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14 Sep 2018


US: Ajit Doval to hold meetings with Trump administration officials

A week after the successful India-US 2+2 Dialogue in New Delhi, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is in Washington to hold meetings with top officials of Trump Administration.

13 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Won't tolerate any form of foreign meddling in elections: Trump

The United States will not tolerate any form of foreign interference in its elections, US President Donald Trump said yesterday after signing an executive order that initiates actions, including sanctions, against foreign entities who meddle or even attempt to interfere in US polls.

13 Sep 2018


Will continue advocating for India's membership in NSG: US

India hasn't been able to secure membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) because of China's veto, a Trump Administration official said today, asserting that the US will continue advocating for India's membership in the group as it meets all the criteria.

08 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Is the White House crumbling from within?

Following harrowing revelations by legendary journalist Bob Woodward, and by an anonymous senior official about fault lines within the Trump administration, chaos, suspicion, and uncertainty have gripped the White House.

31 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

There is no change in H-1B visa policy: US official

There is no change in the US' H-1B visa policy which is currently undergoing a review to ensure that it does not disadvantage US workers or wages, a senior Trump Administration official has said.

29 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

Despite Google's assurances, Trump might regulate Google over 'bias'

In Donald Trump's latest outburst, the President has accused Google of rigging search results and displaying only negative stories about him.

25 Aug 2018

H-1B Visa

Apple, JPMorgan, Pepsi express concerns over Trump's H-1B policy

H-1B visas have been a touching topic ever since Donald Trump became the US President.

18 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

US: Trump team predicts an economic boom contradicting most analysts

Is the latest pickup in the US economic growth destined to slow in the years ahead as most analysts say? Or, as the Trump administration insists, is the economy on the cusp of an explosive boom that will reward Americans and defy those expectations?

16 Aug 2018

White House

Trump quashes security clearance of former CIA chief John Brennan

US President Donald Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan, accusing him of "lying" and blaming his "erratic conduct and behavior".

31 Jul 2018

Donald Trump

Indian H-1B visa petitions are getting rejected more than ever

According to a report by an American non-profit body, there has been a marked increase in denial of H-1B visa petitions of Indians, as compared to people of other nationalities.

31 Jul 2018


India key partner of US in Indo-Pacific region: Trump Admin

India is a key partner in America's efforts to ensure peace, stability, and prosperity in the strategic Indo-Pacific region, Trump administration said.

22 Jul 2018

ZTE Mobile Phones

US-Congress crushes effort to ban China's ZTE; victory for Trump

US Congress is abandoning an effort to clamp down on the Chinese telecom-giant ZTE in a defense bill, essentially green-lighting the Trump administration's deal to save the company accused of selling sensitive information to hostile regimes.

06 Jul 2018

Donald Trump

Trump announces resignation of scandal-tainted environment body chief Scott Pruitt

US President Donald Trump today announced the departure of his environment-chief, Scott Pruitt, who faced ethics scandals over his spending and conduct in office.

02 Jul 2018

South Korea

US has plans to dismantle N-Korea's nuclear-program in one-year: Bolton

President Trump's National Security Adviser, John Bolton, said the US has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear programs in a year.

28 Jun 2018


Swaraj, Pompeo agree to reschedule postponed US-India 2+2 dialogue soon

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and her American counterpart Mike Pompeo have agreed to reschedule the postponed "2+2 dialogue" at a mutually convenient time and location as soon as possible.

28 Jun 2018

Hindustan Times

US: Postponement of 2+2 meeting with India not over trade-disputes

Despite repeated false accusations, rhetoric, and retaliatory trade policies, the US, on Wednesday, said that the postponement of the inaugural 2+2 meeting between its foreign and defense ministers with their Indian counterparts had "nothing to do with trade, sanctions or policy issues".

27 Jun 2018

New Jersey

US states sue Trump administration, Congress remains divided

Over a dozen US states have sued the Trump administration over its decision to implement a policy that separates children of undocumented migrants from their families.

26 Jun 2018

Donald Trump

Harley-Davidson to make bikes out of US, owing to trade-war

It seems that US President Donald Trump's forceful push to make America great again has returned to bite him in the back.

16 Jun 2018

White House

At least 2,000 children separated from families at US-Mexico border

At least 2,000 children have been separated from their families or guardians who illegally crossed the US-Mexico border, since a policy allowing the same came into effect.

13 Jun 2018


US approves $930mn deal to sell 6 Apache-attack-choppers to India

The Trump administration has approved a deal to sell six AH-64E Apache attack helicopters to India for $930 million, the Pentagon said, underlining that this will strengthen India's ability to deter regional threats.

12 Jun 2018

Ajit Pai

RIP free internet: Net neutrality officially repealed in the US

The end of the free, unbiased internet in the US is officially here.

12 Jun 2018

Donald Trump

Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow suffers 'very-mild' heart attack

Larry Kudlow, top economic adviser to US President Donald Trump, today suffered a "very mild" heart attack and has been admitted to a military hospital in Washington, United States.

11 Jun 2018


Business Roundup: Here are today's top 5 Business news

Here's your daily dose of top five business news.

10 Jun 2018

North Korea

One-time shot at peace: Trump on summit with Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump's 12 June Singapore Summit for an unprecedented summit is an attempt to address the last festering legacy of the Cold War, with Trump calling it a "one time shot" at peace.

24 May 2018

Donald Trump

Trump administration orders probe to consider tariffs on automobile imports

US President Donald Trump today ordered an investigation into the import of automobiles, including trucks, and auto parts, to determine their effects on the US national security, a move that may lead to the imposition of new tariffs on foreign-manufactured automobiles.

20 May 2018

Donald Trump

China, US avert trade-war: Beijing agrees to import more American-products

China and the US averted a trade war by reaching an agreement today under which Beijing has agreed to "significantly increase" its purchases of American goods and services to reduce $375bn trade deficit with Washington.

14 May 2018

H-1B Visa

US tightens visa rules to minimize overstay by foreign students

Late on Friday night, the Trump administration issued a draft policy seeking to tighten and enforce rules governing foreign college students who overstay their visa durations.

Trade talks: Top Chinese officials visiting US next week

Top Chinese officials, including China's top economic adviser, the Vice-Premier Liu He, will be visiting the US next week for talks with the Trump Administration's economic team, the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

15 Apr 2018


India, China, four other countries in US' currency watchlist

The US has added India to a list of countries with potentially questionable foreign exchange policies, along with China and four other countries.

11 Apr 2018

Donald Trump

Tom Bossert, Trump's adviser on homeland security, quits White House

Tom Bossert, Donald Trump's adviser on homeland security, resigned on Tuesday, becoming the latest top official to leave the White House.

29 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Trump fires VA Secretary Shulkin, nominates WH doctor as replacement

US President Donald Trump today fired his Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and nominated White House physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson as his replacement.

24 Mar 2018

White House

Trump administration bans transgender people from serving in the military

On Friday, the White House announced a policy which bans transgender people from serving in the US military "except under certain limited circumstances".

23 Mar 2018

North Korea

Donald Trump appoints hawkish John Bolton as the new NSA

In the latest move in an ongoing shake-up of US President Donald Trump's top advisors, John Bolton will replace the outgoing National Security Advisor HR McMaster.

No change in Pak's behavior even after $2bn aid-suspension: US

The US has not seen "decisive and sustained" changes in Pakistan's behavior, even after Trump Administration announced a $2bn security-assistance freeze to Islamabad in January.

10 Feb 2018

Donald Trump

Second White House aide resigns over domestic abuse allegations

After Rob Porter, David Sorensen has become the second White House aide to step down this week amid allegations of domestic abuse.

03 Feb 2018


Syria secretly developing new chemical weapons: Trump's admin officials

Syria is secretly developing new, sophisticated chemical weapons despite a 2013 deal to end such programs, said senior Trump administration officials.

30 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe quits abruptly amid Trump pressure

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was constantly accused of political bias by US President Donald Trump, has abruptly resigned, less than two months before he was supposed to retire.

30 Jan 2018


Trump-administration to build 5G network to guard against China

The US Government is reportedly mulling to takeover a part of the country's mobile networks and build a centralized, super-fast 5G network within three years to guard the nation against China.

19 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Views on wall between US, "dangerous" Mexico never changed: Trump

After White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, stated President Trump's stance on the US-Mexico wall was evolving, the latter denied changing his views on the same.

17 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

President Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon summoned in Russia probe

As part of an investigation into Donald Trump campaign's possible links to Russia during the 2016 US Presidential election, a subpoena was issued against Trump's former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.