Articles about Gaming Consoles

19 Nov 2022

Steam Deck gaming console to arrive in India soon

Valve Corporation's Steam Deck gaming console will arrive in India via the gray market soon, industry analyst Rishi Alwani has claimed.

09 Nov 2022

Sony Playstation 5
PS5 to be restocked on November 11: Where to order?

Gamers in India rejoice! Restocking of PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be done here on November 11 at 12 pm, industry analyst Rishi Alwani has revealed.

04 Nov 2022

Is Microsoft Xbox Series X set to receive another price-hike?

Microsoft will increase the price of its Xbox Series X console in India, according to gaming analyst Rishi Alwani. This should be the third hike in this year alone.

16 Oct 2022

5G Technology
Razer Edge announced as world's first dedicated 5G handheld console

Razer has finally announced its 5G Android handheld console, Razer Edge, at the RazerCon 2022.

23 Jul 2022

Sony PlayStation 5 restocked again: How to pre-book the console?

Japanese electronic giant Sony has restocked the PlayStation 5 inventory in India. Pre-booking for the gaming console began at 12 pm.

16 May 2022

Aya Neo announces three new handheld gaming consoles: Check features

Shenzhen-based handheld maker Aya Neo has added three new portable PC gaming consoles to its portfolio.