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Aadhaar-SIM linking: Can do it at home using OTP-based system

If you haven't linked your Aadhaar and SIM yet, you can soon do that sitting at home, thanks to a new OTP-based system being rolled out on 1 January.

08 Dec 2017


Centre extends date for Aadhaar-PAN linking to March 31

A day after submitting to the SC that it will extend the deadlines for Aadhaar, the Centre has confirmed the last date for Aadhaar-PAN linking is now March 31.

07 Dec 2017


Centre to extend deadline for mandatory Aadhaar-linking to March 31

The Centre has told the SC that it will extend the deadline for linking Aadhaar to various schemes, including bank accounts, to March 31, 2018.

06 Dec 2017


Centre's Rs. 2.5L incentive for marrying a Dalit

In 2013, the Centre launched a scheme to reward those marrying Dalits. However, only those with annual family income of less than Rs. 5L could seek a one-time incentive of Rs. 2.5L.

05 Dec 2017

Madhya Pradesh

Highlighting Aadhaar's importance this wedding season, one invite a time

With Aadhaar reigning supreme over every other government-issued ID proof, its relevance can't be highlighted enough.

01 Dec 2017


You can carry your Aadhaar on your smartphone!

Aadhaar is a valid ID proof for every Indian citizen today and is even mandatory for many schemes.

30 Nov 2017


PM Modi: Ready to pay political price for better India

While speaking at the inaugural session of the 15th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017, PM Narendra Modi promised to ensure "greater transparency, development-friendly system and citizen-centric governance."

30 Nov 2017

Bharti Airtel

Airtel 'misused' Aadhaar access to open bank accounts without consent

Airtel is reportedly abusing its access to customers' Aadhaar number by opening accounts in Airtel Payments Bank without their permission.

28 Nov 2017


Amazon makes linking Aadhaar mandatory for tracking lost packages

If you thought you'd linked your Aadhaar number with everything imaginable, you're mistaken. The list of products, services demanding mandatory linking is only getting longer each day.

28 Nov 2017


How to link Aadhaar with LPG connection

The Indian government allows citizens to receive 12 LPG cylinders every year at subsidized rates.

25 Nov 2017


Now register marriage online using Aadhaar number

Couples in Maharashtra can now register their marriages online with the help of their Aadhaar numbers.

24 Nov 2017


Schedule for JEE 2018 is out, Aadhaar to be mandatory

The CBSE has announced that the online application process for JEE 2018, the gateway to the prestigious IITs, will begin on December 1, 2017.

23 Nov 2017


Here's how to re-verify your SIM through Aadhaar

A week after saying Aadhaar-SIM linking through SMS is not "safe", UIDAI has approved the blueprints presented by telcos for linking through OTP.

22 Nov 2017


Aadhaar-based verification at airports from next year

From 2018, passengers flying out of the Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Vijayawada airports will be able to enjoy paperless travel if they link their tickets to Aadhaar.

20 Nov 2017


UIDAI mulls using dummy numbers to protect Aadhaar data

Amid a wave of criticism over lack of privacy and security, the UIDAI is mulling one more way to protect Aadhaar data of people: dummy numbers.

19 Nov 2017


Over 200 govt websites have revealed people's Aadhaar details publicly

As the government further extends the scope of Aadhaar, the UIDAI has revealed alarming details.

SBI may block your account if you don't link Aadhaar!

If you have an account with State Bank of India, make sure you link Aadhaar number to it before 31 Dec'17, else the account will "cease to be operational".

18 Nov 2017


Modi-govt to launch "1 billion-1 billion-1 billion" Aadhaar-bank-mobile numbers mission

Riding high on Moody's upgrade of India's sovereign rating, and the 30-place jump in the World Bank's "Ease of Business" index, the Centre is now planning to launch another ambitious "One billion-One billion-One billion" connectivity mission soon.

SIM re-verification: SMS method "not safe", use IVR or website

The UIDAI has rejected one of the three ways which the DoT had proposed for customers to re-verify their SIM with Aadhaar.

16 Nov 2017


Aadhaar-insurance policy linking: Deadline, process, consequences and more

The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) recently announced that linking Aadhaar to insurance policies, both general and life, is mandatory.

16 Nov 2017


Bareilly woman denied monthly ration over Aadhaar; dies of hunger

Shakina Ashfaq, a 50-year-old woman died in Uttar Pradesh's Bareilly on Tuesday. Her family alleges that she died of starvation as she had not eaten for five days.

15 Nov 2017


Three new ways for you to re-verify SIM with Aadhaar

The UIDAI has approved three new ways for citizens to re-verify their SIMs with Aadhaar without having to visit retailers.

15 Nov 2017


300% jump in PAN applications since demonetization: CBDT

Despite widespread criticism, demonetization has had some benefits, like a 300% jump in the number of applications received for Permanent Account Numbers (PAN).

After banks' objection, UIDAI relaxes Aadhaar enrolment rules

A month after the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) opposed UIDAI's directives to banks, Aadhaar's governing body has relaxed its policies a little.

Here's how to check if your Aadhaar-bank account are linked

Aadhaar is an essential document as of today and has to be linked to different services.

12 Nov 2017


Aadhaar linkage deadlines: Know the complete list

With each passing day, Aadhaar is becoming more and more important as the government has mandated linking of Aadhaar cards for various services, especially in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector.

10 Nov 2017


How to change your address in Aadhaar database online

Aadhaar is essential today for accessing a range of services including opening bank accounts, using SIM cards and more.

08 Nov 2017


It's mandatory to link Aadhaar with mutual funds: Here's how

After an amendment in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, it is now mandatory to link Aadhaar with your mutual fund investments.

07 Nov 2017


Despite it being compulsory, only 39.5% PANs linked with Aadhaar

Only 39.5% of all Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) have been linked with Aadhaar in the 130 days since the government made it a mandatory requirement for filing income tax returns and getting new PAN cards.

06 Nov 2017

Piyush Goyal

Railway employees to get Aadhaar-enabled attendance system from January

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal seems determined to deliver a better and safer train network. For this, the ministry is exhorting employees to work sincerely.

06 Nov 2017


You might be able to link Aadhaar-SIM from home

Telecom operators have come up with options for customers to re-verify their Aadhaar-registered phone number without having to visit stores.

03 Nov 2017


Don't create panic, inform customers deadline for Aadhaar linking: SC

The SC has directed telcos and banks not to create panic among customers and inform them of proper deadlines to link Aadhaar instead of threatening immediate deactivation of services.

03 Nov 2017


Mandatory to link Aadhaar-SIM by February 6, Centre reiterates

The Centre has reiterated in the SC that linking of Aadhaar and SIM is mandatory by February 6, 2018. It submitted this was in accordance with a February'17 order passed by the court itself.

02 Nov 2017


People in Meghalaya want to "opt out" of Aadhaar system

Over 100 people have joined a campaign to opt-out of Aadhaar system in Meghalaya, claiming they were "coerced" into getting their 12-digit unique identification number.

Aadhaar-SIM linking: Here's what Vodafone, Airtel, Idea subscribers should do

The SC is hearing several petitions against the mandatory need for Aadhaar to access various schemes, including telecom services.

30 Oct 2017

West Bengal

State cannot challenge Centre: SC on WB's petition against Aadhaar

The SC slammed the WB government for challenging the Centre's directions on Aadhaar, saying a state cannot challenge the Centre's laws in a federal structure.

30 Oct 2017


Aadhaar, 35A, BCCI and more: Significant day for the SC

The SC has had a year of landmark judgements. In 2017, it abolished the widely criticized triple talaq practice and declared the right to privacy is fundamental.

29 Oct 2017

Subramanian Swamy

Swamy raises questions about Aadhaar's security, talks about GST

In an interview with Mirror Now, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy voiced his concern regarding the Aadhaar infrastructure which, according to Swamy, might be susceptible to abuse by American intelligence agencies.

28 Oct 2017

PAN Card

m-Aadhaar, 9 other IDs will be acceptable at airports now

You can now use mobile Aadhaar as ID proof while entering airports, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security has said.

27 Oct 2017


Aadhaar mess-up: 800 families of Uttarakhand-village born on January 1

According to the Aadhaar cards of about 800 families living in Gaindi Khata, a village near Haridwar, all of them were born on January 1.

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