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Google Translate is a free-to-use neural machine translation service developed by search giant Google. The service can be used to translate voice from recordings, websites, documents, and text from 109 supported languages to one that you understand. Google’s service is capable of automatically detecting the language of the source and as well as the language you would prefer or understand based on your location and usage history. Google translate can be accessed via a dedicated website, an Android app, an iOS app, and an application programming interface (API). The Google Translate service was launched in 2006 as a statistical machine translation tool. The tool was trained using linguistic data gathered from United Nations documents and European Parliament documents. This method would translate each word individually and then try to phrase it. The new neural machine translation system translates phrases or sentences at a time, thereby understanding context and improving translation accuracy. Google Translate’s service has been the but of several jokes recently. Google claims Translate can help have a bilingual conversation, translate text in images, translate what your camera sees in real-time, and even translate letters you draw on-screen.

08 Mar 2023

Google Lens

How to translate images with Google Translate on the web

Google Translate's web version has always been 'just enough.' Unlike its mobile cousin, which is more powerful and packed with features, Translate on the web only has essential features.

21 Jul 2020


Google brings Lens-based translation to KaiOS feature phones

Google has announced a handy new capability for KaiOS-powered feature phones — Lens-based translation and reading.

18 Mar 2020


Now, Google can translate and transcribe lectures in real-time

In a bid to make long-form foreign speech easier to understand, Google is rolling out a new transcription feature in its Translate app for Android.

29 Jan 2020


Soon, Google will transcribe, translate lectures in real time

In a major development, Google has announced a feature that would let people use the Translate app on their phones to translate and transcribe long-form speech into any desired language. In real time!

03 Dec 2019


Xiaomi launches a new 3-in-1 flashlight, power bank, and lamp

As the latest addition to its portfolio of smart home products, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has launched a new 3-in-1 device in its home country.

17 Sep 2019


Why you need to update LastPass password manager right now

If you use LastPass password manager, better check if the latest version - 4.33.0 - of the program is running on your machine's browser.

16 May 2019


Google's 'Translatotron' AI can translate in speaker's voice: Here's how

For years, we have been using Google Translate (among other tools) as a way to convert spoken sentences in one language to another.

09 Feb 2019


Hackers can use Google Translate to steal your password

Amid increasing reports of cyber crimes, a new form of phishing attack has come to light.

13 Aug 2018


Android apps wrongly using SD Card might lead to hacking

In another discovery which raises concerns about cybersecurity, security firm Check Point has found a flaw that lets hackers take advantage of Android apps that make poor and unprotected use of external storage.

Now, you can use Google Translate app offline

Google has started rolling out an update to its Google Translate app, which would let you translate offline.

28 May 2018

Google Earth

Google announces Summer Camp for 100 Indian school kids

Google has announced a contest for Indian school children- the top 100 school kids will be selected for a "fun filled" Summer Camp to be hosted at Google's Gurgaon and Hyderabad campuses.

25 Feb 2018


Samsung Galaxy S9's launch video leaked: Here's all about it

The launch video of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones has leaked a day before they are to be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 in Barcelona.