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04 Jun 2020


Five makeup essentials that everyone must have

Makeup is one thing that every girl loves.

03 Jun 2020


Here's how to style your tops the right way

Style is a matter of personal choice. But fashion can be learned and followed over time.

30 May 2020


Here are some cool makeup hacks every girl should know

Makeup is nothing short of an art. And every art requires a bit of practice, patience, and some tricks of the trade.

07 Apr 2020


Try these awesome tips and hacks to style your nails

Having sassy nails is a boon!

27 Mar 2020


The best Kareena Kapoor outfits you can carry

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan, who recently made her Instagram debut, has already garnered more than 2.2 million followers on the popular picture-sharing platform. That's her charm!

23 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

The astounding skin benefits of algae

Have you been looking for a one-stop solution for your skin health issues? If yes, help is here.

17 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

How to take good care of your feet at home

Our feet take us places.

13 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

Best skin care tips for summers

Summers can be harsh on your skin.

11 Mar 2020

Health & Wellness

Here's how you can get silky and smooth hair

Hair, invariably, enhance the overall look of a person. That is why it is important to take good care of your hair.

06 Mar 2020


10 fashion trends that are making a comeback

Fashion never quite fades away.

05 Mar 2020


5 smart furniture items you must have at your home

Furniture lends the soul to your home.

01 Mar 2020


Top treks in North India that anyone can take

Have you been feeling lost and tired lately?

16 Feb 2020

Health & Wellness

5 health benefits of turmeric milk

Mother nature has a cure for everything.

05 Feb 2020

Health & Wellness

Five homemade hair masks for all your hair problems

Hair is often considered a woman's crowning glory.

03 Feb 2020

Health & Wellness

5 best anti-aging masks for wrinkles, fine lines

We all wish to have beautiful skin sans any wrinkles and fine lines, which are considered signs of aging.

12 Dec 2019

Health & Wellness

Five natural home remedies to get rid of facial hair

Facial hair is a woman's worst nightmare.

11 Dec 2019

Health & Wellness

Facial yoga exercises to tone your face

We all love to have a chiseled jawline and cheekbones.

05 Dec 2019


Here's how you should take care of your leather apparel

Sure, leather makes you look classy, and is a great value addition to your wardrobe, but it demands some special care and attention.

03 Dec 2019

Health & Wellness

Top skin care tips to follow in your 30s

As you age, you need to pay a bit extra attention to your skin care routine.

27 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Winter skin care: Five food items you should avoid

Winters are harsh, which essentially means pamper time for your skin.

27 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Ayurveda can help reduce the graying of hair. Here's how

In this age of stress and pollution, even young adults in their 20s and 30s are experiencing graying of hair.

26 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Simple tips to tackle frizzy hair during winters

If you want to look glamorous, styling your hair is one of the most important things to consider.

23 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Top five makeup tips for winters

Winter is a season of celebrations, marked by endless festivities, parties, and functions.

21 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Top five beauty hacks to follow during winters

Seasonal change and beauty don't go hand in hand.

25 Oct 2019

Health & Wellness

Six skin care benefits and uses of Glycerin

Glycerin or glycol is a common ingredient in Indian households, not for no reason.

14 Oct 2019

Health & Wellness

What causes adult acne, and how to deal with it

It is common to suffer from acne breakouts during teenage.

27 Sep 2019


Hard water causing hair loss? Here are natural home remedies

So you've tried out all the best hair care products, but you still are a victim of hair fall - perhaps it's time to blame the quality of your water supply.

25 Sep 2019


Want sparkling eyes? Here are 8 tips that can help

Your eyes could be one of the most special and attractive parts of your body - but your unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices might make them look tired and puffy, thus rendering your face dull and lifeless.

22 Aug 2019

Health & Wellness

Want glowing skin? Drink these five healthy juices daily

Cliche as it may sound, everyone desires a beautiful and healthy skin.

16 Aug 2019

Health & Wellness

Five foods to help you get rid of dark circles

The skin around your eyes is relatively thin and delicate. That's why it's prone to issues like dark circles, which render your face dull and lifeless.

15 Aug 2019

Health & Wellness

Want healthy, glowing skin? Perform these five Yoga poses

Cliche as it may sound, everyone desires beautiful and healthy skin.

02 Aug 2019


Indian-origin doctor, who won Miss England, once faced racial bullying

While models often get stereotyped as stupid, Bhasha Mukherjee, the 23-year-old who was crowned Miss England on Thursday, is living proof that they aren't.

02 Aug 2019

Health & Wellness

Five mistakes to avoid if you want a glowing skin

Cliche as it may sound, everyone desires beautiful and healthy skin.

20 Jun 2019


#HealthBytes: Top five benefits of using a charcoal face mask

You have been trying to get that perfect facial skin, free from dirt, oil, and acne, but haven't quite hit the right track? We feel you.

07 Jun 2019


Japanese company now sells deodorants that make woman 'smell younger'

Among the endless list of products that enforce traditional beauty norms on women, here's a new one.

25 May 2019

Deepika Padukone

Katrina Kaif finally ready to launch her own cosmetic label

Two years ago when an international cosmetics brand got Katrina Kaif replaced, there was a slight buzz that she might launch her own cosmetic label.

13 Sep 2018

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond says he was never a ladies' man

Legendary author Ruskin Bond, who chose to be a bachelor, said he was never a ladies' man.

The results of the first AI-judged beauty contest deemed racist

The first international beauty contest decided by an algorithm, Beauty.AI, has sparked controversy after the results revealed racial bias on part of the robots.