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22 Jun 2024

JK Rowling

Matthew Lewis in 'no rush' to rejoin 'Harry Potter' universe 

Matthew Lewis, famed for his long-running portrayal of Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series, talked about the possibility of a return for the upcoming TV reboot.

17 Jun 2024


Tony Awards 2024: Daniel Radcliffe, Jeremy Strong emerge winners

The Tony Awards, honoring Broadway theater's finest, spotlighted historical narratives this year.

01 May 2024

Harry Potter

'Really sad': Daniel Radcliffe expresses disappointment over Rowling's transgender views

Daniel Radcliffe, renowned for his portrayal of Harry Potter, has publicly expressed disappointment over the series' author, JK Rowling's views on transgender issues.

11 Apr 2024

JK Rowling

Trans-identity paper: Rowling thinks Daniel, Emma should 'save their apologies'

The ongoing disagreement between Harry Potter author JK Rowling and transgender rights advocates has taken a new turn.

10 Jan 2024

Harry Potter

'Harry Potter' to 'Imperium': Daniel Radcliffe's best roles

Welcome to a cinematic odyssey through the extraordinary career of Daniel Radcliffe, an actor whose talent transcends the enchanting wizardry of his iconic Harry Potter days.

05 Jan 2024


'Game of Thrones,' 'Harry Potter': Fantasy titles featuring ensemble cast

Be it on the big screen or on television, the magic often lies in the synergy of an ensemble cast.

02 Nov 2023

Harry Potter

David Holmes—his life, association with 'Harry Potter,' upcoming HBO documentary

Daniel Radcliffe may have laid claim over the iconic title of "The Boy Who Lived," but beyond the 70mm screen, there's an unsung hero who epitomizes this phrase.

24 Aug 2023

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Rupert Grint: Recalling actor's unforgettable Ron Weasley dialogues

As part of the Golden Trio, Rupert Grint's portrayal of Ron Weasley has left an indelible mark on audiences—thanks to his quips, coupled with endearing charm.

11 Aug 2023


Top Hollywood films where friends fall in love

Love stories always warm our hearts especially when it's a happy ending.

04 Jul 2023

JK Rowling

Will we see Daniel Radcliffe in upcoming 'Harry Potter' series

Daniel Radcliffe immortalized JK Rowling's titular character Harry Potter and Potterheads cannot think of anyone else playing the role. As HBO Max announced a decade-long reboot series, the original "Boy Who Lived" spoke about his potential return in the upcoming series.

26 Mar 2023

Social Media

Daniel Radcliffe, Erin Darke expecting 1st child: Their relationship timeline

Harry Potter fame Daniel Radcliffe is set to embrace parenthood!

07 Jun 2022


5 Hollywood celebrities who got undeserved hate

Due to their profession's demands, celebrities practically live under public scrutiny 24x7.

04 May 2022


'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'- Daniel Radcliffe's casting 'weird'-ly perfect

How do you make the biopic of a parody artist who has tasted success, sometimes more than the artists he was parodying?

24 Mar 2022


When is 'The Lost City' hitting the theaters in India?

We finally will get to watch The Lost City.

19 Jan 2022


Daniel Radcliffe to play musician 'Weird Al' Yankovic in biopic

Hollywood star Daniel Radcliffe will soon greet us with The Lost City. But now we have information about his next.

11 Jun 2020

JK Rowling

After Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson condemns JK Rowling's 'anti-trans' tweets

After Harry Potter author JK Rowling's "anti-trans" tweets surfaced, many celebrities including Daniel Radcliffe, who played the titular hero in the blockbuster movie franchise, have come out to openly criticize her.

JK Rowling row: Daniel Radcliffe apologizes to 'Harry Potter' fans

Harry Potter author JK Rowling was recently criticized for making a series of comments against the transgender community.

11 Mar 2020


Twitter users almost certainly believed Daniel Radcliffe has coronavirus. How?

Misinformation on coronavirus spreads like wildfire, and this time, it has roped in Daniel Radcliffe.

14 Feb 2019

Johnny Depp

Daniel Radcliffe believes Harry Potter will eventually get a reboot

Daniel Radcliffe will forever be known as the boy who lived, for his role in the Harry Potter franchise, that has become an iconic part of popular culture.