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Couple arrested at Delhi's IGI Airport with 45 pistols

Customs authorities apprehended two Indian citizens carrying 45 pistols at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi on Wednesday, said reports.

25 May 2022


5 foreign destinations to visit from India on a budget

If you're wondering where to travel next on a budget and want to get your passport stamped this time, think beyond Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

26 Apr 2022


Top 5 cities to travel to in 2022

With international travel curbs gone, you can now set out on your dream vacation abroad.

03 Dec 2020


#CoronavirusImpact: Formal sector's wages fell by 3.6%, informal sector's 22.6%

The coronavirus pandemic, which adversely affected the Indian economy, also had an impact on wages, a recent report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) said.

29 Apr 2020

Donald Trump

More Americans have died of coronavirus than during Vietnam war

In less than three months since the first coronavirus-linked death was reported in the United States, the deadly virus has taken more American lives than the Vietnam war which concluded in 1975 after two decades of fighting.

15 Apr 2020

Da Nang

In Vietnam, free 'rice ATMs' pop-up for those in need

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, several "rice ATMs" have popped up across Vietnam to feed the poor.

10 Jan 2020


Five cheapest countries to travel to in 2020

Everyone loves to travel, more so when it comes cheap.

20 Dec 2019


Again! Facebook data of over 26 crore people leaked online

Despite FTC's $5 billion fine for privacy violations and a lot of flak from the general public, Facebook's security issues aren't just coming to an end.

13 Dec 2019


Samsung Galaxy A71, A51 launched with Infinity-O display, quad cameras

Samsung has expanded its portfolio of Galaxy A-branded phones with the newly announced Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51.

02 Dec 2019


5 countries you can visit under Rs. 1 lakh

Given the way gadgets are priced these days, one can't buy a lot of high-tech devices in a Rs. 1 lakh budget.

12 Sep 2019


Visiting Vietnam? Do check out these lesser-known hidden gems

Its natural beauty, unstoppable city life, and delicious food have made Vietnam one of the biggest tourism magnets not only in Asia, but also in the world.

05 Aug 2019


Five countries to explore, if you want to travel solo

Whether your friends are too busy to join you or you want to cut your social life for a while to seek inner peace, solo travel is never a bad idea.

17 Jul 2019


#TravelBytes: Five best places to visit in Southeast Asia

From beautiful beaches to surreal mountains, cultural diversity to historical significance, the South-eastern part of Asia has it all.

25 Feb 2019

North Korea

Is Kim Jong-un taking a royal train to meet Trump?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is set to meet US President Donald Trump for their second summit in Vietnam this week.

09 Feb 2019

North Korea

Trump-Kim summit to be held on February 27-28 in Hanoi

The much-anticipated summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam capital, on February 27 and 28.

02 Jan 2019

Data Leak

Cathay Pacific makes blunder, sells $16,000 premium seats for $675

In a big ticketing blunder, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. sold business class tickets from Vietnam to Canada and the US at economy prices this week.

29 Dec 2018


Vietnam: Six kill, eat langur; live-stream act on Facebook

In a disturbing incident, six men killed and ate a langur, an endangered monkey, while live streaming it on social media in central Vietnam. They were arrested yesterday.

26 Dec 2018


Taiwan: 152 Vietnamese tourists 'disappear' during holiday; search is on

Taiwanese authorities have commenced a search for 152 Vietnamese tourists who arrived with tourist visas last week, and have since gone missing.

21 Nov 2018


India and Vietnam to step up defense cooperation, oil exploration

India and Vietnam have decided to step up defense cooperation and oil exploration to boost their bilateral ties as they reaffirmed the importance of freedom of navigation and unimpeded economic activities in the South China Sea.

19 Nov 2018

Ram Nath Kovind

President Ram Nath Kovind visits Hindu temple complex in Vietnam

President Ram Nath Kovind today visited My Son temple complex in Vietnam, which has Indian influence and houses Hindu deities like Krishna, Vishnu, and Shiva.

07 Nov 2018


Sussex: Fifteen children among 21 people found in refrigerated truck

In a shocking discovery, British authorities have found 21 people, including fifteen children, some as young as 12, inside a refrigerated lorry entering the UK.

16 Oct 2018

South China Sea

US concerned with continued militarization of South China Sea: Mattis

The US remains highly concerned with China's continued militarization in the disputed South China Sea, Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters yesterday traveling with him to Vietnam.

21 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

Vietnamese President Quang passes away at 61 due to illness

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has died at the 108 Military Hospital in Hanoi today due to a serious illness. He was 61.

17 Sep 2018

Music Concert

Vietnam: Drug overdose in music festival kills seven, five critical

Seven people have died, and five are in a coma, after taking drugs during a music festival in Hanoi Water Park of Tay Ho District, Vietnam, local media reported.

30 Aug 2018

John McCain

Crowds brave Arizona heat to pay respects to John McCain

Hundreds of people paid their respects to US Senator John McCain yesterday, standing for hours in the broiling Arizona sun before filing past the flag-draped casket that his tearful wife, Cindy, lovingly pressed her face against after a ceremony for the former North Vietnam prisoner of war.

28 Aug 2018


India, Vietnam to strengthen trade, investment, maritime, defense cooperation

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today held talks with her Vietnamese counterpart Pham Binh Minh and discussed measures to strengthen trade, investment, maritime and defense cooperation between the two countries.

28 Aug 2018


Swaraj talks about economic importance of Indian Ocean in Vietnam

Emphasizing the economic importance of the Indian Ocean, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said with the eastward shift of the global economy, the Indian Ocean is at the center of the emerging "Age of Asia" and those who live in this region bear the primary responsibility for its peace and stability.

27 Aug 2018


Swaraj unveils Mahatma Gandhi's bust at Indian Embassy in Vietnam

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today unveiled the bust of Mahatma Gandhi at the Embassy of India in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi.

27 Aug 2018

Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj arrives in Vietnam to deepen bilateral strategic cooperation

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday arrived in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, on the first leg of her four-day two-nation tour, which aims at deepening India's strategic cooperation with Vietnam and Cambodia.

23 Jul 2018


Vietnam: Battering floods claim 19 lives; 13 are unaccounted for

Flash floods in Vietnam have now claimed at least 19 lives, as residents in affected areas sought safety in higher ground.

07 Apr 2018

Russia News

Russia-bound aircraft develops technical snag, makes emergency landing at Delhi

A Russia-bound aircraft, ABG 8772, made an emergency landing at Terminal-3 of Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi today evening, after it developed an engine failure.

07 Mar 2018


Fake weddings, rented grooms on the rise in Vietnam

The business of fake weddings and grooms/guests on rent has seen an unprecedented rise in Vietnam over the last decade, courtesy societal and filial pressure on youngsters to conform to traditions.

13 Nov 2017


Vietnamese researchers fool iPhone X's Face ID using mask

A team of Vietnamese researchers belonging to the security firm Bkav claim to have fooled the "super-premium" iPhone X's Face ID technology using a composite 3D-printed mask.

12 Nov 2017

Donald Trump

Trump and Putin hit it off at APEC summit

US President Donald Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the ongoing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Vietnam.

10 Nov 2017

South Korea

Trump to address APEC summit in Vietnam

US President Donald Trump is set to deliver a much-anticipated address at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.

29 Oct 2017


2018 R-Day celebrations: 10 Chief Guests to attend the parade

Next year's Republic Day parade is expected to have not one, but 10 chief guests, as it's expected to be attended by the leaders of the ASEAN countries.

18 Aug 2017


Amid Doklam standoff, India's BrahMos supply to Vietnam irks China

India and China are locked in a tense border standoff in Doklam since mid-June; experts say they are "dangerously close" to their worst military conflict.

24 Jul 2017

South China Sea

#SouthChinaSea: Vietnam ends drilling in gas field over China threats

Strong threats from China have led Vietnam to reportedly end a gas-drilling expedition in a disputed area of the South China Sea.

14 Jan 2017


PETA buys share in Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey

Animal rights activist group PETA has bought shares in French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) in a bid to stop it from selling exotic animal skin products.

03 Sep 2016


India and Vietnam increase cooperation across various sectors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two day visit to Vietnam, said both countries recognized the growing need for cooperation in order to respond to emerging regional challenges.