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13 Apr 2018


Mozilla activates Tracking Protection on Firefox for iOS by default

At a time when conversation around online privacy has heightened, Mozilla has updated its Firefox browser on iOS to turn on the Tracking Protection feature by default.

06 Apr 2018


WhatsApp allows hands-free recording of voice notes

WhatsApp for Android has rolled out a new feature that will allow users to lock the voice recording button on the latest beta version 2.18.102.

05 Apr 2018


New iPhones may have curved screens in future

According to reports, Apple is working on developing two new technologies for iPhones: touchless gesture control and curved screens.

31 Mar 2018


Apple releases iOS 11.3 with new features, bug fixes

Apple has released the biggest iOS update for the iPhone and iPad since iOS 11.

28 Mar 2018


Mumbai iPhone users, download app, book local train tickets

iPhone owners of Mumbai, rejoice! You can now book tickets on your mobile to avail local trains of the city's suburban network.

25 Mar 2018


Apple's "foldable iPhone" may finally arrive in 2020: Report

Foldable smartphones are clearly the next big thing - while Samsung's foldable Galaxy X is going to launch in "a few years", latest reports claim Apple is going to release a foldable iPhone in just two years.

23 Mar 2018


California Police shot black-man suspecting gun. He had an iPhone

Police in California has released disturbing footage of cops shooting an African-American man 20 times in the backyard of his own Sacramento home.

22 Mar 2018


5.8-inch upcoming iPhone can be cheapest of all next-generation models

As per its annual ritual, Apple will launch its new iPhone models in the second half of the year.

18 Mar 2018


This mobile app can reduce your stroke risk: Here's how

Researchers have developed a new mobile application that can detect atrial fibrillation - a leading cause of stroke - with incredible accuracy, and can timely prevent heart related complications.

18 Mar 2018


2018 iPhones: Here's what we know so far

Even before iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X were launched, rumors about iPhones for 2018 had already surfaced.

10 Mar 2018


Amazon could beat Apple to become the most valuable company

Propelled by the company's fast revenue growth, Amazon's stock has recorded a surge of 83 per cent over the past year, helping the e-commerce giant reach a $752 billion market capitalization.

09 Mar 2018


China: Toddler locks iPhone for 47years by entering wrong passcode

According to Chinese media reports, a two-year-old boy in Shanghai has locked his mother's iPhone for 47 years by repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.

08 Mar 2018


Huawei to unveil three smartphones in the P20 series

Huawei, China's leading smartphone manufacturer, is all set to unveil its latest smartphones at the company's upcoming event on March 27 in Paris, France.

07 Mar 2018


Amazon offering Apple products at discounted prices until March 12

e-Commerce giant Amazon has kicked off its Apple Fest sale in India to offer various Apple products like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watches at discounted prices.

01 Mar 2018


WhatsApp for iPhone gets new time and location stickers

WhatsApp on iOS has been updated to add a couple of features to the instant messaging app.

28 Feb 2018


Apple to launch three new iPhones this year

Apple will reportedly launch three new smartphones this year: the largest iPhone ever, an upgraded device the size of iPhone X, and a cheaper iPhone with some of the flagship phone's key features.

27 Feb 2018


Watch: New iPhone X ad celebrates marriage equality in Australia

Have you watched iPhone X's new ad - First Dance?

24 Feb 2018


Happy Birthday Steve Jobs! Your memories live on

Steve Jobs, had he been alive, would have turned 63 today.

24 Feb 2018


Steve Jobs' 1973 job application can raise $50,000 at auction

A job application that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs filled out in 1973 is expected to fetch over $50,000 at an upcoming auction.

22 Feb 2018


Apple may launch iPhone SE 2 all over again

For fans of small screen iPhones and those who couldn't subscribe to the phablet-sized smartphone trend, there's a good news for you.

19 Feb 2018


Apple's disastrous new campus: Employees keep smacking into glass walls

Apple employees can't seem to stop bumping into the ring-shaped building's transparent glass walls in Apple's futuristic $427 million spaceship campus in Cupertino.

18 Feb 2018


iOS vs. Android: What can iPhones do that Android-phones cannot?

The debate over which smartphone OS -iOS or Android- is better has been ongoing for years.

16 Feb 2018


Apple selling refurbished iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus units

Since February 1, Apple has started selling refurbished units of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

10 Feb 2018


Here's your chance to get iPhones, iPads for Rs. 15,000

If you are one of those who always wanted to own an iPhone or iPad but couldn't afford the hefty price tags, here's some good news.

05 Feb 2018


Now, iPhone X bug doesn't let users to receive calls

Apple's new iPhone X has been hit by a glitch that is preventing users from taking calls.

05 Feb 2018


Chinese man makes $1.1 million by selling fake iPhones

Chinese national Jianhua Li has admitted to have sold fake iPhones and iPads to customers in the United States as part of a bigger counterfeiting operation.

05 Feb 2018


Apple increases iPhone prices in India: Here are the details

Apple has officially increased the prices of its iPhones and Apple Watches in India.

31 Jan 2018


Apple to halve iPhone X production owing to 'disappointing' sales

According to a report by Tokyo Stock Exchange index Nikkei, Apple is looking to cut down its production targets for the iPhone X by half owing to "disappointing holiday season sales".

27 Jan 2018


iPhone SE 2 with wireless charging might see June launch

Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone which will be similar to the iPhone SE but will support wireless charging.

26 Jan 2018


Apple announces iOS 11.3: Know what's new in latest update

Apple has previewed iOS 11.3 - the upcoming update to its latest operating system - that's arriving "this spring" for users; the developer beta has been released.

24 Jan 2018


iPhone X available at its cheapest-ever price; Save Rs. 12k!

iPhone X has been one of the most-talked-about smartphones in 2017. But, its hefty price-tag stops many from buying the device.

23 Jan 2018


Apple to discontinue iPhone X this year: Here's why!

2017 has been the year of iPhone X - Apple's most radical smartphone in years. The tenth-anniversary iPhone edition was undoubtedly the hottest smartphone on the market last year.

22 Jan 2018


Mumbai: Mercedes owner forges 'VVIP pass' to skip Rs.60 toll

Indians are known for their love for "free" stuff. We might be using a costly iPhone, but will always look for 'schemes' to make free calls.

10 Jan 2018


Swiss store evacuated after iPhone battery overheats, one injured

Cases of phone batteries exploding have become common. But evacuation of a store because of it is rarely heard of.

10 Jan 2018


Is Apple planning to launch its biggest iPhone in 2018?

People have enough reasons to expect something novel from Apple this year and Apple knows it too.

02 Jan 2018


Apple starts battery replacement program in India: Find details here

Apple's battery replacement program, necessitated after a controversy over the company intentionally slowing down older iPhones, has begun almost a month earlier than expected.

02 Jan 2018


iPhone battery slowdown controversy: How can Apple rebuild trust?

Apple is in the midst of a scandal over the deliberate slowdown of the performance of older iPhones with aging batteries.

29 Dec 2017


The 17-year-old who exposed Apple's slowing of older iPhones

A 17-year-old from Tennessee, US, might cost Apple billions of dollars: high school student Tyler Barney exposed the tech giant's deliberate slowing down of older iPhone models.

23 Dec 2017


Apple sued for damages over slowing old iPhones

Apple has been charged with two class action lawsuits in the US for slowing down ageing iPhone models without informing users.

22 Dec 2017


Here's what Apple is likely to launch in 2018!

Apple has really been busy this year with a lot of product launches. It has also been an important year for the Cupertino-based tech-giant in which the iPhone celebrated its tenth anniversary.

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