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10 Sep 2017


70% Americans get their news from social media, says survey

Pew Research Center survey says, almost two-thirds of American adults get "at least some of their news on social media" and two-in-ten among them use it as their primary source of news.

10 Sep 2017


Google's Android, learning from its past mistakes

Everyone will agree that the road to success is paved with failures.

10 Sep 2017


YouTube brings HDR playback support to mobile devices

Back in 2016, YouTube started supporting High dynamic range (HDR) picture technology on TV sets.

06 Sep 2017


Chinese man jailed for helping others break Internet firewall

Not all heroes wear capes. One such hero is Deng Jiewei, from Guangdong, who was recently arrested by the Chinese government for selling virtual private networks. He has now been sentenced to a 9-month jail.

30 Aug 2017


YouTube gets a revamp, new logo introduced for first time

It sounds incredulous, but it's been 12 long years of YouTube. When it was first launched, it supported only one video format i.e 320x240 at 4:3 aspect ratio.

27 Aug 2017


Ask the Trivago guy how to turn bad publicity around

"Kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?" Maybe you don't spend much time on TV or YouTube, but if you have seen the Trivago ad once, you will remember it.

20 Aug 2017


YouTube will now provide you with 'breaking news'

YouTube aims to be more than an addiction, where you keep on jumping from one video to another, killing time.

19 Aug 2017

Alibaba Group

Now, China cracks down on VPN vendors

China has now upped the ante by warning e-commerce platforms against selling illegal virtual private networks (VPNs).

10 Aug 2017


It's official! Facebook launches TV-like video platform 'Watch'

Facebook has finally announced the launch of its dedicated online video platform 'Watch', months after reports about its increasing focus on video content surfaced.

09 Aug 2017


Why this man showered Twitter with really hateful tweets

Twitter has been under fire lately for not curbing online hate and abuse.

06 Aug 2017


Tech predictions that were wrong and thank god for that!

Tech trends are very unpredictable. When a new thing appears in the market, there's always a debate. We have pundits, giving their verdict on it and saying whether it's going to work or not.

31 Jul 2017


Phone addiction? We have the solution you need

We do end up spending more time on our phones than required.

27 Jul 2017


Facebook to launch its own TV shows by August!

Facebook has been competing for years with TV for advertisements; however, it no longer wants to just "compete", it wants to take over TV!

12 Jul 2017


Dhinchak Pooja songs go missing on YouTube

Fans of YouTube singing sensation Dhinchak Pooja are in for a disappointment as all her songs have been wiped off YouTube.

12 Jul 2017

Paul Walker

This track trumped Gangnam style to become YouTube's most viewed

Gangnam Style's reign as the most viewed video on YouTube has ended after five years.

YouTube rehashes its policy to allow LGBTQ videos

Previously a faction of LGBTQ YouTube creators had complained that their uploaded videos were being kept hidden behind the Restricted Mode of the platform even after complying with all of the YouTube norms and not having any mature content.

19 Jun 2017


YouTube is bringing its A game to tackle terrorism online

YouTube has often been blamed for not doing enough to curb some of the offensive content (mainly terrorist propaganda videos) that makes its way into the channel and spreads extremism online.

09 Jun 2017


How can you protect your own data from Google

For every free bit of software that you download or service you use, chances are the makers are taking something (usually personal data) or the other to provide you this service.

07 Jun 2017


From Taher Shah to Dhinchak Pooja: The stars of cringe-pop

Music lovers might cringe at the thought, but 'cringe-pop' has emerged as the newest sensation. Sometime ago, Dhinchak Pooja took over our computer screens with 'Swag Wali Topi', clicking 'selfies'.

06 Jun 2017


London Bridge attack explains how radicalization in the UK occurs

Police have identified two of the three suspects behind the London Bridge knife attack.

22 May 2017


Facebook's "order food" will ensure you are never logged out

Facebook is becoming that habit, which you want to quit but can't, as you're hooked and the new feature of "order food" is not helping with the quit-urge either.

16 May 2017


MP3 is officially dead, but the swansong isn't over

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, a German research institution, which created the MP3 format; has now officially declared the termination of licensing rights pertaining to MP3.

13 May 2017


An alien army? UFO hunters spot a 'tank' on moon

A mysterious tank-like object has been spotted on The Moon, which researchers say could be an odd-shaped rock.

07 May 2017


Facebook is all set to challenge Netflix, Amazon Prime

We have all taken a break while binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon Prime to check our Facebook notifications, just to stay connected with updates and notifications.

05 May 2017


Live-streaming of suicides: Facebook expands review team

In response to the growing number of suicides being live-streamed on Facebook, the social media mammoth will be adding 3,000 people to its review team that supervises content.

03 May 2017

Social Media

DaddyOFive YouTube channel gets prosecuted for abusing their own children

When people cross the line in a mad dash to be famous, it leaves an unsavory taste in the mouth.

01 May 2017


Twitter allies with Bloomberg, to bring dedicated news service

It's a very common practice among users to post a series of tweets while watching a match or participating in an event.

26 Apr 2017


Thai man live-streams daughter's murder on Facebook, then kills himself

A 21-year-old Thai man, Wuttisan Wongtalay, killed his baby daughter and live-streamed the episode before turning the noose on himself, reportedly after an argument with his wife.

18 Apr 2017


Bengaluru Police now on Instagram

Tech-savvy Bengaluru Police are doing everything in their power to ensure dissemination of their campaigns and important messages through social media.

07 Apr 2017


Uber's drivers are guinea pigs for its experiments

Uber after recent fiasco has repeatedly said it is trying to change.

06 Apr 2017

Reliance Jio

Google launches YouTube Go beta version in India

Google announced plans of launching its YouTube Go application in India, which allows users to save videos to watch offline later.

02 Mar 2017

Reliance Jio

Google launches YouTube TV

Google announced the launch of YouTube TV, a subscription service that streams premium broadcast and cable networks to your devices, for a monthly fee of $35.

18 Feb 2017


Mumbai boys selected for NBA India's 21-member team

Parth Sharma and Suraj Pathak of Mumbai and Preshit Pawar of Thane are among 21 players selected from across India for the National Basketball Association Academy, India, that will train them in Delhi.

04 Feb 2017

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

'Discrepancies of Rs 27 crore n AAP's donation records': IT

IT department has found discrepancies in audit reports of AAP donations of up to Rs 27 crore.

27 Jan 2017

Google Maps

Alphabet's shares slump amid tepid growth

Share prices of Google's parent company Alphabet slumped by 3% after the company failed to meet growth forecasts in the last 3 months of 2016.

20 Jan 2017


After Obama's exit, PM Modi world's most 'followed' leader

As President Obama ends his term as the 44th President of the United States, Prime Minister Modi became the most followed leader of a state on social media.

13 Jan 2017

Delhi Police

'Crazy Sumit', chilly winters, rising-crime - A day in Delhi

YouTube prankster, 'Crazy Sumit' caught the eye of authorities for kissing random women on the street, filming them and uploading videos.

11 Jan 2017

Delhi Police

What's up with Delhi today?

Delhi is shivering with mercury dropping to 5.2 degrees - lowest of this season.

27 Dec 2016


India to hold Poker Sports League, winner gets Rs.3.36 crore

India will soon have its very own Poker tournament - the Poker Sports League (PSL).

24 Nov 2016

Sachin Tendulkar

Is he India's next Sachin Tendulkar?

A video of a five-year old Delhi batsman playing in an Under-14 tournament has gone viral on the internet.

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