Digital Marketing: News

30 Aug 2021


Teamology explains how to maximize brand outreach through Digital PR

Do you own a brand? Do you want to boost your brand's outreach?

23 Sep 2020


Here's how Balazs Kardos became an inspiration from an immigrant

Balazs W Kardos's life wasn't always champagne and roses.

11 Aug 2020


Top 10 marketing coaches flourishing in 2020

If customer engagement is the heart of any successful business, marketing is the key element which helps them flourish.

29 Jul 2020


Examplad Media: One of the fastest growing digital marketing companies

From small businesses to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates, almost every organization today relies on digital marketing at some level.

23 Jun 2020


Here's why brands are boycotting Facebook advertising

A string of brands has committed to an advertising boycott on social media platform Facebook, which has been facing criticism over its handling of misinformation and hate speech.

13 Jan 2020


#CareerBytes: Online courses you should pursue to learn digital marketing

A career in the field of digital marketing has become a popular choice among youngsters as it is quite rewarding and offers lucrative job opportunities.

26 Nov 2018


Facebook plans to train 5 million Indians in digital skills

Facebook has announced its plans to train 5 million Indians in digital skills over the course of next three years.

21 Jul 2018


Why school-level internships today are more important than ever

Gone are the days when good marks fared you through college. It might still be relevant for DU, where only marks open the doors of a good college.

18 Jul 2018


#CareerBytes: 5 online digital marketing courses for aspiring professionals

With customers steadily becoming more receptive to online transactions and businesses putting in a considerable amount of effort into building their online presence, digital marketing is gaining momentum as a promising arena to explore for both entrepreneurs and students.

06 Jun 2018


8 popular start-ups currently offering jobs in Gurugram

Start-ups have become popular among job seekers these days in India for the country is emerging as one of the world's fastest-growing start-up hubs.