Skype: News

Skype is a freemium video conferencing tool developed by Skype Technologies headquartered in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Skype technologies released Skype as a voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) service in 2003 to make free of cost computer-to-computer calls. At the time, a paid subscription could let you call landline numbers and mobile phones using your computer.eBay acquired Skype in September 2005 and announced plans to spin it off as an initial public offering in 2010. In 2011, Microsoft paid $8.5 billion and acquired the company. Today, Skype supports most major operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The service is also accessible via Microsoft's Xbox range of gaming consoles. Amid the pandemic, Skype has been dethroned by Zoom, Google Meet, and another Microsoft offering called Teams that was formerly an enterprise-only solution. However, Skype remains easily accessible across 108 languages And boasted of around 100 million monthly active users and 40 million daily users in early 2020. Recently, in 2017, Skype transitioned from a peer-to-peer service to a centralized service that utilized Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

07 Jan 2023


Snap to shut down app that made Zoom calls fun

Snap Camera, the desktop app from Snap that lets users apply silly filters on video calls, will be shut down on January 25.

18 May 2021


Microsoft Teams now available for everyone, offers free 24-hour calling

Following in the footsteps of other enterprise-grade video calling solutions that opened their doors to the masses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft has launched a version of Teams for personal use today.

08 Jul 2020


Now, you can have a Duo call with 32 people

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and social distancing requirements, leading technology companies have doubled down on video calling and conferencing.

04 Apr 2020


Rivaling Zoom, Skype releases 'Meet Now' calling feature

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the need to be connected virtually has become even more pronounced. Latching on that, Microsoft has released a new 'Meet Now' feature for Skype that allows you to easily set up and share a conference call with no sign-ups or downloads.

03 Apr 2020


Finally, Facebook launches Messenger app on Windows, macOS

More than nine years after launching Messenger, Facebook has made the popular messaging service available as a dedicated app for Windows and macOS users.

12 Jan 2020


Sensitive Skype, Cortana recordings reviewed on insecured PCs in China

A few months ago, Motherboard made a shocking revelation that Microsoft has been sending "poorly secured" Cortana and Skype recordings to human contractors.

05 Sep 2019


These Hollywood celebrities are also investors in technology start-ups

In today's times, technology is omnipresent, and hence it's difficult to ignore the same.

08 Aug 2019


Microsoft's contractors listen to sensitive Skype, Cortana recordings: Details here

After Apple, Google, and Amazon, Microsoft has joined the list of companies sharing sensitive user data with third parties.

02 Apr 2019


Watch out! Skype for Android is automatically answering incoming calls

A major problem has been highlighted in Skype's Android app, a bug that automatically answers incoming video calls on the platform.

09 Feb 2019


Want to blur background during Skype calls? Try this trick

After a long wait, Skype for desktop is getting background blur capabilities.

22 Nov 2018


Now, ask Alexa devices to make Skype calls: See how

In a major upgrade, Amazon's Alexa-powered devices are getting Skype support from Microsoft.

20 Nov 2018


Video chats can fight depression in older adults: Study

Using video chatting platforms like Skype to connect with friends and family can stave off depression in older adults, a study found.

08 Nov 2018


#ComicBytes: Five comic technologies that exist in real life

In our years of living, we have often seen life imitating art, wherein the fantastic things portrayed in works of art have been turned to reality, thanks to the visionary innovators.

23 Oct 2018


How this man ordered the killing of Khashoggi via Skype

The murder of Washington Post columnist and dissident Saudi Arabia journalist Jamal Khashoggi has spelled trouble for the Kingdom and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

17 Apr 2018

Bombay High Court

Divorce through Skype? Yes, Bombay HC shows how

Hailing online communication platforms like Skype as legal medium for granting divorces, the Bombay HC has allowed a US-based woman to give her consent for mutual divorce virtually.

30 Mar 2018


Microsoft to ban offensive language, content on Skype, Xbox

Microsoft has updated its Services Agreement under which it reserves the right to penalize or ban users for "offensive language" and "inappropriate content" across its products like Skype, Xbox and even Office.

05 Mar 2018


Microsoft optimizes Skype for low-end Android phones

Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of Skype that is optimized for low-end Android smartphones.

07 Sep 2017


Facebook trains bots to understand human expressions, using Skype videos

Social media giant Facebook is revamping its AI-trained bots to mimic human facial expressions, reports said.

20 Sep 2016


Microsoft to shut down Skype's London office

Technology giant Microsoft is reportedly planning to shut down Skype's London office and lay off nearly 400 people working there.