iPhones: News

09 Dec 2017


Apple to bring back LCD iPhone with metallic-case next year

For the 2017 iPhones -iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X- Apple introduced new glass rear-panels, but reports suggest that Apple would be taking a step back from it for a 2018 iPhone.

29 Nov 2017


Major bug in MacOS: Users can access system without password

After a series of bugs in Apple's latest iOS 11 update for iPhones, it is now struggling to deal with similar problems in the most recent Mac OS update.

17 Nov 2017


You can soon watch YouTube videos within WhatsApp directly!

WhatsApp is reportedly working on integrating a feature to watch YouTube videos right within its app, offering a seamless viewing experience.

14 Nov 2017


Apple to launch 3 full-screen iPhone X-style phones in 2018

It's been only a few days since the iPhone X release, and rumors about its successors have already started to emerge.

10 Nov 2017


Apple to launch iPhone successor "AR Headset" in 2020

Tech giant Apple is reportedly working on a "breakthrough product" to "succeed" the iPhone: Augmented Reality (AR) headset!

09 Nov 2017


Now, iPhone-users can't swipe to close WhatsApp on their phones!

Apple users with iOS 11 on their devices have been facing several issues lately from a faulty calculator, to auto-correct glitch, to fast-draining battery.

07 Nov 2017


The iBug: Now, users can't type letter "I" on iPhone!

If you have an iPhone and haven't updated to iOS 11.1 yet, you might want to wait!

24 Sep 2017


iPhone 8's glass back will be a nightmare to fix

Apple's iPhone 8 was recently taken apart by iFixit, a firm which sells repair parts and helps consumers fix their tech products.

18 Sep 2017


New iPhones to launch in India on September 29 evening

Apple is changing its usual policy of launching devices at midnight or late evening. This time, it will start sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in India at 6pm on September 29.

18 Sep 2017


iPhone X, iPhone 8 fast charging feature will cost extra

Apple has introduced three smartphones this time - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

13 Sep 2017


Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone X: Make a choice

You knew this was coming.

13 Sep 2017


After iPhone X launch, massive discounts on existing iPhones!

Apple fans have got more to be excited about, and not just the launch of its new products. After unveiling the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV, the company has announced massive discounts on its existing smartphones.

12 Sep 2017


If Steve Jobs were alive today!

As Apple unveils the new iPhone 8, we take a look back at how different Apple would have been today, had Steve Jobs been alive.

10 Sep 2017


Museum of Failure features Apple's Newton, Google Glass

The latest additions, to Sweden's prestigious (or not so prestigious, it's a confusing affair) Museum of Failure, are Google Glass and Apple Newton.

09 Sep 2017


Apple's iPhone 8 will have animated, 3D emoji, says leak

We are all hyped about the iPhone 8 launch. In the meantime, 9to5Mac took some time off to dig into the Golden Master build of iOS 11 and unearthed several pieces of info that give us an idea of what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone (code-named D22).

06 Sep 2017


Deutsche Bank finally ditches BlackBerry devices, opts for iPhones

Deutsche Bank AG will finally let go of the Blackberry devices that it has been issuing to its staff for office purposes; they will now be replaced with iPhones.

02 Sep 2017


Apple 10th anniversary iPhones to be unveiled on 12 September

On 12 September, tech-giant Apple is going to unveil its much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone with a brand new design.

31 Aug 2017


iPhone will not have a home button, says report

Just when Apple fans were feeling giddy about the new iPhone launch, after recuperating from the shock of the last one lacking a 3.5mm jack, they've been hit again.

16 Aug 2017


Google might pay $3 billion to Apple for default search

Apple and Google don't usually come in the same sentence unless we are pitting them against each other. However, there is more hobnobbing among them than they would like to show.

05 Aug 2017


Apple's new cellular Watch that doesn't need iPhone pairing!

Apple Watch is a health and fitness tracker, a remote control, a music player, a notification system, a communicator- basically an all-in-one wrist computer!

02 Aug 2017


Apple's "Make in India" hub calls for policy change

The Cupertino-based tech giant has been asking the NDA government to provide tax breaks to its suppliers if India intends to become a manufacturing hub for iPhones and its components.

08 Jul 2017


Qualcomm seeks ban on iPhones, says Apple infringes its patents

Qualcomm, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phone chips, has petitioned for the sale of certain iPhones in the US to be banned.

05 Jul 2017


After 3.5mm jack, Apple will now let go its fingerprint-scanner

Apple is currently working on an iPhone technology that will reportedly let users unlock the phone using their faces instead of fingerprints.

18 Jun 2017

Delhi Police

Delhi Police nabs illegal racket selling old iPhones as new

Four persons were arrested by Delhi Police Crime Branch for passing off old iPhones as new to unsuspecting customers.

04 May 2017


iPhone sales drop just before 10th anniversary

The iPhone turns 10 this year in June.

27 Apr 2017


Apple ropes in NASA tech whiz to bolster AR efforts

When it comes to scouting talents for its dream team; it appears that even outer space is not a deterrent for Apple.

24 Apr 2017


Uber tried to pull a smart one on Apple, failed

Uber is gradually emerging as a heckler with a deep disdain for rules and a potential wreck in the making with its several encounters with authorities, governments and court cases.

01 Apr 2017


Apple unveils App Accelerator in India for developers

Apple announced that it will be opening its App Accelerator in Bengaluru which would provide specialized support for developers looking to create iOS tools.

22 Mar 2017


A red iPhone is here and it's not a prank

A limited edition red iPhone is coming very soon to the market.

14 Feb 2017


iPhones become the latest casualty of demonetization

Apple's revenue and sales targets for India are in jeopardy as iPhone sales have plummeted since the demonetization.

13 Jan 2017


Apple's plans of setting up a manufacturing plant in India

Apple, the world's most valuable company, is in the process of negotiating terms with India for setting up a manufacturing plant.

05 Jan 2017


Some hits and some misses from Mumbai

Navi Mumbai may have to wait much longer for an airport.

29 Nov 2016


Apple to abandon development of Wireless routers

Apple is reportedly abandoning development of its Airport line of Wi-Fi routers and Time Machine wireless backup disks.

26 Oct 2016


Apple sees falling sales and thinner revenue

American multinational tech giant Apple posted declining sales and revenue for the company during its fourth quarter.

20 Sep 2016


Now, Twitter's 140-character tweet limit will exclude add-ons

On 19th September, 2016, Twitter declared that its 140-character tweet limit would no longer include add-ons like photos, videos and gifs.

08 Sep 2016


A look at Steve Jobs' ways!

As Apple unveils the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, we take a look back at how different Apple would have been today, had Steve Jobs been alive.