Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: News

03 Jul 2017

Health & Wellness

Artificial intelligence will aid in inventing drugs faster: Pharma companies

Humanity is making breakthroughs in every field of science and technology. At the same time, it's struggling to find a cure for something as paltry as the common cold.

01 Jul 2017

Jaguar Land Rover

Raspberry Pi team awarded UK's top engineering prize

UK-based Raspberry Pi's team won the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award at London.

28 Jun 2017


Kerala techies find way to help ambulances stuck in traffic

A technology driven system has been built by two entrepreneurs to help ambulances navigate through traffic. The novel solution deals in Intelligent Road Traffic Management System.

28 Jun 2017


Twitter can identify, track crime quicker than police

Since its inception 11 years ago, microblogging site Twitter has served many purposes, including social networking, keeping track of news, keeping up with friends, famous personalities and celebs, etc.

28 Jun 2017


IBM to collaborate with Indian developers on AI, machine learning

Technology trends like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things have been gaining momentum for some time now.

24 Jun 2017


Filmy Diaries: Robots and humans, where do we stand?

With the progression of AI and robot technology, humans are standing on the crossroads of certain ethical questions. Questions which become pertinent as AI starts to become more human-like and indeed there'll come a time where it will be impossible to differentiate between a robot and its human counterpart.

22 Jun 2017

Health & Wellness

Health revolution to be spurred by Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated programs, robots are set to play a key rule in detecting health conditions and finding cures, reports said.

21 Jun 2017


Google has launched AI-powered jobs search engine

Google just launched its AI-powered jobs search engine for desktops and mobiles, making searching for jobs extremely simple.

18 Jun 2017


Robots with manners and social skills? That's possible, say researchers

Futurists believe that within the next 50 years, human-robot interaction will become a necessity to carry on with our daily lives.

16 Jun 2017


Amazon secures patent to prevent online price comparison in stores

After recently launching its physical retail stores, Amazon has been granted a patent that will prevent consumers from using the in-store Wi-Fi to check product price listings online.

16 Jun 2017


New York Times to allow comments, moderated via Google-backed AI

The Internet, in some cases, is more of incessant babbling than coherent speeches; which is why several news outlets deny "comments" on articles, fearing it would become a place that has more trolls than a proper debate.

15 Jun 2017


Facebook makes GIFs available for comments

To mark the 30th anniversary of the GIF, Facebook has introduced a new feature enabling users to add GIFs to comments.

14 Jun 2017

General Motors

Apple's "mother of all AI projects", an autonomous car system

Every tech/automobile giant worth its salt is now working on self-driving technology.

13 Jun 2017


Looking back at the history of self-driven cars

A future filled with autonomous vehicles might not be a distant dream anymore.

13 Jun 2017


Record-breaking drone swarm: China launches 119 drones at once

China broke a world record by launching a swarm of 119 fixed-wing drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

11 Jun 2017


Honda 2030 plan focuses heavily on self-driving cars, AI, EVs

Several players in automobile tech are betting heavily on going green along with bringing forward cars that would ply on the roads with minimum human effort. Japanese carmaker Honda Motor Co has now joined the bandwagon along with pioneers like Tesla to make this into a reality.

09 Jun 2017


Flipkart eyes new avenues, entry in Fintech, more tech hires

India's home-grown e-commerce platform Flipkart is looking forward to taking the next big leap; the firm is poised to include new categories such as furniture and groceries in its foray.

02 Jun 2017


Study reveals AI can predict time of death rather accurately

Researchers at the University of Adelaide, Australia, have developed an AI software which can predict how long a person will live pretty accurately after analyzing photos of the person's organs.

29 May 2017


Google's AlphaGo, the AI which beat humans at Go, retires

After decimating the top players in the world's most complicated and demanding strategy game, Go, Google's AlphaGo, the AI designed to compete in Go, is retiring from competitive matches.

28 May 2017


Apple plans dedicated chip to handle all its AI needs

In near future, artificial intelligence is going to be a big part of our day-to-day life and this will be a natural progression, as we will want our devices to be more intuitive and tuned to our needs.

26 May 2017


Airbnb has its own university to meet its tailor-made demands

Airbnb is now revolutionizing how tech-based companies operate its own self-styled university-style program.

23 May 2017


Abu Dhabi plays host to two day Start-up India summit

The two-day Start-up India summit, organized by the Indian Embassy in Dubai and the Consul General of India, Abu Dhabi, in partnership with iSPIRIT, a Dubai based nonprofit think tank commenced in Abu Dhabi today.

23 May 2017


MIT engineer developed wristband to detect human emotions

We have seen wearables monitoring our heartbeat and counting footsteps, but now an MIT engineer has developed a wristband, which does a little bit more, it monitors human emotions.

20 May 2017


Chatbot market will reach $3,172 million by 2021, says report

According to a MarketsandMarkets report, the market size of smart advisors or chatbots will rise to $3,172 million in 2021 from $703 million in 2016.

17 May 2017


Robots in medicine- Asia's first robotic implant for Parkinson's

For the first time in Asia, a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease was treated successfully with a Deep Brain Stimulation implantation performed by a robot.

15 May 2017


Apple acquires Lattice Data to strengthen its AI base

As an effort to establish a stronghold in the AI business, Apple has now acquired Lattice Data by paying a rumored amount of $200 million.

12 May 2017


Artificial Intelligence will now judge its human counterparts

The Durham police of England are now gearing up to make judgments on whether a suspect should be kept in custody or not, depending on an AI result.

11 May 2017


Baidu's facial recognition reunites Chinese family after 27 years

Sources have now revealed that Baidu's facial recognition software helped reunite a Chinese family after 27 years.

11 May 2017


Modi urges Indians to change their current mindset about digitization

PM Modi is effusive about digitization but according to him, Indians are still hesitant about making use of technology and accepting the inevitable change.

22 Apr 2017


Air India lowers senior citizen concession age, but scam continues?

Air India has lowered the age for availing senior citizen concession from 63 to 60; the change will be effective immediately across all domestic fights.

21 Apr 2017


Wipro Layoffs: Tech major sacks 600 employees across India

At a time when Indian IT sector is facing hardships, India's third-largest software services firm Wipro has reportedly sacked hundreds of employees.

20 Apr 2017


Facebook F8: Day 2 brings in more surprises

Facebook F8 conference held at San Jose, has already showcased new features on day 1 ranging from AR innovation to developing codes to facilitate Messenger bots.

19 Apr 2017

Google Earth

A brand new twist to the old Google Earth tale

Google has updated one of the most intriguing services provided by them - the Google Earth.

18 Apr 2017


Undesirable human biases creeping into AI

AI and algorithms are increasingly becoming part of our lives, influencing decisions about what we see on the internet to the likelihood of us committing crimes.

18 Apr 2017


MapmyIndia introduces new features and key partnerships

MapmyIndia has recently announced a plethora of new features and several critical partnerships in order to improve its services in a bid to stay ahead in the game.

10 Apr 2017


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still not in everyone's dictionary

Starting from an app in the smartphones to a car that doesn't need a driver- almost all new technologies now make use of artificial intelligence.

22 Sep 2016


Robots being taught to hunt and kill

In an attempt to make machines behave more like humans, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University developed an Artificial Intelligence that can hunt and kill humans - virtually.

11 Sep 2016


The results of the first AI-judged beauty contest deemed racist

The first international beauty contest decided by an algorithm, Beauty.AI, has sparked controversy after the results revealed racial bias on part of the robots.