IPL 2021: Soft signal removed in BCCI's updated guidelines

Last updated on Mar 28, 2021, 02:49 pm
IPL 2021: Soft signal removed in BCCI's updated guidelines

In a major development, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has removed the controversial 'soft signal' rule for the upcoming Indian Premier League season. Reportedly, the BCCI has eliminated this element in its updated playing conditions for this year's IPL. The unusual decisions due to soft signal rule recently sparked a debate in the India-England T20I series. Here is more.


Here is the change in playing conditions for IPL

It is understood that BCCI in its updated playing conditions, accessed by ANI, has stated that the on-field officials won't give soft signals when referring a decision to the third umpire. "Soft Signal: On-field Umpire giving Soft Signal while referring the decision to the 3rd Umpire will not be applicable," reads the updated playing conditions for IPL 2021.


Soft signal removed to avoid ambiguity

The decision to remove the soft signal has been taken in order to avoid ambiguity. This will give the third umpire an authority to make the best-possible decision without considering the call of on-field umpire. Recently, Indian captain Virat Kohli stated that "the soft signal has kind of created confusion rather than giving clarity to the third umpire".


Decoding the 'soft signal' rule

During tight calls in a match, concerning catches, the on-field umpire has to make a decision based purely out of intuition before going to the third umpire. The TV umpire then views every possible replay in slow motion in order to come up with a conclusion. However, in case of inconclusive evidence, the original decision of on-field umpire stands.


Third umpire to make decision in case of short-run

Among other changes in the update guidelines, the third umpire has been given authority to decide in case of short-run. As per BCCI's playing conditions, the third umpire can now check the short-run, and can overturn the decision made by the on-field umpires. This short-run element created a controversy in the match between Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals, last season.


Here are the other changes

Another updated clause states that the third umpire can over-rule the no-ball decision made by the on-field umpire. Meanwhile, in an uninterrupted match, subsequent Super Overs can be played till an hour's time from the actual finish-time of tied matches. Also, the 20th over in each innings is now included in 90 minutes. Earlier, it used to start on or before the 90th minute.

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