Kaziranga National Park: News

06 Jul 2024


Assam floods: 52 dead, over 24 lakh affected

The flood situation in Assam has worsened significantly over the past 24 hours, resulting in 52 deaths and leaving thousands homeless.

04 Jul 2024

Arunachal Pradesh

Assam, Manipur floods: 48 killed, thousands evacuated amid heavy rains

As heavy rains persist in the northeastern states, the flood situation in Manipur and Assam remains critical.

03 Mar 2023

Travel And Tourism

World Wildlife Day 2023: 5 must-visit national parks in India

Observed on March 3 every year, World Wildlife Day celebrates wild animals and plants around the world and honors their contribution to making our planet better.

Assam: Sadhguru, CM Himanta Sarma's Kaziranga night safari triggers row

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's purported night safari at Kaziranga National Park has triggered a major row.

13 Jul 2022


Planning a trip to Assam? Check out these beautiful places

Located in Northeast India, Assam is known for its historical temples, rich flora and fauna, lush green tea plantations, and the sparkling Brahmaputra River.

02 Jan 2021


Over 64,000 tourists have visited Kaziranga since October 21

More than 64,000 tourists have visited the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve, famed for the one-horned Indian rhinoceros, since it reopened on October 21.

23 Jul 2020


Assam floods: 2.7 million affected in 25 districts; 91 dead

The floods in Assam have claimed the lives of at least 91 people, according to the latest reports. The state has been facing devastating floods the past few weeks which have affected nearly 2.7 million people across 25 districts.

25 Nov 2019


Five best places to spot tigers in India

Boasting of majestic black stripes, sturdy built, and quiet-yet-fearsome eyes, tigers are really a work of wonder.

11 Nov 2019


Five best places to visit in Northeast India

The hidden gem called Northeast India has been unfairly ignored by travelers for far too long.

05 Nov 2019


Five best places for wildlife photography in India

Traveling is about exploring new places, getting some fresh air, seeing the unseen, and doing the undone.

16 Jul 2019


Assam floods: 15 dead, lakhs affected; state on red alert

As many as 30 out of Assam's 33 districts have been affected by floods, prompting the state government to sound a red alert on Monday.

12 Aug 2018


#TravelBytes: Top 5 national parks to visit in India

Traveling is about exploring new places, getting some fresh air, seeing the unseen, and doing the undone.

02 Jun 2018


Restoring faith: Congress-MLA from Assam carries, cremates body of poor-man

At a time when elected representatives have made it difficult for us to have faith in them, a Congress MLA from Assam cremated the body of a poor man.

01 Apr 2018


Kaziranga has more rhinos today than it did in 2015

Kaziranga National Park is currently home to 2,413 one-horned rhinos, 12 more than what it had in 2015, according to the latest census of the species.