Pokemon Go: News

25 Nov 2021


China bans Tencent Holdings from updating and releasing new apps

The Chinese government's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has reportedly instructed app stores and platforms to prevent Tencent Holdings from updating its existing apps and launching any new ones as a part of a "temporary administrative guidance."

05 Oct 2021


Here's what caused the longest Facebook outage last night

Late last night, popular social media platform Facebook and all its subsidiaries, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, suffered a global outage that lasted nearly six hours.

15 Jan 2021


Katy Perry, Pokémon come together to celebrate latter's 25th anniversary

On one hand, you have Pokémon, the giant of an intellectual property of Japan, spanning across anime, games, merchandise et al.

19 Oct 2019


Four reasons why online gaming is such a treat

From playing chess on a regular website to battling it out with dozens on PUBG, online gaming has come a long way over the years.

30 Jun 2019


#GamingBytes: Best Android games launched till now in 2019

While there is a huge library of games in Google's Play Store, only a few really stand out and have the potential to become cult favorites.

23 Jun 2019

Harry Potter

#GamingBytes: Every important question about 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' answered

The newly released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is already making waves in the Harry Potter fandom.

18 May 2019


Now, play Minecraft Earth to build stuff in augmented reality

Minecraft, the game that involved collecting blocks, digging, and building stuff in a virtual 3D environment, is getting a major reboot with the mind-blowing touch of augmented reality (AR).

11 May 2019


#GamingBytes: Pokémon fans rejoice! New smartphone game releasing soon

Pokémon are adorable and their games, fun. Soon, we will have a new Pokémon video game to play on our smartphones.

05 Apr 2019


#GamingBytes: Android games you should watch out for in 2019

The Play Store has thousands of games across genres but only a few stand out.

03 Jan 2019

Harry Potter

#GamingBytes: Five most anticipated games of 2019

We are at the start of a new year, and 2019 holds unlimited promises in store.

29 Nov 2018


Samsung might collaborate with Pokemon Go creator for 'exclusive games'

In a bid to differentiate itself from other phone makers, Samsung could add some 'exclusive games' into its upcoming Galaxy devices.

15 Nov 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go developer introduces new Harry Potter game

Pokemon Go by Niantic is a raging fan favorite as aspiring Pokemon trainers hope to catch them all.

31 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Let's Go gets Lavender Town for Halloween

Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee are the two new role-playing games releasing on November 16.

30 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go will get Shedinja for upcoming bug-type event

Pokemon Go has an upcoming event in November to celebrate the bug-type Pokemon, that were some of the first to appear in the game.

25 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go reveals mythical Pokemon Meltan's evolution, Melmetal

Sometime back, Pokemon Go players were thrown in a state of frenzy, when a mysterious, never before seen Pokemon appeared and could not be captured.

23 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go's 'Halloween' surprise leaked

Pokemon Go developer, Niantic is yet to announce its Halloween themed event, but a recent data leak suggests that it too will capitalize on the event's festivities.

17 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go gets first wave of generation 4 Pokemon

Pokemon Go has finally gotten the first set of generation 4 Pokemon, with more to be added.

10 Oct 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go teases generation 4 Pokemon from Sinnoh region

Developers Niantic will be bringing new Pokemon to the company's mobile game, Pokemon Go.

26 Sep 2018


#GamingBytes: Meltan is the new mythical Pokemon

A few days ago, a mysterious Pokemon had appeared in Pokemon Go, which would transform into a Ditto, the moment it was captured.

22 Sep 2018


#GamingBytes: New and 'uncapturable' Pokemon appears in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go gamers are in for a surprise as a new Pokemon has started to appear. However, it does not show up on the Pokedex and cannot be registered.

21 Sep 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go's invitation raids changed for the first time

Pokemon Go had launched invitation based EX Raids, last year, along with introduction of Mewtwo.

04 Sep 2018


#GamingBytes: How to capture the Shiny Growlithe in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go introduced a new Shiny Pokemon at the beginning of this month.

17 Aug 2018


#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go gets new mythical Pokemon Celebi

Pokemon Go players have a new reason to cheer.

15 Aug 2018


Smartphones of the future: What to expect in coming years

2018 has already seen some head-turners as far as smartphone innovation is concerned, with the likes of the OPPO Find X and Vivo Nex, and will see some more with major releases like the RED Hydrogen One, new iPhones etc. later in the year.

31 Jul 2018


Smartphones of the future: What to expect in coming years

2018 has already seen some head-turners as far as smartphone innovation is concerned, with the likes of the OPPO Find X and Vivo Nex, and will see some more with major releases like the RED Hydrogen One, new iPhones etc. later in the year.

03 Feb 2018


Mobile app used to map condom dispensers in Philippines

Campaigners and activists in the Philippines have set up free condom dispensers in collaboration with restaurants and shops in Manila to promote safe sex and fight a worsening HIV epidemic.

23 Jul 2017


Pokemon Go fans offered refunds after voicing discontent

The first-ever Pokemon Go festival being held in Chicago is turning out contrary to what the organizers might have expected it to be.

22 Jul 2017


Android users beware! This malware records your calls and videos

A terrifying new ransomware is attacking Android smartphones that can secretly record users' activities, including calls, messages, audios, videos, etc.

24 Jun 2017


Parents fear 'toothpick crossbow' the next dangerous toy fad

After the craze of fidget spinners, a new toy is giving parents nightmares.

18 Apr 2017


Snapchat brings AR to your screen, brace for awesomeness overload

Staying ahead of Facebook or providing a new feature for Facebook to copy? This is one question we are going to ask ourselves very soon.

01 Sep 2016


Facebook using contact information to suggest friends

A report revealed that when people gave Facebook admittance to their phone contacts, Facebook used that information to make friend recommendations.

04 Aug 2016


Google launches new map-based game 'Verne', challenges Pokemon Go

Google has now launched its newest addition to its spree of app-based games, which is enabled using their Google Maps platform.