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27 Feb 2020


New bug exposes Wi-Fi traffic of billion devices (including phones)

In a major shocker, researchers from antivirus company ESET have raised alarms over a critical security vulnerability plaguing billions of devices around the world.

25 Feb 2020


Hackers are mysteriously stealing from PayPal accounts for online shopping

PayPal, one of the biggest payment platforms in the world, has been marred by a major, albeit unknown, security flaw.

22 Feb 2020


Google sued for spying on students through Chromebooks: Details here

Google could be on the verge of another privacy-related debacle.

21 Feb 2020


Google removed 600 apps from Play Store: Here's why

In a bid to make Android safer to use, Google has pulled nearly 600 apps from the Play Store.

21 Feb 2020


Now, Facebook is paying people for their voice recordings

Facebook's ever-increasing appetite for user data is going to a whole new level.

19 Feb 2020


Hackers can wipe your WordPress site with this plugin flaw

If you use WordPress as a tool to manage the content of your website, we recommend updating a particular plugin on the platform (if in use) right away.

12 Feb 2020


Internet Explorer (if you haven't abandoned it) is not safe

Even though Internet Explorer is a thing of the past, Microsoft is requesting Windows users to install a major update associated with it.

11 Feb 2020


Soon, Google Chrome will make your web experience more secure

In a bid to create a private and secure web experience, Google has announced the plan to warn users about insecure downloads.

10 Feb 2020


Watch out! Hackers can attack your Android phone via Bluetooth

If you are using a phone with Android 8.0 Oreo or 9.0 Pie, we recommend installing the latest security update right away.

08 Feb 2020


Hackers can steal sensitive PC data by tracking monitor brightness

If you think that your computer is safe from cyberattacks when it's not connected to the internet, you are making a big mistake!

06 Feb 2020


WhatsApp flaw could have let hackers access your PC

Even after amassing more than 1 billion users, WhatsApp doesn't appear to be doing enough on the security side of things.

05 Feb 2020


Why Paytm is forcing users to uninstall TeamViewer

Paytm, India's leading mobile payments platform, has been working on some nifty features to maintain the highest security standards for its users.

05 Feb 2020


Shocking! Private videos in Google Photos sent to strangers

In a major shocker, Google has admitted to inadvertently sending some people's private videos uploaded on Google Photos to complete strangers.

01 Feb 2020


Avast shutting down company that sold user data without permission

A few days back, anti-virus giant Avast was caught selling PC activity of its users through its subsidiary, a company named Jumpshot.

31 Jan 2020


Thousands of Instagram passwords leaked: Details here

In a major shocker, thousands of Instagram usernames and passwords have been leaked online.

Zoom flaw could have let anyone hijack video conference calls

Zoom, the favorite video calling solution for enterprises all over the world, had suffered from a critical security flaw.

27 Jan 2020


Facebook tracks you regularly - how to stop it?

Facebook operates on people's data - it collects personal information from users and then sells the same to advertisers to show personalized ads to each individual and make money.

25 Jan 2020


Nearly 200 malicious add-ons detected in Firefox, now removed

Mozilla has been trying to make privacy its calling card to get people to ditch Google for Firefox.

25 Jan 2020

Delhi Police

Facial recognition, drones: Delhi Police heightens security for Republic Day

Before the Republic Day celebrations kick off on Sunday, the Delhi Police has increased security in the national capital.

25 Jan 2020


How does Truecaller show caller ID before calls?

Truecaller has been blowing people's minds ever since the leading caller ID platform came out in 2009.

24 Jan 2020


#TechBytes: How to secure your WhatsApp from hacking attempts

In the digital age, people value their data just as much as their money.

24 Jan 2020


Government will launch its own internal messaging app, like WhatsApp

India has been at loggerheads with Facebook-owned WhatsApp over non-traceability of messages.

23 Jan 2020


#LeakAlert: Microsoft exposed over 250 million customer support records

Microsoft is facing flak for exposing over 250 million customer service records on several open servers.

21 Jan 2020


A hacker leaked passwords of over 5 lakh IoT devices

With the rise of internet-connected devices, from phones and televisions to 'smart' lights, hackers now have new targets to breach into people's homes, harass them in horrifying ways.

17 Jan 2020


Sensitive photos, videos of thousands of porn actresses leaked online

In a major shocker, sensitive data of thousands of actresses associated with a porn cam affiliate network has been leaked on the internet.

16 Jan 2020


#AndroidAlert: You should delete these 17 apps asap

Even after plenty of complaints/reports over the last few years, Google hasn't been able to get a grip over the problem of malicious apps slipping into the Play Store.

16 Jan 2020


Now, you will get alerts about third-party logins with Facebook

As politicians continue to raise concerns over the trove of data Facebook has access to, the social network is doing everything possible to make users feel that their information is in safe hands.

15 Jan 2020


Now, use your iPhone as a Google security key

In a major move, Google has announced that iPhones can now be used as security keys for Google accounts.

15 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Critical security vulnerability flagged in Windows 10; update now

After Firefox, Windows 10 has been plagued by a security vulnerability.

12 Jan 2020


Sensitive Skype, Cortana recordings reviewed on insecured PCs in China

A few months ago, Motherboard made a shocking revelation that Microsoft has been sending "poorly secured" Cortana and Skype recordings to human contractors.

10 Jan 2020


Ring's employees watched private customer videos; now fired

Ring, the Amazon-owned company that makes home security cameras and doorbells, has admitted that four of its employees viewed personal videos of its customers beyond what they were allowed/permitted to.

10 Jan 2020


#BugAlert: Multiple vulnerabilities risking user data detected in TikTok

Even as experts continue to grow wary of TikTok's data collection and moderation practices, cybersecurity company Check Point Research has raised alarms over security issues in the video-sharing platform.

09 Jan 2020

ACT Fibernet

#HackAlert: Using ACT broadband? Change your Wi-Fi router's password immediately

If you are using ACT Broadband, India's third-largest broadband service provider, it is recommended to change the password of your Wi-Fi router immediately.

02 Jan 2020


Want to keep your schedule private? Try the fully-encrypted ProtonCalendar

If you have grown tired of using Google/Microsoft's Calendars (and sharing personal data with them in the process), there is a new solution on offer - from the house of Proton.

25 Dec 2019


Sachin Tendulkar's 'X' security withdrawn; Aaditya Thackeray's upgraded to 'Z'

Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar's security cover has been downgraded, an official said on Wednesday.

22 Dec 2019


Facebook will not use two-factor phone numbers for suggesting friends

In a bid to boost the security and privacy of its users, Facebook has announced that it will no longer use the phone numbers given to enable two-factor authentication for suggesting friends.

21 Dec 2019


OnePlus is offering Rs. 5 lakh for hacking its phones

OnePlus is striving hard to protect its customers and their data.

21 Dec 2019


#BugAlert: Critical security flaw in Twitter, update app immediately

After Facebook, Amazon's Ring, and SonyLIV, microblogging giant Twitter has disclosed a vulnerability, one that may have compromised the accounts of its users.

21 Dec 2019


#BugAlert: SonyLIV flaw risked personal emails, phone numbers of users

SonyLIV, the popular over-the-top streaming service operated by Sony Pictures Networks, had a critical security flaw.

20 Dec 2019


Again! Facebook data of over 26 crore people leaked online

Despite FTC's $5 billion fine for privacy violations and a lot of flak from the general public, Facebook's security issues aren't just coming to an end.

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