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06 Aug 2019

Rio de Janeiro

Dressed as daughter, Brazilian gang leader tries to escape prison

If there's one thing that Game of Thrones' Arya Stark got wrong, it's making every other person with a silicone mask believe that they can slip in and out of places unnoticed.

01 Aug 2019

Health & Wellness

#HealthBytes: Five healthy nuts to help you lose weight

When planning to lose weight, diet is one of the most important factors to consider.

12 Jul 2019


Vegan Keto diet: What to eat, what to avoid

You have probably already heard of the Ketogenic diet, one of the hottest diet buzzwords.

05 Jun 2019

Brazil Football Team

Brazil's Neymar might not play Copa America 2019: Reports

Brazilian star striker Neymar might not play the upcoming Copa America due to psychological concerns.

02 Jun 2019


Neymar accused of rape, he defends himself by releasing messages

Brazilian star footballer Neymar has been accused of raping a woman at a Paris hotel but he has vehemently denied the allegations.

01 Jun 2019


#HealthBytes: Top 5 Keto diet food items for vegetarians

You have probably already heard of the Ketogenic diet, one of the hottest diet buzzwords.

16 Mar 2019


BRICS to focus on counter-terror cooperation as priority area

BRICS, a bloc of five leading nations including India and China, will discuss counter-terror cooperation as one of its priority areas during its annual summit later this year.

08 Feb 2019


Brazil: Fire hits Flamengo football club; 10 dead, 3 injured

At least 10 people have been killed and three others injured in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro as a massive fire engulfed a training facility of the popular Flamengo football club, one of the biggest in the country.

08 Feb 2019

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Moto G7 series launched in Brazil, global release in mid-February

Expanding its portfolio of mid-range smartphones, Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched its latest Moto G7 lineup in Brazil.

21 Jan 2019


#HealthBytes: 5 protein-rich nuts that aid in weight loss

When planning to lose weight, diet is one of the most important factors to consider.

14 Dec 2018


Paw-inspiring: Faithful stray dogs wait for homeless owner outside hospital

A wise man once said, "A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won't be too bad."

08 Dec 2018

United Nations (UN)

Dozen killed, including six hostages, in foiled Brazil bank assaults

Twelve people, including six hostages, were killed in northeast Brazil yesterday after police foiled a gang of armed robbers staging a simultaneous predawn assault on two banks in Milagres, a municipality in the state of Ceará, the officials said.

05 Dec 2018

Sao Paulo

World's first baby born from womb transplanted from dead donor

In a landmark achievement in the medical sciences, a woman in Brazil, who had received a womb transplant from a dead donor, has given birth to a healthy baby.

Jair Bolsonaro, known as 'Tropical Trump', is Brazil's new President

Jair Bolsonaro, a brash far-right congressman who has waxed nostalgic for Brazil's old military dictatorship, won the presidency of Latin America's largest nation yesterday.

03 Sep 2018


Brazil: Years of knowledge destroyed as 200-year-old museum catches fire

In a rather unfortunate incident, a massive fire gutted Brazil's 200-year-old national museum late on Sunday, and it is feared years of knowledge and artefacts have been destroyed.

24 Aug 2018


7.1 magnitude earthquake hits border of Peru, Brazil, says USGS

A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Peru's border with Brazil today, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

10 Aug 2018


Flaw in WhatsApp: Your messages can be manipulated by hackers

Researchers from security firm Check Point have discovered a flaw in WhatsApp that could allow hackers to intercept and manipulate content of WhatsApp messages in both private and group chats.

21 Jun 2018


Kolkata confectioners busy preparing FIFA-themed cakes and sweetmeats

As the World Cup frenzy reaches feverish pitch in the alleys and lanes of Kolkata, the confectioners here are set to make the most of the occasion by rolling out FIFA-themed cakes and sweetmeats.

09 Jun 2018


Tennis star of 1960s, Maria Bueno breathes her last

Former world number one and 19-time Grand Slam winner, Maria Bueno breathed her last after a long battle with oral cancer.

25 May 2018


Ronaldinho denies marrying his girlfriends 'at the same time'

Brazil football star Ronaldinho has denied reports that suggested he will marry his two girlfriends- Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza, at the same time, this August.

Motorola launches three phones each in G6 and E5 series

Motorola has launched its Moto G6, Moto G6 Play, and Moto G6 Plus smartphones for Rs. 16,000, Rs. 13,000, and Rs. 25,000, respectively, in Brazil.

Supreme Court website reportedly hacked minutes after Judge Loya ruling

Minutes after the SC refused to order an independent probe in Special CBI Judge BH Loya's death, its website reportedly came under attack from hackers.

04 Mar 2018

Real Madrid

PSG confirm Neymar's operation a success

Brazil and PSG superstar Neymar Jr underwent a successful surgery of his broken foot on Saturday.

01 Mar 2018

Real Madrid

Brazil's Neymar goes under the knife, misses Real Madrid clash

Brazilian superstar Neymar will undergo surgery on his fractured foot in Brazil as early as Thursday, ruling the world's most expensive footballer out of Paris Saint-Germain's do-or-die Champions League clash with Real Madrid.

05 Feb 2018


Technology developed to read brains and identify songs you're listening

In a study carried out by researchers from Brazil, India, Germany, and Finland, a Magnetic Resonance (MR) machine was used to read participants' minds and figure out what song they are listening to.

21 Oct 2017


Brazil police bust major pedophilia ring; arrest 108 people

In one of Latin America's biggest operations against pedophiles, Brazil police have arrested 108 people from 24 states and capital Brasilia.

06 Sep 2017


Brazil police probe Rio Olympics "vote-buying" scheme

On Tuesday, Brazilian officials alleged that the country's Olympics chief was the "lynchpin" in a plot to bribe the International Olympic Committee to award last year's Games to Rio de Janeiro.

13 Jul 2017

Barack Obama

Ex-Brazilian president Lula convicted, gets nearly 10-yr sentence over corruption

Ex-Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been convicted and given a nine and a half years prison sentence on corruption charges.

First formal corruption charges against Brazilian President Michel Temer

The Brazilian chief prosecutor has charged President Michel Temer with accepting bribes.

22 Jun 2017

Donald Trump

Brazil's own Donald Trump: Jair Bolsonaro

Donald Trump's win in the US has taught pollsters not to ignore fringe candidates who propound bigoted views on racism and homosexuality among other things.

Brazilian court dismisses case that could oust President Temer

A case threatening to oust Brazilian President Michel Temer has been dismissed by the country's top electoral court.

22 May 2017

Sao Paulo

Brazilian cops crackdown on Sao Paulo's 'Crackland', dozens arrested

Nearly 40 people have been arrested by Brazilian police over drug trafficking charges in an area in Sao Paulo where crack cocaine has been sold and consumed with impunity for years.

Brazil corruption scandal- President Michel allegedly took bribes worth millions

Brazil's Supreme Court has released plea-bargaining testimony accusing President Michel Temer of receiving millions of dollars in bribes since 2010.

Brazil burns as the first general strike ended

Violence has broken out in Brazil as the country saw its first general strike in almost 20 years.

25 Apr 2017


'Robbery of the century': Violent gang steals millions in Paraguay

Over 50 criminals were involved in an elaborate multi-million dollar heist in Paraguay which authorities have described as the "robbery of the century."

23 Mar 2017

South Africa

Brazil Space Program: Launches first defense and communications satellite

Brazil has embarked upon it space program, aiming to send domestically built satellites into space using their own rockets.

21 Mar 2017

South Korea

No more Brazilian meat: says China, EU

Following accusations of improprieties in Brazilian meat industry, countries including China, EU and South Korea announced restrictions curtailing Brazilian meat imports.

11 Feb 2017

Rio de Janeiro

Over 100 dead in Brazil amidst police strike

In the six-day strike by Brazilian police in the state of Espirito Santo, more than 100 people have been reported killed.

09 Feb 2017

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil sends in troops amid police strike

Troops have been deployed in the city of Vitoria after crime wave engulfed the city due to a police-strike. Most business and civic services remained shut.

28 Jan 2017

Rio de Janeiro

Eike Batista, one of Brazil's richest mired in corruption scandal

The Brazilian police issued warrant against Eike Batista, Brazil's best known businessmen for failing to turn himself in as part of a corruption probe.