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21 Dec 2017


Is Apple doing something to slow down old iPhones?

Is your old iPhone/iPad slowing down? If you want to upgrade to the latest Apple devices because of poor performance, you might want to think again.

19 Dec 2017


Apple-India Sales head Sanjay Kaul quits as iPhone-sales struggle

Close on the heels of Apple reporting its slowest growth in six years in India, Apple India's Sales Head Sanjay Kaul has resigned from the post.

18 Dec 2017


iPhones get costlier in India after customs duty hike

The government's import duty hike on mobile phones has led to a rise in prices of Apple's iconic iPhones.

14 Dec 2017


iPhone X, too expensive? Here's your chance to win it!

Apple's tenth-anniversary iPhone edition, the iPhone X, starting at Rs. 89,000 is undoubtedly one of the blockbuster smartphones of 2017. However, it is also the most expensive iPhone ever.

14 Dec 2017


Here are "most-searched" smartphones, consumer-tech products on Google for 2017

As the year 2017 draws to a close, Google has released the annual "Year in Search", revealing the top trending searches of the year.

13 Dec 2017


Apple's India growth hits 6-year low: What's the reason?

Apple is only $200mn away from hitting the $2bn-mark in India sales; Apple India reported sales of Rs. 11,619cr ($1.8bn) for FY 2016-17, compared to Rs. 9,937cr in FY 2015-16.

12 Dec 2017


Apple demands India not to hike import-tax on iPhone parts

In a bid to expand its iPhone-manufacturing in India, Apple has reportedly asked the government not to increase the import taxes on mobile phone components.

09 Dec 2017


Apple to bring back LCD iPhone with metallic-case next year

For the 2017 iPhones -iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X- Apple introduced new glass rear-panels, but reports suggest that Apple would be taking a step back from it for a 2018 iPhone.

06 Dec 2017


Apple's most powerful iMac is arriving this month: Reports

If you thought Apple is done with product launches for 2017, you are wrong as it has one more product that is yet to release.

03 Dec 2017


Best smartphones 2017: iPhone X, Note8, OnePlus 5T and more!

December is here and the year is already drawing to an end. This year we have seen some of the biggest smartphone launches ever.

01 Dec 2017


Amazon's "iPhone Fest": Discounts, offers, deals on all iPhone models!

If you have been planning on buying an iPhone, now is the time as Amazon India has launched "iPhone Fest" under which it is offering Apple smartphones starting at just Rs. 18,900.

24 Nov 2017


Apple working on "foldable" iPhone that opens like a book!

While Samsung, with Galaxy X slated for 2018 release, may be ahead of Apple in the foldable-phone-race, a patent by Apple suggests a foldable iPhone could be in the works that could be "opened and closed like a book."

23 Nov 2017


China: Students illegally working overtime to build Apple iPhone X

Struggling to meet the iPhone X demand amid production delays, Apple's primary supplier in Asia, Foxconn, has reportedly hired high-school students illegally to assemble the latest iPhone.

17 Nov 2017


OnePlus 5T, iPhoneX, Pixel2 XL, Note8: Which one to buy?

OnePlus has finally launched the much-awaited OnePlus 5T, its first ever bezel-less display device.

14 Nov 2017


Apple to launch 3 full-screen iPhone X-style phones in 2018

It's been only a few days since the iPhone X release, and rumors about its successors have already started to emerge.

13 Nov 2017


Vietnamese researchers fool iPhone X's Face ID using mask

A team of Vietnamese researchers belonging to the security firm Bkav claim to have fooled the "super-premium" iPhone X's Face ID technology using a composite 3D-printed mask.

12 Nov 2017


To buy or not to buy: First impressions of iPhoneX

The iPhone X just got released on 3rd November, and we look at some of the first impressions of the phone.

11 Nov 2017


You can 'unsend' WhatsApp messages after 7-minutes. Here's the hack

WhatsApp introduced 'unsend' feature last month, allowing its users to delete messages within seven minutes of sending them.

10 Nov 2017


Apple to launch iPhone successor "AR Headset" in 2020

Tech giant Apple is reportedly working on a "breakthrough product" to "succeed" the iPhone: Augmented Reality (AR) headset!

09 Nov 2017


Now, iPhone-users can't swipe to close WhatsApp on their phones!

Apple users with iOS 11 on their devices have been facing several issues lately from a faulty calculator, to auto-correct glitch, to fast-draining battery.

07 Nov 2017


The iBug: Now, users can't type letter "I" on iPhone!

If you have an iPhone and haven't updated to iOS 11.1 yet, you might want to wait!

06 Nov 2017


Samsung's new ad mocks Apple; tells iPhone-users to "grow up"!

Following Apple iPhoneX's official release, Samsung has come up with a new ad campaign for its latest Galaxy Note 8 phablet.

04 Nov 2017


Apple shares hit record-highs, set to become first trillion-dollar company

Apple shares rose by 2% and hit record high levels yesterday with the launch of the tech giant's 10th anniversary phone, the iPhone X.

03 Nov 2017

Bharti Airtel

Buying the new iPhone X? Airtel, Jio have exciting deals

Apple's much-awaited iPhone X is finally going on sale today at 6 pm in India.

31 Oct 2017


Apple has been categorizing your 'bra' photos for a year

Apple's AI has been quietly analyzing photos to recognize "brassieres" and automatically categorize images featuring bras into a group in the iPhone's Photos app.

28 Oct 2017


Type quickly on iPhone's iOS 11 calculator. You'd be surprised

Have you used iPhone's calculator on iOS 11 lately?

27 Oct 2017


iPhone X up for pre-orders in India today

Apple fans in India can finally pre-order the much-awaited iPhone X today.

24 Oct 2017


iPhone X pre-booking has already started at a few stores

There are still three days left for Apple to start taking pre-orders for its iPhone X. But if any of you Apple fans are in a hurry, you will be glad to know that many stores in India have already started taking pre-orders.

23 Oct 2017


Apple has reportedly stopped selling the iPhone 7 256GB variant

It seems Apple has discontinued the biggest storage variant of its iPhone 7 - the 256GB version.

16 Oct 2017

Bharti Airtel

iPhone 7 at Rs. 7,777 on Airtel's new online store!

Days after launching a 4G smartphone at an effective price of Rs. 1,399, Airtel has now launched a dedicated online store which will offer premium smartphones on contracts.

12 Oct 2017


Foldable iPhone with LG display could be launched in 2020!

Foldable smartphones have been speculated as the next big thing for some years now.

11 Oct 2017

Delhi Police

Delhi: Man dupes Amazon 166 times; orders phones, claims refund

A 21-year-old Delhi resident, Shivam Chopra, has been arrested for duping e-commerce website Amazon as many as 166 times, making at least Rs. 52L in April-May this year.

20 Sep 2017


iOS 11: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Apple iOS 11 is now available for download.

17 Sep 2017


Become an iPhone owner for Rs. 999 through Flipkart!

Apple's announcement of the iPhone X left many fans excited as well as heartbroken.

12 Sep 2017


iPhone, a concept that was supposed to fail

When the iPhone first came out, several tech pundits vehemently brushed it aside saying that it will never work. Well, to put it across bluntly, it did.

12 Sep 2017


If Steve Jobs were alive today!

As Apple unveils the new iPhone 8, we take a look back at how different Apple would have been today, had Steve Jobs been alive.

11 Sep 2017


Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, with 5.99-inch bezel-less display, launched

The bad news first, I think the time has come to stop cribbing about headphone jacks because, like Apple's previous iPhone and the iPhone that is slated to launch tomorrow (September 12), the newly-launched Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 also doesn't have any either.

06 Sep 2017


Opera brings AI-based news feed for Indian iPhone users

A new version of Opera Mini has been launched to cater iPhone users in India. It comes with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based news feed and offers Gujarati, Hindi and Tamil versions of it along with English.

04 Sep 2017


Apple might lease iconic studio for Hollywood production push

As the content game intensifies among the Silicon Valley giants, Apple too is gearing up for war. Reportedly, it might lease the Culver Studios in California and shell out $1 billion into its TV and movie productions.

02 Sep 2017


Apple 10th anniversary iPhones to be unveiled on 12 September

On 12 September, tech-giant Apple is going to unveil its much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone with a brand new design.

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