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18 Jun 2018


iOS 12's new Screen Time feature tracks your phone usage

Apple has given more details on its supposed phone de-addiction tool, which it had announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2018, earlier this month.

17 Jun 2018


Future iPhones could be more water-resistant, suggests Apple's patent

iPhone X is quite remarkably water-resistant. This recently came to light when the $1000 iPhone survived two weeks of being submerged in a river and was found to be working fine.

28 May 2018


Everything expected to be unveiled at Apple's WWDC 2018 event

Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2018 will take place from June 4-8 in San Jose, California.

25 May 2018


Internal documents reveal Apple knew about iPhone 6's bending problem

According to Motherboard, internal company documents have revealed that Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are 3.3x and 7.2x more likely to bend than predecessor iPhone 5S.

24 May 2018


Apple refunding Rs. 3,900 on faulty iPhone battery replacements

Last year, Apple faced a lot of criticism for intentionally slowing down some iPhones through a software tweak to protect older batteries and prevent random device shut down without informing users of the issue.

22 May 2018


4.4mn iPhone users sue Google for unlawfully collecting personal info

4.4 million iPhone users in the UK have filed a lawsuit against Google accusing it of unlawfully collecting users' personal information and violating their privacy from 2011 to 2012.

14 May 2018


The iPhone SE 2 will feature Face ID, notch display

According to reports, the iPhone SE 2 will launch in September this year.

05 May 2018


iOS 11.3 update disables microphone on some iPhone 7 models

Since its launch, Apple's latest iPhone OS has been a bug-ridden mess. And users can't seem to find an end to their iOS woes.

29 Apr 2018


The iPhone 11: Apple's successor to the iPhone X

The iPhone 11, which is highly expected to be the name of the successor to the iPhone X, will most probably release later this year.

29 Apr 2018


Here's how you can use WhatsApp in local Indian languages

WhatsApp is today the biggest platform for one-on-one messaging. In India alone, there are more than 200mn active users on WhatsApp.

29 Apr 2018


Apple developing headset with both AR and VR tech

Apple is reportedly developing a headset which will run both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.

27 Apr 2018


Apple launches iPhone 8 Red in India starting Rs. 67,940

Apple has brought its special red-colored edition of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in India. They come in total four storage variants.

22 Apr 2018


Apple's recycling robot Daisy can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour

Meet Daisy, Apple's latest robot that can disassemble scrapped iPhones to reclaim valuable materials which can be reused.

19 Apr 2018


Apple may launch a dual-SIM iPhone, priced at Rs. 36,000

Apple is expected to launch its 2018 iPhone X in three variants and may offer a cheaper version as well. The cheapest version would be priced at $550. (Rs. 36,000)

11 Apr 2018


iOS 11.3 update makes repaired iPhone 8 displays unresponsive

Apple's iOS 11.3 update, released last month, is reportedly killing touch functionality in some iPhone 8 smartphones.

05 Apr 2018


New iPhones may have curved screens in future

According to reports, Apple is working on developing two new technologies for iPhones: touchless gesture control and curved screens.

31 Mar 2018


Here's how battery health affects your iPhone's performance

After being accused of deliberately slowing iPhones, Apple had promised users more transparency and control over their devices.

31 Mar 2018

South Korea

64,000 South Koreans sue Apple for damaging their iPhones

In South Korea's biggest class action lawsuit, 63,767 citizens of the country have sued Apple for damaging their iPhones.

27 Mar 2018


iPhone manufacturer Foxconn acquires Belkin for $866 million

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, best known for assembling Apple iPhones, has bought the California-based Belkin International for $866 million in cash.

24 Mar 2018


Apple to have 1cr active iPhone users in India: Report

According to a report by market research firm CyberMedia Research (CMR), India will have over one crore active iPhone users in 2018.

22 Mar 2018


5.8-inch upcoming iPhone can be cheapest of all next-generation models

As per its annual ritual, Apple will launch its new iPhone models in the second half of the year.

18 Mar 2018


2018 iPhones: Here's what we know so far

Even before iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X were launched, rumors about iPhones for 2018 had already surfaced.

09 Mar 2018


China: Toddler locks iPhone for 47years by entering wrong passcode

According to Chinese media reports, a two-year-old boy in Shanghai has locked his mother's iPhone for 47 years by repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.

01 Mar 2018


Tech predictions that were wrong and thank god for that!

Tech trends are very unpredictable. When a new thing appears in the market, there's always a debate. We have pundits, giving their verdict on it and saying whether it's going to work or not.

28 Feb 2018


Apple to launch three new iPhones this year

Apple will reportedly launch three new smartphones this year: the largest iPhone ever, an upgraded device the size of iPhone X, and a cheaper iPhone with some of the flagship phone's key features.

18 Feb 2018


iOS vs. Android: What can iPhones do that Android-phones cannot?

The debate over which smartphone OS -iOS or Android- is better has been ongoing for years.

10 Feb 2018


Here's your chance to get iPhones, iPads for Rs. 15,000

If you are one of those who always wanted to own an iPhone or iPad but couldn't afford the hefty price tags, here's some good news.

07 Feb 2018


Android Nougat becomes Google's most popular Operating System

According to Google's latest analysis of the Android market share for the month of February 2018, the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system (OS) has officially become the most used Android OS.

05 Feb 2018


Chinese man makes $1.1 million by selling fake iPhones

Chinese national Jianhua Li has admitted to have sold fake iPhones and iPads to customers in the United States as part of a bigger counterfeiting operation.

05 Feb 2018


Apple increases iPhone prices in India: Here are the details

Apple has officially increased the prices of its iPhones and Apple Watches in India.

26 Jan 2018


Apple announces iOS 11.3: Know what's new in latest update

Apple has previewed iOS 11.3 - the upcoming update to its latest operating system - that's arriving "this spring" for users; the developer beta has been released.

23 Jan 2018


Apple to discontinue iPhone X this year: Here's why!

2017 has been the year of iPhone X - Apple's most radical smartphone in years. The tenth-anniversary iPhone edition was undoubtedly the hottest smartphone on the market last year.

10 Jan 2018


Is Apple planning to launch its biggest iPhone in 2018?

People have enough reasons to expect something novel from Apple this year and Apple knows it too.

02 Jan 2018


iPhone battery slowdown controversy: How can Apple rebuild trust?

Apple is in the midst of a scandal over the deliberate slowdown of the performance of older iPhones with aging batteries.

29 Dec 2017


The 17-year-old who exposed Apple's slowing of older iPhones

A 17-year-old from Tennessee, US, might cost Apple billions of dollars: high school student Tyler Barney exposed the tech giant's deliberate slowing down of older iPhone models.

23 Dec 2017


Apple sued for damages over slowing old iPhones

Apple has been charged with two class action lawsuits in the US for slowing down ageing iPhone models without informing users.

21 Dec 2017


Is Apple doing something to slow down old iPhones?

Is your old iPhone/iPad slowing down? If you want to upgrade to the latest Apple devices because of poor performance, you might want to think again.

19 Dec 2017


Apple-India Sales head Sanjay Kaul quits as iPhone-sales struggle

Close on the heels of Apple reporting its slowest growth in six years in India, Apple India's Sales Head Sanjay Kaul has resigned from the post.

13 Dec 2017


Apple's India growth hits 6-year low: What's the reason?

Apple is only $200mn away from hitting the $2bn-mark in India sales; Apple India reported sales of Rs. 11,619cr ($1.8bn) for FY 2016-17, compared to Rs. 9,937cr in FY 2015-16.

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