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10 Feb 2021


Twitter mulls giving control of newsfeed back to the masses

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey may have committed high heresy in the eyes of his Big Tech peers. He envisioned giving people back the control of their newsfeed during the recent earnings call.

31 Jan 2021


WFH special: Tips to reduce fatigue from excessive screen time

Excessive use of your phone and/or laptop in these times of WFH leads to a number of discomforts, like migraine, eye pain, and muscle fatigue, among others.

26 Jan 2021


How to track SEO - Top six points

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complicated. Knowing how to do SEO, which strategies to use and when, outreach, guest posts, and social media require a lot of effort.

11 Jan 2021


Disappointed with "hate" online, Harry and Meghan quit social media

Incessant flow of hatred on social media has claimed another victim or victims, to be precise.

05 Aug 2020


Google might owe you $12 cash settlement: How to claim

If you ever used Google+, the now-dead social networking service launched by Google to take on Facebook, you might be entitled to a $12 cash settlement from the internet giant.

21 Jul 2020


LinkedIn lays off 960 employees, due to COVID-19 pandemic

Microsoft-owned professional network LinkedIn has announced that it will be laying off about 960 employees, or 6% of its workforce, around the world.

02 Jul 2020


Leap.Club, the professional network for women announces Bengaluru, Mumbai launch

For years, experts have raised concerns about the low representation of women at senior levels in the corporate sector.

26 Jun 2020


Now, Facebook will warn you about old news articles

Credibility and timeliness are the two most important aspects of online news consumption; they define what people perceive of different matters, events.

16 Jan 2020


Now, you will get alerts about third-party logins with Facebook

As politicians continue to raise concerns over the trove of data Facebook has access to, the social network is doing everything possible to make users feel that their information is in safe hands.

12 Jan 2020


Facebook's redesigned new look starts rolling out

"The New Facebook," which is the redesigned avatar of the social network's desktop website, has finally started rolling out.

12 Nov 2019


Now, you can hide Facebook's annoying notification dots: Here's how

If you use Facebook, you know how annoying those red-colored notification dots can be.

09 Oct 2019


Twitter said phone numbers provided for security used for ads

Microblogging giant Twitter has disclosed a major security lapse, a bug that used phone numbers and email addresses provided by users for targeted advertising - without permission.

05 Sep 2019


Twitter halts tweeting via SMS after CEO Dorsey's account hack

In a new development, Twitter has disabled the option to tweet using SMS.

30 Aug 2019


Is Facebook planning to charge money from users?

With more than two billion users (still increasing), Facebook dominates as the biggest social media service on the planet.

18 Aug 2019


Soon, Twitter will automatically hide abusive direct messages

Twitter has long been plagued by people who spread offensive messages to harass or bully others.

15 Aug 2019


Like people, Twitter will let you follow topics of interest

In a bid to attract new users and retain old ones, Twitter is testing a new capability, an option to follow topics.

08 Aug 2019


Instagram's 'preferred marketing partner' tracked location of millions

Even after scandals like Cambridge Analytica and a massive FTC fine, Facebook's privacy woes aren't coming to a halt.

08 Aug 2019


Soon, Twitter will let you snooze push notifications, stay focused

After releasing a revamped desktop site, Twitter is working on a handy new feature for its mobile app - the ability to snooze notifications.

26 Jul 2019


Hating new Twitter? Here's how to get old interface back

Just recently, Twitter revamped its desktop site with a completely new look.

20 Jul 2019


Why a tweet is unavailable: Twitter will now provide reason

In a bid to make public conversations more transparent, Twitter is rolling out a feature that would let you know why a particular tweet is unavailable in a thread.

16 Jul 2019


Twitter for desktop is getting a makeover: Details here

Twitter is giving a makeover to its desktop website -

10 Jul 2019


Now, Twitter will save religious groups being dehumanized: Here's how

Finally, Twitter has decided to tackle the problem of dehumanization of its users.

28 Jun 2019


Twitter will not remove politicians' controversial tweets: Here's why

Twitter has long been serving as a place to strike open conversations, discussions, and debates.

16 Jun 2019


Amazon shutters its Insta-like 'Spark' social network: Details here

In a major move, Amazon has shuttered Spark, its Instagram-like social shopping network.

22 Apr 2019


Twitter appoints former Network18 Digital CEO as India MD

Twitter has roped in Manish Maheshwari, the former CEO of Network18 Digital group, as the Managing Director (MD) of its India operations.

21 Apr 2019


Teen cracks egg on mom for Facebook challenge, gets arrested

In a major case of Facebook challenge gone wrong, an 18-year-old high school student has been arrested.

14 Apr 2019


#CreepAlert: How Facebook could use your photos for targeted advertising

We all know about Facebook's far-reaching data collection practices.

10 Apr 2019


Twitter cuts down number of accounts you can follow daily

In a bid to curb malicious activity, Twitter has slashed the number of accounts you can follow on a daily basis.

05 Apr 2019


How to know if someone blocked you on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the best platforms in the world for expressing or disagreeing with opinions.

28 Mar 2019


Viral 'birth year' prank can get you suspended from Twitter

If you're a Twitter regular, you may have noticed that some people are calling for a birth year change on the platform, saying it will change the looks of your feed.

24 Mar 2019


Want to check your first ever tweet? Here's the way

The Twitter we see today was a lot different from the one that launched 13 years ago; it had humble beginnings, a different name, and a few test users.

16 Feb 2019


Twitter doesn't remove direct messages even when you delete them

In a major surprise, a security researcher has discovered Twitter doesn't really remove direct messages from its servers even when you delete them.

13 Jan 2019


'The Social Network' should have a sequel, feels Aaron Sorkin

The Social Network which released in 2010 explored the story of how Facebook was set up and took a look into the cases, founder Mark Zuckerberg faced, from Eduardo Saverin and the Winklevoss twins.

05 Nov 2018


#SeriesInFocus: 'The Newsroom' is neither a drama nor an editorial

In recent years, 'The Newsroom' has graduated to become one of the most talked about shows around the globe.

Fitness app Strava "accidentally" reveals secret army locations across countries

In a rather shocking incident, top secret military locations and exercise routes of army bases around the world have been revealed by fitness app Strava.

14 May 2017


Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind a social media empire

The world is on social media and Facebook is ruling the roost with Instagram in the foray; the circle is complete.