Facebook Messenger: News

31 Mar 2019


Why Facebook is tying its own name with Instagram

Instagram could soon get a small, albeit very impactful, branding change.

21 Mar 2019


You can now reply to individual messages on Facebook Messenger

Lately, Facebook has been trying hard to improve the capabilities of its mobile apps, particularly Messenger.

15 Mar 2019


Mark Zuckerberg's close aide Chris Cox is leaving Facebook

Chris Cox, one of the first 15 software engineers of Facebook, is quitting the tech giant after mulling over it for more than two years.

08 Mar 2019


This Facebook Messenger bug exposed who you chat with

Just a day after Mark Zuckerberg's promise of a more private Facebook, security firm Imperva has revealed a vulnerability that marred the platform.

04 Mar 2019


How to unlock Facebook Messenger's dark mode using emojis

Just as Google continues to develop a system-wide dark mode for Android Q, Facebook has released a dark theme of its own.

06 Feb 2019


Want to delete sent messages on Facebook? Here's the trick

Finally, Facebook Messenger is getting the long-awaited option to 'unsend' messages.

26 Jan 2019


Why Zuckerberg wants to merge WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram?

Facebook is working on a bold move to merge its key messaging products.

17 Dec 2018


How to check if Facebook's bug leaked your un-posted photos

Just recently, Facebook exposed photos of some 70 lakh users in yet another instance of data mishandling.

08 Dec 2018


Instagram may get 'on this day' feature to revisit memories

After a host of shopping-centric features, photo-sharing platform Instagram might introduce a way to revisit old memories.

06 Dec 2018


Now, Facebook is mysteriously logging people out: Details here

Amid major security concerns, another Facebook-related issue has come to the light.

28 Nov 2018


Weird Facebook bug pulled up years-old conversations: Details here

Recently, several Facebook users reported a weird Messenger bug, one that kept surfacing chats from the past.

27 Nov 2018


Future video chats might even transmit smells: See how

Modern-day internet messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger et al) have re-defined end-to-end conversations.

23 Nov 2018


#TechBytes: Top 5 Mac apps to make you more productive

Just like Microsoft's Windows Store, the Mac App Store also offers a humongous collection of apps across categories.

18 Nov 2018


Instagram just exposed some users' passwords: Here's what happened

Facebook's poor run with privacy doesn't seem to end.

18 Nov 2018


Soon, you and your Facebook friends could 'watch videos together'

Facebook appears to be building a new feature for Messenger, one that could let you and your friends 'Watch Videos Together' while chatting.

17 Nov 2018


How Facebook could use photos to learn about your family

We all are aware of Facebook's ad-delivery practices.

16 Nov 2018


Facebook Messenger users can now 'unsend' messages: Here's how

Finally, Facebook is rolling out 'unsend' capabilities for its Messenger platform.

08 Nov 2018


Soon, you'll have 10 minutes to retract sent Facebook messages

Facebook finally appears ready to introduce the much hyped 'unsend' button into its Messenger app.

17 Oct 2018


Apparently, Facebook is working on a camera-equipped device for TV

Social media giant Facebook is said to be working on a new camera-equipped device, one that would pair up with your TV and offer video calling and content streaming services on a bigger screen.

13 Oct 2018


Soon, you might be able to 'unsend' messages on Messenger

Facebook users might soon get the ability to retract messages sent on the company's Messenger platform.

12 Oct 2018


Now, you can post 3D photos on Facebook: Here's how

Facebook is rolling out a new feature, one that lets you post 3D photos on the platform.

19 Aug 2018


This is how you can become 'anonymous' on Internet

Of late, it has come to light that huge amounts of our data are stored and used without our knowledge by tech giants.

07 Aug 2018


Facebook asks JP Morgan, Citibank, Chase to share customer details

Facebook has asked major US banks to share customer data to allow it to develop new services on the social network's Messenger texting platform.

12 Jul 2018


Facebook is testing a Messenger feature to identify suspicious accounts

In a bid to cut down on the nuisance of fake news and spam, Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature for Messenger to identify suspicious accounts sending unwarranted direct messages.

21 Apr 2018


Facebook Messenger to connect high school students with each other

Facebook is reportedly working on a new feature on Messenger called 'High School Networks' that will be geared towards high school students.

16 Apr 2018


Now send GIFs while messaging on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users will now be able to send GIFs while messaging on the platform.

07 Apr 2018


Facebook will allow users to "unsend" messages in Messenger

After it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg's sent messages on Messenger were erased from personal chats, Facebook has come up with plans to launch an "unsend" feature for all users.

06 Apr 2018


Facebook allowed data scraping through phone numbers for years

Facebook recently revealed that a maximum of 87 million users could have been affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

26 Mar 2018


Facebook has been collecting call, SMS records from Android devices

After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal blew up in the last few weeks, users have become more aware of data privacy and security on the social media platform.

19 Mar 2018


WhatsApp, Duo, Messenger: Which video calling app should you use?

With the boom in digital communication in India, people are increasingly switching to video calls to have casual conversations with friends.

06 Mar 2018


Instagram's code reveals unreleased voice and video calling features

According to media reports, Instagram's code hides several files that point to a possibility of the photo-sharing app launching voice and video calling features in the near future.

22 Feb 2018


WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton invests $50mn in messaging app Signal

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has invested $50 million in encrypted instant messaging app Signal.

17 Feb 2018


Facebook launches Messenger Kids on Android amid widespread criticism

Facebook has launched its Messenger Kids app on Android amid heavy criticism from industry leaders and development experts.

25 Dec 2017


This malware infects Facebook Messenger users to mine Monero, bitcoin-alternative

Tokyo-based cybersecurity giant Trend Micro has warned that a new cryptocurrency mining bot is spreading across the world fast through Facebook Messenger.

05 Dec 2017


Facebook launches "Messenger Kids" for users as young as 6!

With over two-billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social network. Looking ahead to the future, Facebook is now targeting kids.

23 Oct 2017


WhatsApp will soon have group calling feature!

If reports are to be believed, you will soon be able to make group calls on WhatsApp.

18 Oct 2017


WhatsApp now lets you share "Live location" with friends

Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp, is rolling out a new "Live Location" sharing feature to its Android and iOS users today.

31 Jul 2017


Facebook launches Messenger Platform 2.1 for a richer experience

After, Messenger Platform 2.0 in April, the social media giant, Facebook has now launched Messenger Platform 2.1, armed with a host of new and improved features to make sure businesses can attract new customers and also connect with their current customer-base better.

23 Jun 2017


Snapchat's Snap Map is fine but cost firm a bomb

If you are a Snapchat user, chances are you are already using its latest feature, Snap Map; a by-product from its acquisition of social mapping start-up Zenly. Snap Map lets users find out where his/her friends are in the city or world.

15 Aug 2016


The POTUS Chatbot on Facebook

The page that handles the chatbot for President of the United States, Barack Obama, has created discontent for seeking users' personally identifiable information (name and address).