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13 Mar 2018

Ashraf Ghani

Elements in Taliban open to peace talks: US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on his unannounced visit to Kabul on Tuesday said that elements of the Taliban are open to talks with the Afghan Government.

09 Mar 2018


Taliban attack army outpost in Afghanistan, 10 policemen killed

At least 10 policemen were killed and nine injured in a deadly assault launched by the Taliban on an army outpost in a remote region of northern Takhar province of Afghanistan, said an Afghan official.

02 Mar 2018


One killed, several injured in Kabul blast

A blast in Kabul this morning has killed at least one and injured four, the Afghan government said.

24 Feb 2018


Multiple terror attacks strike Afghanistan leaving at least 24 dead

At least 24 people have been killed and several others injured in four different terror attacks in Afghanistan.

13 Feb 2018

Pakistan News

Trump's new budget proposes $336mn-aid for Pakistan, but with conditions

US President Donald Trump is walking the talk about his warnings to Pakistan.

30 Jan 2018

Pakistan News

Afghanistan: Kabul hotel attacker trained by Pakistan spy agency ISI

In a shocking claim, Afghanistan's Permanent Representative to the UN, Mahmoud Saikal said that Pakistan's spy agency ISI trained the terrorist involved in the attack on Kabul's iconic Intercontinental Hotel.

29 Jan 2018


Several explosions heard near military academy in Kabul

Several explosions were heard this morning at Kabul's Marshal Fahim National Defense University.

27 Jan 2018


Afghanistan: Powerful suicide bombing kills 40 in Kabul; 140 injured

A powerful suicide bomb explosion in Afghanistan's capital Kabul has left at least 40 dead and another 140 injured in the city center.

27 Jan 2018


Hamid Karzai: Trump must "walk the talk" on Pakistan's terrorism

Former Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai called upon US president Donald Trump to "walk the talk" about curbing Pakistan's support to terrorist outfits.

06 Jan 2018

Pakistan News

Trump supports Republican senator's plan to cut Pakistan aid

A day after the US government suspended $2 billion in security-related assistance to Pakistan, US President Donald Trump has publicly expressed support for Republican senator Rand Paul's plan to introduce legislation, and terminate all aid to Pakistan over its continued inaction against terrorists.

20 Dec 2017


Pakistan accuses US of favoring India, warns of nuclear war

Pakistan's National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua has accused America of siding with India on the Kashmir issue and on Afghanistan's security.

11 Dec 2017


Gujarat polls: New controversy over Chidambaram's photo with Taliban leader

Before the second phase of Gujarat elections, Congress is facing a deluge of problems.

07 Nov 2017


Gunmen storm Kabul TV station, casualties feared

A number of gunmen have attacked a private TV station in Kabul.

19 Oct 2017


Afghanistan: 43 soldiers killed in week's third attack on personnel

At least 43 soldiered were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in Afghanistan's Kandahar province today.

17 Oct 2017


61 killed in two separate Taliban attacks in Afghanistan

At least 61 people were killed in two separate attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

17 Oct 2017


US Army sergeant once held captive by Taliban admits desertion

31-year-old Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier once held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan for five years, has pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy.

20 Sep 2017


Russia seeks India's cooperation over Afghanistan amid Moscow's Pak outreach

Russia's special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov might visit India soon to discuss the security situation in Afghanistan.

15 Aug 2017


You've understood the errors of your predecessors: Taliban tells Trump

Lauding US President Donald Trump for "(understanding) the errors of your predecessors", the Taliban has wrote an open letter to him, urging him to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan.

07 Aug 2017


Terror attack in northern Afghanistan kills 50, including women/children

At least 50 people, including women and children, were killed when terrorists attacked a village in the northern Afghan province of Sar-e Pul.

24 Jul 2017


Kabul's car bomb blast: 24 killed, several injured

An early morning car bomb explosion killed at least 24 people and left several injured in Afghanistan's Kabul city.

27 Jun 2017


New al-Qaeda document details deadly new strategy for Indian subcontinent

Al-Qaeda has released a document which details the objectives and targets of its members in the Indian subcontinent, especially in Kashmir.

26 Jun 2017


Bacha Bazi: Afghanistan's culturally sanctioned pedophilia

A saying in Afghanistan goes, "Women are for child-rearing, boys are for pleasure".

26 Jun 2017


Reports: ISIS declares war on Taliban in Afghanistan

An ISIS commander in Afghanistan has reportedly declared war on Taliban, calling the latter "hypocrites and stooges of the unbelievers."

22 Jun 2017


India's raises questions of terror sponsorship in the UN

India has called on the UN to find out from where the "anti-government elements" in Afghanistan were procuring weapons, training and funds.

14 Jun 2017


US admits it isn't winning war in Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis admitted to Congress that the US is "not winning" the war against Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

27 May 2017


50 people killed in separate attacks in Afghanistan

At least 14 people were killed and eight others wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in Afghanistan's eastern Khost province.

17 May 2017


ISIS attacks Afghan media broadcaster

ISIS terrorists wearing suicide vests and AK47s, carried out an attack on the building of RTA, Afghanistan's national broadcaster, leaving at least 6 dead including the three attackers.

08 May 2017


ISIS chief in Afghanistan killed last month

On April 27, the head of ISIS in Afghanistan, Abdul Hasib was killed in a joint Afghan and US Special Forces operation in Nangarhar province, US and Afghan officials have confirmed.

11 Apr 2017

Arun Jaitley

UK says there's no excuse for terrorism coming from Pakistan

Britain's defence secretary Michael Fallon said there's no excuse for terrorism that "flows across" Pakistan's borders into Afghanistan and elsewhere.

01 Mar 2017


1 killed, 35 wounded in multiple Taliban attacks in Kabul

At least one person has been killed and 35 wounded in attacks mounted by the Taliban in the western part of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.

22 Feb 2017


Afghanistan to penalize abuse of boy sex slaves

In a landmark move against the deeply entrenched practice of sexual abuse against boys, the Afghan government is set to lay out set of stringent penalties for people who engage in "bacha bazi".

18 Dec 2016


India warns Russia, Iran; says Taliban has to abandon terrorism

India warned Russia and Iran that politically engaged Taliban to change the ground situation in Afghanistan.

10 Dec 2016

Saudi Arabia

Saudis fund Taliban while their king backs Afghan govt.

Saudi Arabia is in a unique situation in the Afghan geopolitical conflict that it is on both sides of it- the Afghan government and the Taliban.

11 Nov 2016


Taliban attack on German consulate

A German consulate in Afghanistan was the victim of a suicide bomb-attack last night.

06 Sep 2016


Afghan forces end siege after suicide attacks hit Kabul

Afghan security forces ended a 10-hour siege on Tuesday, killing three attackers and rescuing 42 civilians, at the office of NGO CARE International in Kabul.

24 Aug 2016


Narendra Modi and Ashraf Ghani jointly renovate Stor Palace

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was joined by PM Narendra Modi via video conferencing to inaugurate the renovated Stor Palace in Kabul.

05 Aug 2016

Central Government

Pakistani Government chopper crash-lands in Afghanistan; occupants held hostage

Six Pakistani engineers and a Russian engineer, traveling to Uzbekistan in a Russian MI-17, had to make a crash landing due to technical faults in Afghanistan's Logar area on 4th August, 2016.