Cryptocurrency: News

05 May 2019


How Facebook's secretive cryptocurrency might work

Since December, we have seen multiple reports about Facebook setting up a special division to explore the potential of blockchain technology and launch its own stable cryptocurrency, designed to minimize price volatility.

03 May 2019


Apparently, hackers behind Microsoft outlook breach stole users' bitcoins

A few weeks back, we reported about the breach of Microsoft's primary consumer email service, Outlook.

25 Apr 2019


Apparently, Samsung is working on its own cryptocurrency

After Microsoft and Facebook, Samsung could be the next big technology giant to jump on the bandwagon of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

25 Mar 2019


#TechBytes: 5 handy Chrome extensions for cryptocurrency investors

From blocking out ads to upgrading Netflix, Google Chrome's web store has an extension for everything.

10 Mar 2019


Now, you can auto-exchange cryptocurrencies: Here's how

In a major move, Revolut, a UK-based finance and payments app, has launched an 'auto-exchange' feature to prevent its users from volatile cryptocurrencies.

05 Feb 2019


Rs. 1,363cr locked after Cryptocurrency boss dies with clients' passwords

Customers of Canada's leading cryptocurrency exchange company, QuadrigaCX, are in a huge mess after the company said it cannot repay $190 million (Rs. 1,363 crore) to their clients because its founder died with the passwords.

29 Jan 2019


Two hacker groups stole $1 billion in cryptocurrency: Details here

If you think cryptocurrency hacks are not that common, think again!

14 Dec 2018


Patent suggests Samsung could be working on a blockchain smartphone

Samsung, one of the world's biggest electronics company, could be working on a blockchain-based smartphone.

30 Oct 2018

Global Warming

Bitcoins might destroy Earth as we know it: Here's how

Not many people associate bitcoins with climate change, but it seems like cryptocurrencies can hasten humanity's march towards climate catastrophe.

27 Oct 2018


Want to protect your computer from hidden cryptomining? Try this

With the rise of Bitcoin, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies, we all entered the era of digital assets - their trading, ICOs et al.

20 Oct 2018

North Korea

North Korean hackers stole half a billion dollars in cryptocurrency

North Korea's infamous hacking group Lazarus has stolen more than half a billion dollars in cryptocurrency over the last two years.

20 Oct 2018


India gets its first cryptocurrency ATM: Here's how it works

Since the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) imposed restrictions on the trading of cryptocurrencies in India earlier this year, Indians were left with no options to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

13 Oct 2018


Cryptocurrency mining malware found hidden in Adobe Flash updater

A windows installer carrying legit Adobe Flash update has been flagged as a potential source of cryptocurrency mining malware.

29 Sep 2018


India's leading cryptocurrency exchange shuts down operations: Details here

One of India's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges has shut down after being plagued by restrictions from the RBI.

12 Sep 2018

Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain are launching their own cryptocurrency- Here're the details

French football giants, Paris Saint-Germain, have announced that they will be launching their own cryptocurrency.

20 Aug 2018


Pornhub wants to pay cryptocurrency to users for watching porn

The adult entertainment industry has long been an early technology adopter. And now, Pornhub subsidiary Tube8 is looking to reward porn-watching with cryptocurrency.

30 Jul 2018


Businesses beware: New cryptomining malware infects corporate networks worldwide

In the latest instance of cryptojacking, researchers from Kaspersky Lab have found a new cryptomining malware that is spreading itself across corporate networks worldwide.

27 Jul 2018


Following Apple, Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore

Following in the footsteps of Apple, Google has now banned all cryptocurrency mining apps on PlayStore.

01 Jul 2018


#AppStories: 5 apps for cryptocurrency trading in India

World's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin's valuation has had some dramatic fluctuations over the past one year. It picked up the pace in May'17 from $2,000 to $20,000 in Dec'17 and plummeted to $6,046 in Feb'18.

28 Jun 2018


Coinbase CEO launches charitable cryptocurrency fund

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of digital currency exchange platform Coinbase, has launched a new charitable cryptocurrency fund called "GiveCrypto."

Investment powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz launches $300 million dedicated crypto fund

Silicon Valley's leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has launched a new $300-million fund that is focused on cryptocurrencies.

22 Jun 2018

South Korea

Hackers steal $32mn from South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, again

On Wednesday, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, revealed that hackers had stolen $32mn worth of assets overnight.

21 Jun 2018


Rapper Akon to launch his own cryptocurrency 'AKoin'

Grammy-nominated artist Akon has announced that he is coming up with his own cryptocurrency which will be called AKoin.

14 Jun 2018

San Francisco

Meet Erik Finman: The 19-year-old flamboyant bitcoin millionaire

19-year-old Erik Finman, currently based out of San Francisco, is one of the youngest Bitcoin millionaires in the world.

12 Jun 2018


Apple just banned cryptocurrency mining on all its devices

Days after tech-giant Google and Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads, Apple has also updated its App Store policy to restrict cryptocurrency mining on all its devices.

12 Jun 2018

South Korea

South Korea: Bitcoin hits 2-month-low after hackers steal one-third cryptocurrency

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail said hackers have stolen about one-third of the coins traded on its market including Pundi X, Aston and NPER, an announcement that sent Bitcoin prices tumbling to a two-month low.

25 May 2018

Russia News

Footballer James Rodriguez launches his own cryptocurrency

Bayern Munich's mid-fielder James Rodriguez has launched his own cryptocurrency ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia.

12 May 2018


Facebook might launch its own cryptocurrency in the future

According to reports, Facebook is contemplating creating its own cryptocurrency.

05 May 2018


#FinancialBytes: 6 apps that help you buy/sell Bitcoins in India

World's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin's valuation has had some dramatic fluctuations over the past one year. It picked up the pace in May'18 from $2,000 to $20,000 in Dec'17 and plummeted to $6,046 in Feb'18.

13 Apr 2018


Biggest Bitcoin theft: Coinsecure's bitcoins worth Rs. 20 crore stolen

In arguably India's largest cryptocurrency theft so far, the wallets of a leading bitcoin exchange company in Delhi were hacked and 440 bitcoins worth Rs. 20 crore were stolen.

02 Apr 2018


Telegram raises $1.7 billion from two pre-ICO sales

Secure messaging app Telegram has raised a total of $1.7 billion from two pre-sales prior to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for creating its own Blockchain platform "Telegram Open Network" (TON) and native cryptocurrency "Gram."

02 Apr 2018


Bitcoin sinks below $7,000 to end a dismal Q1 2018

Bitcoin, the world's biggest cryptocurrency by market value, posted its second-worst first quarter ever since it started trading regularly in 2010.

22 Mar 2018


Bitcoin will be world's only currency in 10yrs: Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said in an interview that bitcoin will become the world's "single currency" within the next 10 years.

16 Mar 2018


In 2017, Google removed 3.2 billion ads, 700k mobile apps

According to Google's latest annual "bad ads" report, the company's ads team removed 3.2 billion "bad ads" in 2017. Notably, this is an increase of 88 percent from 2016, when Google removed 1.7 billion "bad ads."

03 Mar 2018


Uber co-founder Garrett Camp to launch his own cryptocurrency

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp has announced the launch of his own cryptocurrency called Eco.

22 Feb 2018

Union Cabinet

Deposit schemes, return-offers from jewelers, realtors may soon be banned

The Union Cabinet has cleared the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2018 to be introduced in Parliament; it seeks to ban dubious schemes and punish those running such scams.

17 Feb 2018

San Francisco

Coinbase allegedly drains bank accounts, blames Visa for duplicate transactions

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is allegedly charging its customers, without an authorization, multiple times for a transaction and this to an extent that some customers went broke.

14 Feb 2018


Delhi Police organizes training session on cryptocurrencies

A fortnight after the Delhi Police announced a new individual unit for its cyber cell, it conducted a training session on digital currency for its officers on Tuesday.

14 Feb 2018


60 million Android users hit by cryptocurrency miner malware

A malvertising campaign is targeting Android users and forcing their smartphones to mine Monero or XMR cryptocurrencies for as long as it can keep them active on shady websites.