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09 Aug 2018

San Francisco

Magic Leap's AR headgear costs more than two iPhone Xs

After working in near-total secrecy for seven years, mixed reality headgear maker Magic Leap has finally started shipping its first product, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

03 Aug 2018


Rashmi, India's first humanoid robot, can speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, Marathi!

Taking a leaf out of Sophia's (popular human-like robot) book, a 38-year-old Ranchi man is on the verge of developing India's own humanoid robot.

02 Aug 2018

Elon Musk

Tesla is making AI chips in-house for its self-driving cars

On the back of its biggest loss ever to the tune of $717mn in just one quarter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company is building its own AI chips for its self-driving cars.

02 Aug 2018


Telangana Police gets 'Face Recognition System' to identify criminals

Telangana Police is now equipped with another powerful tool, "Facial Recognition System" (FRS), that would help them prevent crime and identify criminals/suspects at lightning speed, the police said today.

02 Aug 2018

Microsoft Windows

5 top-rated Virtual Reality games released in 2018 so far

Virtual Reality is a digitally-created, artificial environment that provides the experience of a surrounding 3D world with which people can interact through a headset.

01 Aug 2018


7 top-rated games for PlayStation 4 released in 2018

Sony launched its eighth-generation video game console, PlayStation 4, in 2013. Over the last five years, PS4 has become a leader in the game console market.

31 Jul 2018

Google Maps

Google Maps now predicts how much you'll like a restaurant

Google now helps you find 'matches', but not in the Tinder kind of way.

31 Jul 2018


Smartphones of the future: What to expect in coming years

2018 has already seen some head-turners as far as smartphone innovation is concerned, with the likes of the OPPO Find X and Vivo Nex, and will see some more with major releases like the RED Hydrogen One, new iPhones etc. later in the year.

30 Jul 2018


Want to learn coding? These 5 apps can help

In an increasingly tech-driven world, coding is certainly a must-have skill even for people with non-technical backgrounds.

30 Jul 2018


Top 6 upcoming foldable smartphones in the market

There seems to be a barrage of upcoming foldable smartphones in the market, at least that is how brands are making it sound like, with some promising foldable screens as soon as 2018.

30 Jul 2018


Syria: How parents use WhatsApp to teach kids new skills

The Syrian civil war is one of the worst the world's ever seen. It has displaced and permanently scarred millions in the last seven years, forcing them to take dangerous journeys and seek shelter in nations that don't want them.

29 Jul 2018


#CareerBytes: 6 tech skills you need to get start-up jobs

Start-up jobs are in demand these days as more and more job seekers are looking for jobs offering learning opportunities and scope for growth.

Delhi pollution chokes parking sensors, unable to detect empty slots

Sensor-based parking, New Delhi Municipal Corporation's ambitious project, has been clouded by Delhi's rising air-pollution levels.

28 Jul 2018


6 best-rated Xbox One games of 2018 you should play

Xbox One is Microsoft's eighth-generation gaming console released in 2013. Despite a rough start, Xbox One started picking up steam and is among the most popular home video-game consoles.

27 Jul 2018


Samsung's 'unbreakable' OLED display could be a game changer

Samsung has unveiled a new kind of OLED display that is not only flexible but is also claimed to be 'unbreakable'.

27 Jul 2018


Amazon's facial recognition AI wrongly identifies 28 politicians as criminals

Confirming long-standing fears about potential loopholes, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) conducted a study using Amazon's facial recognition technology, and found that it incorrectly matched people to faces. It even seemed to have a racial bias.

26 Jul 2018

Microsoft Windows

These are the best videogames released in 2018 so far

The video gaming industry has evolved immensely over the years to become one of the most profitable entertainment businesses.

26 Jul 2018


6 cool and wacky tech products you never knew existed

Amazon sells a plethora of tech products that go beyond smartphones, cameras, and household electronic appliances.

25 Jul 2018


RED Hydrogen One: The most ambitious smartphone in recent years

While there's been a lot of talk about upcoming smartphones by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google, interest in high-end camera-maker RED's Hydrogen One smartphone has been relatively subdued.

24 Jul 2018

South Korea

This start-up has invented the best cure for hangovers

82 Labs is a US-based start-up that manufactures drinks to reduce morning-after hangovers.

24 Jul 2018


Hyderabad Police to take AI's help to catch traffic violators

People not wearing helmets is a persistent problem faced by traffic police force countrywide.

24 Jul 2018


Samsung patents a display covering both sides of a phone

Samsung is rumored to be launching its first foldable smartphone sometime in early 2019, but it seems that the company has started looking much beyond that.

24 Jul 2018


Wearable keyboard: The future of typing or a step backward?

Consumer tech does take bizarre turns at times, and that seems to be the case with a novel, wearable keyboard, simply called 'Tap'.

22 Jul 2018


Samsung's 34-foot Onyx LED TV could revolutionize movie theaters

Samsung makes one of the best displays. Period. But have you ever wondered if Samsung made displays for theaters?

19 Jul 2018


Rajasthan: IIT Jodhpur brings clay-based photocatalytic water purifying technology

IIT Jodhpur has come up with a low-cost and environment-friendly technology for treating contaminated water by using Rajasthani clay and sunlight.

17 Jul 2018


8 Indian institutes launch LEAP, Rs. 40cr microscope for atoms

Atoms are an integral area of research for science, so eight reputed Indian institutions came together, pooled in Rs. 40cr and developed a remotely operable microscope.

17 Jul 2018

Aston Martin

Aston Martin unveils its concept luxury flying car

As an expression of interest in flying cars, luxury car maker Aston Martin has unveiled its concept of a personal aerial vehicle and it is as luxurious as you would expect.

15 Jul 2018


Kerala: 40,083 school classrooms turn 'hi-tech' thanks to KITE

As part of the ambitious "Hi-Tech school" project of the state government, the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) has enabled 40,083 classrooms in selected state-run and aided schools to become "hi-tech" with the facility of laptops and multi-media projectors.

13 Jul 2018


10 lesser known WhatsApp tricks you should try now

Almost every person who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app, which has now evolved into a multi-purpose platform.

12 Jul 2018


6 innovative smartphones with extraordinary features you should know about

Smartphone technology is evolving rapidly, and device makers are constantly striving to bring the best smartphones not only with high-end specs but also unique features.

11 Jul 2018

Health & Wellness

8 helpful smartphone apps you should teach your parents about

Smartphones have made our lives extremely easy thanks to a number of apps that enable us to do almost everything with a few taps.

11 Jul 2018


Which laptop to buy if your budget is Rs. 50,000?

Whether you want to buy a new laptop for designing, gaming, studying, or other needs, a budget of Rs. 50,000 is good enough to get you a machine that'll meet all your requirements.

10 Jul 2018


This AI system can fix your grainy, low-light photos

Researchers from Nvidia, MIT, and Aalto University have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system called Noise2Noise that can reduce noise in photos.

10 Jul 2018


#CareerBytes: How can a non-techie learn to code?

In this tech-driven world, learning how to code is no longer limited to software engineers or IT professionals.

09 Jul 2018


LG files patent for smart pen with foldable display

LG has filed a patent for a smart stylus pen that has the potential to replace smartphones.

08 Jul 2018


World's first family that lives in a 3D-printed house

A family in Nantes, France has become the world's first family to move in to a 3D-printed home.

08 Jul 2018


Itty bitty sites are entirely contained within their own links

Nicholas Jitkoff, former designer at Google and current vice president of design at Dropbox, has developed a new web tool called "itty bitty site."

07 Jul 2018


Petition to save Microsoft's unannounced foldable Surface smartphone

Even though recent reports suggested that Microsoft's much-rumored foldable Surface smartphone, codenamed Andromeda, will be pocket-sized and might release this year itself, a new set of reports now claim that the product is likely to be shelved altogether.

AI algorithm can teach cars to self-drive in 20 minutes

Wayve, a startup founded by two researchers from the Cambridge University, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can learn how to drive a car from scratch in 20 minutes.