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08 Nov 2018

Jet Airways

DGCA directs Jet, SpiceJet to address issues with Boeing-737 MAX

Following the Lion Air crash, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked SpiceJet and Jet Airways to address possible issues with their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

08 Nov 2018

Jet Airways

DGCA asks airlines to address issues with Boeing-737 MAX planes

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked Jet Airways and SpiceJet to take corrective action to address possible issues with their Boeing 737 MAX planes that could lead to "significant altitude loss" of the aircraft.

01 Nov 2018


#QatarAirways: Water tanker collides with aircraft in Kolkata airport

In yet another avoidable mishap in India's aviation sector, around 100 passengers were stranded at the Kolkata airport in the wee hours of Thursday after a water tanker collided with a Qatar Airways aircraft near its landing gear.

15 Oct 2018


Air India wall collision: Foreign media simply can't believe it

An Air India flight's collision with a boundary wall has left foreign media absolutely bewildered.

12 Oct 2018


Trichy-Dubai Air India flight collides with airport wall; passengers safe

In yet another bizarre incident in the aviation sector in India, an Air India flight from Tamil Nadu's Trichy to Dubai collided with the boundary wall at the Trichy airport late on Thursday night.

08 Sep 2018


Govt-run airports to have separate food counters with affordable snacks

Tea and snacks would be available at the MRP at some counters in government-run airports in India, the Airport Authority of India (AAI) said.

01 Sep 2018

Air India

Drunk man pees on woman's seat on Air India flight

An intoxicated man allegedly urinated on the seat of a woman passenger onboard an Air India international flight, prompting the Civil Aviation Ministry to seek a report from AI.

19 Aug 2018


Kerala: Commercial flight operations from Kochi Naval Base from tomorrow

The Center yesterday said Kerala's Kochi Naval Base will be thrown open for commercial flight operations from the morning of August 20, bringing a huge relief to people awaiting the resumption of air service from Kochi.

18 Aug 2018

Narendra Modi

Alliance Air to operate 'proving flight' to Kochi naval base

Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India, will operate a "proving flight" to Kochi's naval base in Kerala today to study the safety aspects of operating ATR type aircraft from there.

05 Aug 2018


Complaints against domestic air carriers increase to 7,251 in 20-months

Complaints against domestic air carriers swelled to 7,251 between December 2016 to July this year, according to Civil Aviation Ministry platform AirSewa.

22 Jun 2018

West Bengal

DGCA probing altercation between AirAsia staff, passengers: Jayant Sinha

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has started a probe in an incident in which passengers of an AirAsia India flight from Kolkata to Bagdogra got into an altercation with the airline staff after the flight was delayed by over 4-hours.

19 May 2018


Mumbai: Domestic, International flights to be delayed till June 5

Several flights were delayed by almost an hour yesterday and day before, as Mumbai airport officials are upgrading the Instrument Landing System (ILS), responsible for guiding flights.

18 May 2018


Fearing poaching by BJP, JD(S) and Congress MLAs reach Hyderabad

Amid a power struggle in Karnataka, some of the newly-elected JD(S) and Congress MLAs from the state arrived in Hyderabad today and are expected to be lodged in five-star hotels or resorts there.

06 May 2018


No unruly passengers put on National no-fly list

As it turns out unruly passengers on aircraft can get away with their behavior quite easily.

22 Apr 2018

Air India

Severe turbulence injures 3, damages panels on Air India flight

Passengers of an Air India Amritsar-Delhi flight Thursday had the shock of their lives when they unexpectedly ran into severe turbulence.

18 Mar 2018


Most Indian airports to be over-stressed in 5years. But why?

Owing to a massive surge in passenger numbers, Indian airports are stretched well beyond their capacity and require billions of dollars worth of investment in infrastructure, analysts have warned.

28 Feb 2018


Air India to hire 500 more cabin-crew staff by May

Disinvestment-bound Air India plans to hire 500 cabin crew members as the national carrier prepares to induct more aircraft and meet new regulatory requirements.

11 Feb 2018


Vistara, Air India flights narrowly avoid deadly mid-air collision

Over 200 passengers narrowly escaped a deadly accident when two Vistara and Air India planes flying in the opposite directions missed each other by seconds.

04 Feb 2018


Indians ignore safety instructions on flights, endanger themselves: Official report

We have known this for long, but an official report has finally confirmed it: Indians habitually break rules, even to the point of endangering themselves.

03 Jan 2018


Jet Airways' pilot 'couple' fights mid-air; pilot slaps female co-pilot

In a rather bizarre incident, passengers on a London-Mumbai Jet Airways flight witnessed a mid-air drama as the pilots flying the aircraft had a "violent argument". The captain reportedly slapped his female co-pilot; she left the cockpit.

26 Dec 2017


Made-in-India aircrafts now to be used for commercial flights

PM Modi's "Make in India" initiative is all set to reach a new level. Soon, we will be flying regional flights in indigenously-built flights.

03 Dec 2017


Poop from the sky! NGT asks panel to analyze "waste"

Delhi's "poop-from-the-sky" problem is back again, and the NGT wants to know if it is human or bird excreta.

10 Oct 2017


Flights carrying soldiers' bodies may observe 30 seconds of silence

Passengers traveling in Indian planes carrying the mortal remains of military personnel martyred in combat may soon be requested to observe 30 seconds of silence.

29 Sep 2017


Flights running late to face indefinite take off delays

Flights that don't initiate push-back from an airport gate and taxi on a runway within five minutes of air traffic control (ATC) clearance, would now only be allowed to take off once a slot is free.

26 Sep 2017

Air India

Air India Maharaja will sell scraps to make ends meet

Embattled state-run Air India now plans on vacating its unused hangar space at airports and sell out accumulated scrap to cut costs.

21 Sep 2017


SpiceJet Incident: Whistleblower writes to Aviation Ministry about potential hazard

Following the SpiceJet flight skidding incident at Mumbai, Airports Authority of India's DGM (Aviation Safety), S Mangala, flagged off a potential hazard.

31 Jul 2017


Gas leak reported from CNG pump in Mumbai's Chembur area

A gas leak from a CNG pump in Chembur led to immediate shutdown of power supply in the area. Adjoining roads were also blocked in order to prevent any more crisis that might occur due to leak.

16 Jul 2017


Mumbai suburb residents to enjoy free Wi-Fi from July 19

The Thane Municipal Corporation is going to launch the first phase, which will cover highways and city's main roads, of public Wi-Fi system from July 19 under the 'Smart City' scheme.

15 Jul 2017


No sambar-vada, sandwiches, juice for DGCA

After Air India decided to stop serving non-veg food, DGCA has announced that it would discontinue serving special food items to its workers during official meetings to save funds.

10 Jul 2017


No more non-veg meals for Air India's domestic economy passengers

Air India has stopped serving non-vegetarian meals to economy passengers on domestic flights. Business class passengers can still avail them though.

10 Jun 2017


Badrinath: Helicopter carrying pilgrims crashes; one killed

A helicopter with five pilgrims on board crashed soon after taking off from the Himalayan shrine of Badrinath in Uttarakhand.

05 Jun 2017


DGCA questions "mental alertness" of pilots after wrongly-addressed letter

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has asked an airline to check the "mental alertness" of 10 of its pilots to check if they are fit enough to fly planes.

23 May 2017


DGCA to train 120 engineers for 'airworthiness'

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to train 120 "airworthiness-engineers" who were hired over the last 3-4 years. The training is being conducted so they can fit their job-description better.

27 Apr 2017


Gondia Crash: Instructor, trainee die after crash splits aircraft

Flight instructor captain Rajan Gupta (35) and trainee pilot Himani Kalyan (24) died when their aircraft crashed in the Wainganga River near the Maharashtra-MP border.

27 Apr 2017


DGCA grounds foreign pilot over fudged medical records

The Directorate General for Civil Aviation has grounded an expat pilot working with an Indian charter company for allegedly fudging his medical records.

12 Apr 2017


The United Airlines controversy throws "overbooking" in the spotlight

The United Airlines controversy - when security personnel dragged off a passenger with a confirmed ticket as they needed to transport crew on the "overbooked" flight - has thrown the spotlight on a phenomenon that is quite common, but often overlooked.

24 Mar 2017

Jet Airways

IndiGo, GoAir limit altitude for A320neos after technical snags

After a series of technical snags, IndiGo and GoAir have asked pilots to limit the altitude for the new Airbus A320neo to 30,000 feet instead of the usual 36,000.

19 Mar 2017

Jet Airways

IndiGo seeks new A321neos

Sources said that InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, which operates IndiGo Airlines, seeks to modify its Airbus A320neo planes' order to include some of the newer A321neo aircraft as well.

17 Jan 2017

Independence Day

2 boys clicking selfies on railway tracks killed

Two teenagers named Yash Kumar (16) and Shubham (14), were crushed under a running train while posing for selfies between two railway tracks at Anand Vihar in East Delhi.

14 Jan 2017

Independence Day

Live-wire kills a youth taking selfie on a train

A 20-year-old engineering student, one Rajpal Gourav Patra of Koraput died after being touched by a high-tension wire while clicking a selfie.