Zika Virus: News

The Zika Virus is a viral disease primarily transmitted through the bite of infected Aedes species mosquitoes. The US Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that these mosquitoes bite during the day and at night. There is no known cure or vaccine for the Zika virus. The disease is characterized by symptoms including fever, rash, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, and red eyes. The CDC claims that symptoms can last for several days to a week but people don’t get sick enough to be hospitalized and rarely die of the infection. Additionally, once patients recover they are protected from future infections. The infection can be transmitted through sex, from a pregnant mother to her fetus, and possibly through blood transfusion. The virus was first discovered in 1947 and is named after the Zika forest in Uganda, Africa. The first human infection from the disease was recorded in 1952 and since then, outbreaks have been reported across Africa, South-East Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

03 Jul 2024


Centre issues advisory amidst rising Zika virus cases in Maharashtra

The Centre on Wednesday issued an advisory to all states after a surge in reported Zika virus cases from Maharashtra.

02 Nov 2023


Karnataka: Zika virus detected near Bengaluru, fever cases being analyzed

Authorities in Bengaluru are on high alert after the Zika virus was detected in a mosquito in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka.

14 Dec 2022


Zika vaccine will be available in India soon: NTAGI chief

The National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) chief Dr. NK Arora said on Tuesday that efforts are on to develop a Zika virus vaccine in India to combat potential epidemics.

13 Dec 2022


Karnataka reports first Zika virus case, 5-year-old girl tests positive

Karnataka recorded its first case of Zika virus as a five-year-old girl from Raichur district tested positive, informed state Health Minister K Sudhakar on Monday.

13 Dec 2022

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All about Zika virus: Origin, symptoms, causes, and more

Primarily transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, the Zika virus was first identified in 1947 in Uganda in a Rhesus macaque monkey.

10 Nov 2021

Yogi Adityanath

Kanpur: Zika virus cases cross 100; Adityanath to hold meeting

The tally of Zika virus infections in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur has crossed 100 with 16 more cases reported on Tuesday.

08 Nov 2021


Kanpur reports nearly 90 Zika virus cases. What is it?

Kanpur has reported as many as 89 cases of the Zika virus in recent weeks, becoming a new hotspot for the mosquito-borne disease.

01 Aug 2021


Zika reaches Maharashtra: What is it? How to prevent infections?

Maharashtra has confirmed its first case of the Zika virus after a 50-year-old woman from Pune tested positive.

15 Jul 2021


Five more people test positive for Zika virus in Kerala

Amid growing concerns of the Zika virus outbreak, five more people, including four women, have tested positive for the infection in Kerala, taking the caseload in the state to 28.

Kerala reports 19 Zika virus cases: Cause, symptoms, and treatment

Kerala has confirmed 19 cases of the Zika virus, triggering concerns for authorities and people there as well as neighboring states.

05 Apr 2020

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Widely-used antiparasitic drug kills novel coronavirus in lab tests

In a major development, a team of Australian scientists has discovered that an antiparasitic drug, which is already widely available in the market, could be the way to treat the novel coronavirus disease.

WHO names deadly coronavirus disease 'COVID-19'

The deadly coronavirus disease that has affected thousands around the globe and claimed hundreds of lives has been given an official name - 'COVID-19'.

26 Jan 2019


Now, scientists producing horny mosquitoes to prevent malaria, Zika, dengue

For centuries, mosquitoes have been troublemakers and the number of people who have died after getting bitten by them is still a mystery.

13 Oct 2018


Zika virus outbreak: 50 infected in Jaipur, more expected

Following previous reports suggesting a Zika virus outbreak in Jaipur, as many as 50 Zika virus infection cases have been documented so far, marking India's biggest outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease ever.

09 Oct 2018


Jaipur Zika virus outbreak? 22 test positive, PMO wants report

Since an elderly woman from Jaipur tested positive for the Zika virus in late-September, 21 others have tested positive for the virus in Jaipur, prompting the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) to seek a detailed report from the Union Health Ministry.

23 Sep 2018


Rajasthan: Elderly woman tests positive for Zika virus, state's first

An elderly woman from Jaipur has tested positive for Zika virus infection, officials of a medical college said, adding it is a first such case in the state.

02 Aug 2017


How does Zika spread? Not by kissing, according to researchers

Zika virus has been causing panic around the world. Till July 25, four cases had been reported in India.

12 Jul 2017


Can smart-tech and robotics eradicate mosquito-borne diseases?

As mosquito-borne diseases including Zika and dengue are spreading at an alarming rate, American tech giants plan on bringing robotics and smart technology to fight mosquitoes.

Zika virus in US: 5% women had babies with defects

Five percent of pregnant women with Zika virus infection in the United States had fetus or babies with related birth defects, including microcephaly, according to a US government health report.

30 May 2017


India issues advisory after three Zika cases in Gujarat

On May 26, India confirmed three cases of Zika in Ahmedabad, which were reported sometime during November'16-February'17.