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27 Aug 2022

Jamie Spears

Britney Spears releases comeback song with Elton John, tops charts

Pop icon Britney Spears is back with a song that has fans running to the dance floor!

01 Dec 2020


Eric Clapton, Van Morrison team up for anti-lockdown song

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted what lifestyle has stood for, and a huge chunk belongs to the entertainment domain.

03 Sep 2020


September 19: Get set to pamper Batman on this day

Is Batman your hero? Then get ready to pamper him on September 19.

03 Nov 2019


Update iPhone 5 immediately to keep using apps and services

It is always a good idea to keep the software updated on your smartphone. But if you are using an iPhone 5, it is especially important to upgrade its operating system by November 3 (today).

14 Oct 2019


Don't upgrade! macOS Catalina is breaking app support

Ever since macOS Catalina started rolling out, users from different parts of the world have been complaining about broken app support.

19 Sep 2019


iOS 13 to release tonight: Here's how to install it

Apple will globally release iOS 13 today for all the eligible iPhones and iPod touch models.

25 Jun 2019


iOS 13 public beta now available: Here's how to install

The first public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS, the dedicated operating systems for iPhones and iPads, are now available for download.

01 Jun 2019


Bye-bye iTunes! Apple to kill iTunes forever

Nearly 18 years after 'revolutionizing music' with iTunes, Apple is finally gearing up to retire the media app for good.

27 May 2019


Apple accused of selling customers' iTunes data, lawsuit filed

Apple, one of the largest advocates of privacy in the technology sphere, has been accused of selling iTunes data. Irony, much?

15 Apr 2019


Locked out of iPhone? Here's the way to restore it

While it may sound pretty weird, getting locked out of an iPhone is one hell of a problem.

10 Feb 2019

Saudi Arabia

Apple, Google criticized for hosting Saudi app tracking women's movements

Tech giants Google and Apple have been accused of misogyny for hosting an app on their platforms that allows men in Saudi Arabia to track and control where women travel.

25 Dec 2018


Apple gave customers' data to Indian government: Details here

Apple has released its transparency report, detailing how many customer data requests it got from the Indian government and how many it actually catered to.

18 Sep 2018


Here's how to install iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Apple has now started seeding iOS12, its latest mobile software that sequels the buggy iOS 11.

24 Feb 2018


Happy Birthday Steve Jobs! Your memories live on

Steve Jobs, had he been alive, would have turned 63 today.

24 Feb 2017


Celebrating the 62nd birthday of the late Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder and business legend Steve Jobs would have turned 62 today.

30 Nov 2016


New tax-levy on content providers

The central government is in the process of introducing a new 'e-service tax' that will impact content providers such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and several more.

06 Aug 2016


Apple to offer cash rewards in its 'Bug Bounty' program

At the Black-Hat Cyber Security Conference on Thursday, Apple unveiled its plans to offer up to $200,000 rewards to researchers who will find security bugs in its products.