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Incognito mode is a privacy-centric mode integrated into Google’s Chrome web browser available on Android, Windows, ChromeOS, and other operating systems. The concept of such a mode was pioneered by Apple’s Safari browser. The benefits of an incognito mode browsing session are that the session is isolated from Chrome’s main sessions. Browsing history is not stored and the cookies from the session are deleted when the session is closed. However, Incognito mode doesn’t prevent the user and their activity from being tracked by websites, the internet service provider, and browser extensions. In June 2020, a $5 billion class-action suit was filed against Googler after it was caught tracking Chrome browser history and web activity even in incognito mode. Google was accused of using code within websites that use its analytics and advertising services to track and store browsing history. In this suit, the complainants seek around $5,000 in damages per user. The suit alleges that Google violated the Federal Wiretap Act and some California privacy laws.

28 Jan 2023

Google Chrome

Google Chrome's incognito sessions on Android get biometric authentication

The Chrome browser for Android is rolling out an ability using which you can lock your incognito sessions behind a fingerprint/facial scan.

27 Feb 2021


Chrome Incognito case: Judge disturbed by Google's data collection practices

In June 2020, we reported that a class-action lawsuit had been filed against Google. It was caught tracking Chrome users' browsing history and web activity even in the Incognito mode.

03 Jun 2020


Google faces $5 billion lawsuit for tracking 'private mode' browsing

Google has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit seeking $5 billion.

21 May 2020

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is getting several privacy-focused changes: Details here

A few days back, Google had announced the plan to update its browser Chrome with features like grouping tabs by topic and blocking resource-hungry ads.

02 Nov 2019


Incognito mode launched for Google Maps: How to use it

In a major move, Google is rolling out dedicated Incognito mode for Maps.

31 Jul 2019


Now, Google Chrome won't let sites detect Incognito mode

After a long wait, Google is releasing Chrome 76, the latest version of its desktop browser.

22 Jul 2019

Google Chrome

Soon, Chrome will stop websites from detecting users in Incognito

In a matter of days, Google will release Chrome 76, the next version of its desktop browser, with the ability to stop websites - particularly those with paywalls - from detecting incognito mode.

12 May 2019

Google Maps

Soon, Google Maps will have its own 'Incognito mode'

Google's I/O 2019 announcements, especially the Pixel 3a series, received widespread media attention.

Soon, websites won't be able to detect Chrome's Incognito mode

After a long wait, Google is working on a way to ensure that websites, particularly those with paywalls, aren't able to detect its Incognito mode.

30 Aug 2018

Google Chrome

#TechBytes: What Incognito mode of browser can and cannot do

Google Chrome's 'Incognito mode', also known as inPrivate browsing, private browsing, private window etc. on other popular web browsers, is a useful tool when it comes to safe and private browsing as it leaves no traces of cookies.