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Delhi bans firecrackers before Diwali to control pollution, COVID-19 spread

Delhi has banned firecrackers in a bid to control the spread of air pollution in the national capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Thursday.

05 Nov 2020


Delhi's pollution worsens, PM2.5 ten times the safe level

With the onset of winters, Delhi's battle with poisonous air has also started and Wednesday's hazardous condition proves the same.

Rs. 1cr fine, 5-years prison: Centre brings law against pollution

Days after it apprised the Supreme Court that it would bring a law to deal with the annual menace of air pollution, the Centre on Wednesday got President Ram Nath Kovind to sign an ordinance, that allows the setting up of a commission to look into the air quality in NCR.

29 Oct 2020


Delhi's air quality worsens to 'severe'; thick smog envelops capital

The air quality in Delhi fell into the 'severe' category on Thursday as residents awoke to a thick smog blanketing the national capital.

Centre assures law on stubble burning, SC stays one-man panel

The Centre on Monday informed the Supreme Court that it would bring a legislation on stubble burning, one of the main drivers of the hazardous air pollution in North India.

Cured from coronavirus and living amid pollution? Get flu shot

The winter months and the blanket of air pollution are likely to worsen the coronavirus situation, even for those who have defeated the contagious disease. Hence, the recovered patients, staying in highly-polluted areas, must get a flu shot, said experts.

05 Oct 2020

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Fighting air pollution amid coronavirus: Kejriwal's government prepares seven-point-plan

With the winter months fast approaching, the quality of air in Delhi has started deteriorating forcing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), led by Arvind Kejriwal, to move into action.

07 Dec 2019

Health & Wellness

BJP leader Javadekar says, No Indian study shows pollution kills

On Friday, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar delivered an appalling statement, claiming no Indian study has established a direct link between pollution and a reduced lifespan.

22 Nov 2019


These innovations by IIT engineers make world a better place

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the country's premier engineering institutes recognized as centers of academic excellence in science and technology.

19 Nov 2019


Leonardo DiCaprio talks about Delhi's air pollution: Details here

Oscar-winning Hollywood actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has raised serious concern over the tormenting air pollution levels in Delhi.

15 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Air pollution: Five houseplants that can help purify indoor air

At a time when air quality in our cities have hit such low levels that 'severe' is the new normal, schools have been ordered to remain shut, and government's apathy is incredulous, taking small steps for combating/dealing with pollution is the need of the hour.

15 Nov 2019

Gautam Gambhir

BJP's Gautam Gambhir skips meeting on pollution, enjoys in Indore

Such is the apathy of our elected leaders, that they are busy enjoying their lives while residents of Delhi are choking due to air pollution.

15 Nov 2019

Health & Wellness

Five diet and lifestyle habits for your good health

With our increasingly packed working schedules, junk diet routines, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and perpetually falling air quality levels, maintaining good mental and physical health can be challenging.

15 Nov 2019


With smokeless chulhas, this woman's start-up tackles pollution

Traditional mud chulhas are a common sight in a rural Indian household, often accompanied by black shadows tracing the kitchen walls from soot collected over time.

14 Nov 2019


Six cities with the cleanest air around the world

In the subcontinent, air pollution has affected us rather adversely.

13 Nov 2019


In Delhi, air-quality might slip from 'severe' to 'emergency' today

After a slight relief last week, air pollution returned to Delhi to choke residents. Courtesy stubble burning, which hasn't stopped despite Supreme Court's orders, the air quality slipped to severe on Wednesday, and could further deteriorate to "emergency".

07 Nov 2019


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 launched: Should you buy it?

As an addition to its portfolio of home appliances, Xiaomi has launched the Mi Air Purifier 3 in India.

06 Nov 2019


Ignoring SC's warning, stubble burning continues in Punjab, Haryana

This week, the Supreme Court finally noticed Delhi's sickening situation and slammed farmers for only thinking about themselves.

06 Nov 2019

Narendra Modi

Pakistan may have released poisonous gas to pollute air: BJP-leader

Delhi/NCR and adjoining areas are choking, and governments should, of course, take immediate steps to provide relief to residents.

Delhi Air Emergency: PMO holds second meeting to discuss measures

The situation in Delhi/NCR has invited criticism for governments, and rightly so. As residents are gasping for fresh air, they want authorities to take swift action.

Day after Diwali, air-quality in Delhi slips to "very poor"

On the morning after Delhi residents celebrated Diwali with much pomp and show, the air quality in the national capital deteriorated and was recorded at "very poor".

13 Oct 2019

Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi's air quality remains 'poor' on Sunday as stubble-burning continues

Residents of Delhi woke up to hazy skies on Sunday morning as the national capital's air quality took a hit.

13 Sep 2019

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Odd-even scheme returns to Delhi, will be implemented in November

The odd-even scheme, launched in Delhi for the first time in 2016, is returning from November 4 to 15, the state's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced at a press conference on Friday.

03 Aug 2019


These innovations by IIT engineers make world a better place

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the country's premier engineering institutes recognized as centers of academic excellence in science and technology.

17 Jul 2019

Anil Baijal

IIT-Delhi working on projects to track, monitor air pollution levels

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is developing a slew of solutions at its Center of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) for tracking and reducing the air pollution levels in the city.

16 Jun 2019


This IIT-Delhi start-up offers pollution fix for just Rs. 10

With 22 of the world's 30 most polluted cities in India, it is one of the most polluted countries. The national capital itself is so polluted, that breathing in Delhi is just the same as smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day.

30 May 2019


Mother-daughter sue France government over air pollution, seek €160k damages

People may not debate environmental issues as much as they should, but it is a pressing concern that is leading to health crises, species extinction, climate change, on a massive, global scale.

05 Mar 2019


Gurugram is now officially the world's 'most polluted city'

With the air quality worsening in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), Gurugram has emerged as the most polluted city in the world, according to a report.

02 Mar 2019


Bengaluru gets pilot air purifier at Hudson Circle by BBMP

In its recent budget, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), had announced that it will be spending Rs. 2.5 lakh/purifier on installing air purifiers across various junctions in the city.

03 Feb 2019


Bangkok residents coughing blood due to smog. Is Delhi next?

In what will come as a warning to Delhiites, air pollution in Thailand is reportedly in its worst state as it is causing people to cough up blood.

23 Jan 2019

Air Quality Index

After a day of relief, Delhi air quality deteriorating again

A day after heavy rains and hailstorms lashed Delhi and washed away some of the air pollution, air quality in the national capital has started deteriorating yet again.

01 Jan 2019

Air Quality Index

Delhi records 'severe' air quality for the third consecutive day

For the third consecutive day, the air quality in the national capital was in the severe category today.

29 Dec 2018

Delhi Police

'Ensure implementation of SC order on fire crackers on NY'

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has directed the Delhi Police to ensure the apex court order on burning firecrackers is complied with on New Year.

25 Dec 2018

Arvind Kejriwal

Odd-even scheme could return as Delhi grapples with pollution crisis

Delhi's 'odd-even' vehicle rationing scheme might soon be making a comeback.

24 Dec 2018

Delhi Weather

Delhi-NCR: EPCA shuts industries, bans construction activities for 3 days

The Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) today imposed a three-day ban on industrial activities in pollution hotspots and construction work across Delhi-NCR in view the national capital's severe air quality.

12 Dec 2018

Air Quality Index

Delhi's air-quality remains 'severe', mild rain adds to pollution woes

Thick haze engulfed Delhi today as air quality in the national capital remained severe for the third consecutive day with mild rains further adding to pollution woes, authorities said.

Seven construction companies fined for violating air-pollution control norms: SDMC

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has collected Rs. 3.5 lakh as penalties from seven construction companies for violation of air pollution control norms in the first three days of December, the civic body said yesterday.

#DelhiAirPollution: Delhi government fined Rs. 25cr for not curbing pollution

At a time when the national capital is choking on "very poor" air, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) imposed a Rs. 25 crore fine on the Delhi Government for failing to curb pollution.

02 Dec 2018


Chhattisgarh: Firecrackers banned till January 31 in 6 cities

A firecracker ban has been enforced in six major cities of Chhattisgarh for two months in order to control air pollution, a senior official said today.

28 Nov 2018

West Bengal

Kolkatans, you are breathing poison! November air worse than Delhi's

When it comes to air pollution in Indian cities, we tend to associate it with Delhi, most of the times.