audiences and critics alike.

05 Jan 2024


'Blade Runner' to 'M3GAN': Best Hollywood robot movies

Hollywood has long been captivated by the allure of AI and robots, exploring the boundaries between man and machine in thrilling and thought-provoking ways.

06 Nov 2023

James Cameron

Best James Cameron movies, according to IMDb

James Cameron has left an indelible mark in Hollywood with his groundbreaking work in both sci-fi and action genres.

28 Feb 2021


Netflix orders 'Terminator' anime, series to expand parent franchise

Skynet is coming to steal your sleep with futuristic robots in an Anime format now.

21 Jan 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets COVID-19 jab, mouths famous 'Terminator' dialogue

Arnold Schwarzenegger has proved his mettle on the silver screen and as California Governor.

26 Oct 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a "new aortic valve" through third surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger has got himself a "new aortic valve," after successfully undergoing his third heart surgery.

19 Oct 2019


These Hollywood celebrities made a memorable appearance in WWE

WWE remains one of the best forms of sports entertainment.

26 May 2019


Movie Trailer Roundup: Best trailers that released this week

This was an impressive week for movies. Avengers: Endgame became the second highest grossing movie in history, John Wick-3 was well-received and Chapter-4 was announced. Also, we got a new Batman in Robert Pattinson.

21 Aug 2017

Elon Musk

Ban killer robots, "we do not have long to act"

The Terminator fear, aka watching robots chomping off humanity without blinking an eye, is pretty real and the UN should act on it.