Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: News

28 Sep 2018


By 2022, more than 700 million Indians will have smartphones

India's already burgeoning smartphone market is on track to touch new heights, a new report from market analysis firm Counterpoint Research has suggested.

17 Sep 2018


OnePlus to launch its premium Smart TV in 2019

After a successful run with its smartphones line-up, OnePlus is now developing a "premium, flagship TV" that may launch in 2019.

30 Aug 2018


Meet Vector: The robot with a 'soul'

Human imagination has long been engrossed with the idea of lifelike, humanoid robots someday inhabiting our world.

30 Aug 2018


Now, machine learning can predict aftershocks that follow earthquakes

In a significant advancement in earthquake prediction, scientists have found a way to calculate the pattern of aftershocks that follow an earthquake.

28 Aug 2018


HMD Global gets Nokia's PureView trademark from Microsoft

Back in 2014, Microsoft acquired Nokia's Devices and Services division for $7.5 billion.

24 Aug 2018


#TechBytes: 5 best messaging apps, other than WhatsApp

When was the last time you sent someone an SMS? Unless you are a bank or a telecom company frantically trying people to link their Aadhaar with their phone numbers, you don't send text messages.

24 Aug 2018


You can rate and review MPs, MLAs with this app

Former President Pranab Mukherjee today unveiled the "NETA" app, which lets users rate their MLAs and MPs and is being billed as an instrument to gauge voter sentiment across constituencies in the country.

23 Aug 2018


No intent to impose blanket ban on messaging-apps: Telecom Secretary

The Telecom Department does not intend to impose a blanket ban on messaging apps and platforms but is seeking technical solutions to curb specific instances of misuse, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said.

23 Aug 2018


What happens when you give AI curiosity? It keeps exploring

Despite having myriad applications that make our lives easier, artificial intelligence lacks one fundamental human trait of intelligence - curiosity.

14 Aug 2018


Google's AI can detect 50+ eye diseases with phenomenal accuracy

If you ever doubted artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of healthcare, Google's DeepMind is here to prove you wrong.

10 Aug 2018


Could hand gestures be the passwords in future? Certainly yes

Thanks to computer scientists from the Arizona State University, gesture-based passwords are one step closer to becoming a reality.

09 Aug 2018


Honor Play goes out-of-stock in just 20 seconds on Amazon

Honor Play stunned India after being sold out in 20 seconds on Amazon yesterday, setting a new record for the fastest flagship sale ever.

03 Aug 2018


Rashmi, India's first humanoid robot, can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, Marathi!

Taking a leaf out of Sophia's (popular human-like robot) book, a 38-year-old Ranchi man is on the verge of developing India's own humanoid robot.

28 Jul 2018


ASUS ZenFone 5Z 8GB/256GB variant available from July 30

The top-end variant of the recently launched ASUS ZenFone 5Z, with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, will go on sale for the first time starting July 30, via Flipkart.

24 Jul 2018


Hyderabad Police to take AI's help to catch traffic violators

People not wearing helmets is a persistent problem faced by traffic police force countrywide.

23 Jul 2018


Huawei Nova 3, Nova 3i to launch on July 26

Huawei is expected to launch its latest camera-centric smartphones, Nova 3 and Nova 3i, in India on July 26.

23 Jul 2018


Meet Rohit Prasad, the Indian-born engineer who created Amazon's Alexa

Despite being a distant sci-fi vision in the 1970s, virtual assistants have become commonplace now.

21 Jul 2018


Google's Move Mirror AI experiment matches your moves with photos

Google loves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and uses it to power its Gmail, smart Assistant and even advertising business.

15 Jul 2018


Huawei to soon launch Nova 3 series smartphones in India

Huawei's newest smartphones, the recently unveiled Nova 3 and upcoming Nova 3i, will soon be made available in India and other countries after their launch in China.

10 Jul 2018


This AI system can fix your grainy, low-light photos

Researchers from Nvidia, MIT, and Aalto University have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system called Noise2Noise that can reduce noise in photos.

09 Jul 2018


ASUS ZenFone 5Z now available on Flipkart, at Rs. 29,999

The recently launched ASUS ZenFone 5Z is now available in India via Flipkart.

08 Jul 2018


How IIIT-B student turned 'learning opportunity' to Rs. 1.2cr Google-package!

For 22-year-old Mumbaikar Aditya Paliwal, what began as a learning opportunity resulted in a job offer from Google's prestigious New York-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) team, at a bumper package of Rs. 1.2cr!

08 Jul 2018


Google confirms its human-sounding AI won't take away call-center jobs

Ever since Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled its human-sounding Duplex AI at the I/O developers conference earlier this year, there had been growing apprehension that Duplex might replace human labor in call centers.

07 Jul 2018


AI algorithm can teach cars to self-drive in 20 minutes

Wayve, a startup founded by two researchers from the Cambridge University, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can learn how to drive a car from scratch in 20 minutes.

05 Jul 2018


Unsure about food quality on trains? Live-stream preparations from base-kitchens!

In a first of its kind initiative, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) now allows passengers to live-stream base kitchens to see how the food served on trains is actually prepared.

05 Jul 2018


Now, AI engine can analyze ash in understanding volcanic eruptions

Scientists led by Daigo Shoji from the Earth-Life Science Institute (Tokyo Institute of Technology) have now shown that artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained to categorize different types of volcanic ash.

30 Jun 2018


Google's DeepMind AI can create 3D models of 2D images

Google's UK-based sister company DeepMind has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can create scenes in 3D after having observed them in the form of 2D images.

28 Jun 2018


#CareerBytes: These 6 online-courses will make you an AI expert

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world; it's being integrated into various fields like healthcare, banking, transport, defense, education, etc.

23 Jun 2018


PayPal to acquire Simility, AI-based fraud specialist, for $120 mn

Digital payments giant Paypal has signed a deal to acquire Palo Alto-based fraud prevention solutions provider Simility for $120 million. It is an all cash deal.

21 Jun 2018

San Francisco

IBM develops AI that can successfully debate with humans

IBM has developed an AI system called "Project Debater" than can rationally debate with humans.

19 Jun 2018


Google's AI is better at predicting patient deaths than hospitals

New research published by Google's Medical Brain team indicates that AI might be better than current systems in predicting patient deaths in hospitals.

18 Jun 2018


Facebook's new AI engine can 'open' closed eyes

Despite there being several software which manipulate photos to make someone look better, the blink has been a dogged adversary to a good photo.

17 Jun 2018


And, just like that NewsBytes turns 3!

I blinked and, just like that, NewsBytes turned 3. If it was a dream then, it is a rocketship now. A rocketship that is made of sweat, tears, blood, content and technology. And, each one of us is a co-pilot.

16 Jun 2018


Microsoft's SwiftKey integration in Windows reveals the future of laptops

Two years after buying the popular keyboard app SwiftKey, Microsoft is finally bringing it to Windows.

16 Jun 2018


Gmail for iOS gets AI-based high priority push notifications

Google has introduced a new feature that will ensure your Gmail app only sends you notifications when important emails come in.

AI creates new voice for radio journalist with speech issues

Jamie Dupree, a 54-year-old US political radio journalist, suffers from a rare neurological condition which led to him losing his voice two years ago.

15 Jun 2018

Stanford University

Stanford researchers have trained an AI bot to make memes

If you thought artificial intelligence was just restricted to cancer research, analyzing supernovae, and the like, you're quite mistaken.

15 Jun 2018

Health & Wellness

Artificial Intelligence: The one solution to every industry's problems

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking the world by storm. AI isn't new to people; it's ubiquitous today.

14 Jun 2018

Piyush Goyal

Worried about IRCTC food? Soon, you can live-stream kitchen

Most of us have always had our doubts about food served by IRCTC on trains, but soon it will be possible to check its quality.

14 Jun 2018

FIFA World Cup

AI bot predicts the winner of 2018 FIFA World Cup

In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, along with Spain, a rather unassuming entity had etched its name into the annals of football history.