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19 Nov 2022


Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11+ years in prison

The founder and CEO of failed blood-testing start-up Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, has been sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for defrauding investors.

17 Jul 2020


Samsung Galaxy M31s tipped to launch in India this month

The Samsung Galaxy M31s will be unveiled in India later this month and go on sale via Amazon and Samsung's other retail outlets in August, according to an IANS report (via Business Insider).

06 Jul 2020


After TikTok ban, Instagram starts pushing 'Reels' in India

Last week, the Government of India announced the decision to ban popular short-form video service TikTok among 59 unsafe Chinese applications.

22 Jun 2020


This app tells if a product is 'Made in India'

Amid heightened tensions along the LAC, anti-China sentiments have grown significantly in India.

06 Jun 2020


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian quits board, wants a black replacement

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has quit from the board of the company he started 15 years ago and wants his position to be filled by a black candidate. Making the major announcement on Friday, he said the decision was long overdue.

02 Jun 2020

Washington DC

US: Teargas fired at peaceful protest for Trump's photo-op

United States President Donald Trump on Monday said that he would deploy the military if local police cannot stop the violence at protests against the death of George Floyd.

11 May 2020


Can "recession-proof" salon business survive the coronavirus pandemic?

India's celebrated hairstylist, Jawed Habib, had declared in February that economic slowdown won't hurt his $30 million worth business.

05 Apr 2020


OnePlus 8 series won't cross $1,000 price tag, confirms CEO

The upcoming OnePlus 8 series will not cost more than $1,000 (roughly Rs. 76,000), CEO Pete Lau has confirmed to Business Insider.

28 Mar 2020


Google won't play any April Fools' pranks this year

Every year on April Fools' Day, Google garners all the attention in the world with its hilarious, sometimes silly, jokes.

15 Mar 2020


Musk downplays coronavirus outbreak, draws flak from health experts

Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX and Tesla, is drawing flak for downplaying the threat of COVID-19 - the deadly disease caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

13 Mar 2020

South Korea

Apple Stores to restrict Watch, AirPods try-ons amid coronavirus outbreak

As the outbreak of coronavirus continues to claim lives around the globe, Apple is doing everything possible to avoid potential transmission of the deadly disease in its vicinity.

27 Feb 2020


Facebook to ban ads creating 'sense of urgency' over coronavirus

As coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak continues to claim lives around the world, Facebook is working to tackle the misinformation associated with it.

23 Nov 2019


Facebook built a creepy facial recognition system to identify people

Even after a major data breach and Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook's name continues to appear in privacy-related debacles.

20 Aug 2019


'World's first Porsche' couldn't be auctioned because of pronunciation error

The "world's first Porsche" was expected to find a buyer at an auction in California, but instead it met with boos, with some even walking out of the venue.

10 Aug 2019

Jaguar Land Rover

Taj Hotel chain plans to sell assets amid economic slowdown

The Tata Group's luxury hotel chain is looking to lighten itself by some assets amid an imminent drop in consumer spending due to the economic slowdown.

09 Aug 2019


Samsung pulls ads that mocked Apple for no headphone jack

We all have seen Samsung troll Apple through some very hilarious commercials.

08 Aug 2019


Instagram's 'preferred marketing partner' tracked location of millions

Even after scandals like Cambridge Analytica and a massive FTC fine, Facebook's privacy woes aren't coming to a halt.

01 Aug 2019

San Francisco

2019 iPhones will support Apple Pencil. RIP Steve Jobs

Over the last few days, several reports have gotten us excited about the 2020 iPhones, much more than this year's launches.

07 Jun 2019


Facebook shareholders want to remove Zuckerberg as Chairman: Here's why

Facebook's recent set of scandals - and its way of handling them - has not just fumed regular users but also triggered a wave of disapproval from the company's shareholders.

18 May 2019


Many people still remain vulnerable to WhatsApp hack: Here's why

Recently, a major security vulnerability in WhatsApp was revealed that allowed hackers to inject and spread Israeli spyware through voice calls.

10 May 2019


Amazon accused of spying on children via Echo Dot Kids

Just last month, Amazon drew major criticism when it was revealed that the company's employees had access to Alexa voice recordings of many users and the power to track their locations.

18 Apr 2019


Facebook says it 'unintentionally' saved contacts of 1.5 million users

Earlier this month, a security researcher reported that Facebook had asked some users to share the password of their emails to complete sign-up for the social network.

30 Mar 2019


Facebook "mistakenly" deletes old posts of CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, which enjoys a strong global user base of over 2.3 billion, has a pretty tall list of scandalous accusations - meddling with elections, sponsoring partisan politics, and compromising users passwords - you name it.

18 Mar 2019

Russia News

Russia's upcoming submarine can launch 'doomsday' nuclear drones: Details here

In a matter of months, Russia plans to launch Belgorod, the longest submarine in the world.

05 Mar 2019


Google denies removing Saudi app that lets men track women

In a major shocker, Google has decided not to pull a Saudi government app that lets men track women and control their movements.

29 Dec 2018


Here's what Netflix executives will earn in 2019. It's huge!

American streaming giant Netflix had quite an eventful year.

03 Dec 2018


Why this man wanted his age reduced by 20 years

In what has to be one of the weirdest cases of the 21st century, a Dutch court, on Monday, refused to subtract 20 years from the legal age of Emile Ratelband, a motivational speaker.

29 Sep 2018


Google might pay Apple $9bn to remain default iPhone search-engine

Search giant Google is reportedly willing to pay Apple a whopping $9bn (around Rs. 65,000cr) in 2018 to remain the default search engine for the iPhone's default web browser, Safari.

17 Sep 2018


OnePlus to launch its premium Smart TV in 2019

After a successful run with its smartphones line-up, OnePlus is now developing a "premium, flagship TV" that may launch in 2019.

26 Jul 2018


Air India in trouble after Newark-Mumbai passengers bitten by bed-bugs

Nearly 10 days after several business class passengers of Air India complained of bed bugs, the Maharaja has blamed "current weather conditions" for the infestation.

03 Jul 2018


Reportedly, Google will release its own smartwatch this year

According to the Business Insider, 2018 might finally turn out to be the year when Google releases its own smartwatch.

29 May 2018


Planning to get Patanjali's 'swadeshi' SIM-cards? Don't bother, it's fake-news

Yesterday, reputed media houses announced Patanjali's newest product- 'swadeshi' SIM cards- marking Baba Ramdev's foray into the telecom sector.

10 Jan 2018


Is Apple planning to launch its biggest iPhone in 2018?

People have enough reasons to expect something novel from Apple this year and Apple knows it too.

21 Nov 2017


'Thought leader' Subir Chowdhury, IIT-KGP alumnus, among top 2017 thinkers

IIT-Kharagpur alumnus, bestselling author and CEO Subir Chowdury has been named among the world's top 50 thinkers for 2017 by the Thinkers50, a periodical international ranking of management thinkers.

17 Oct 2017


Bank details of Indians are available online for Rs. 500

The dark web is a cornucopia of all things banned, illegal or prohibited: if you know how to access its innermost layers, you might get plenty of confidential information at really cheap prices.

25 May 2017


Facebook ropes in BuzzFeed, Vox and others for its shows

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to become the all in one solution for the internet savvy millennial.

07 May 2017


Facebook is all set to challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime

We have all taken a break while binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime to check our Facebook notifications, just to stay connected with updates and notifications.