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01 Dec 2020


Eric Clapton, Van Morrison team up for anti-lockdown song

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted what lifestyle has stood for, and a huge chunk belongs to the entertainment domain.

30 Jul 2020


#TechBytes: How to host 'listening parties' with Spotify's Group Session

Due to the ongoing pandemic and all the social distancing measures in place, it is no longer possible (and safe) to hang out with friends and groove on each others' favorite music.

20 Jul 2020


#BugAlert: Windows 10 is messing with internet connectivity

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been plagued by a myriad of issues, and now, the Redmond giant has acknowledged another severe bug in the operating system.

22 Jun 2020

Apple Music

Soon, Spotify could start offering music videos

From offers on yearly subscriptions to the ability to host group sessions, Spotify has been trying a number of features to boost its user base lately.

18 Jun 2020

Kim Kardashian

After Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian inks podcast deal with Spotify

Kim Kardashian West has entered into an exclusive podcast deal with music streaming and media services giant Spotify.

14 May 2020

Times Internet

Spotify is offering one-year subscription at Rs. 699: Details here

As 1.3 billion Indians remain under lockdown, looking for entertainment sources to spend quality time with their friends and family, Spotify is coming to the rescue.

12 May 2020


Spotify launches feature for group music sessions: Details here

As the world stays under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Spotify is working aggressively to help with the entertainment side of things.

07 May 2020


Facebook led to crashing of several popular apps on iOS

A few hours ago, Spotify, Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest, and many other popular apps started crashing on iOS.

08 Apr 2020


Facebook brings a dedicated chat app for couples: Details here

After launching dating services and taking on the likes of Tinder and Hinge, Facebook has announced Tuned, a dedicated app for couples.

05 Apr 2020

Apple Music

Music streaming wars: Spotify leads despite big growth by rivals

Last year, the music streaming business grew by a stunning 32% year-on-year with total subscriptions reaching 358 million, according to market research firm Counterpoint Research.

09 Feb 2020


OnePlus TV users get 3-month JioSaavn Pro Subscription for free

OnePlus is now offering a complimentary subscription of JioSaavn to all its OnePlus TV users. In an official tweet, the tech giant has announced that all OnePlus TV owners will get a 3-month JioSaavn membership for free.

08 Feb 2020


#BugAlert: Spotify playing Google Clock alarm even after dismissing

If you use Spotify to play your favorite tracks as a Google Clock alarm, chances are you might have encountered a weird issue lately: The re-playing of the alarms.

21 Jan 2020


Here's how to create a Spotify playlist for your pet

Since our furry friends bring so much joy to our lives, it becomes our duty to return the love.

08 Jan 2020


TikTok's owner takes on Spotify, tests new music streaming service

TikTok's owner ByteDance has upped the ante against the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and JioSaavn with its own music-streaming service - Resso.

01 Dec 2019


Spotify Premium annual subscription available at 50% discount in India

If you've been thinking to opt for Spotify's Premium subscription, now might be the best time.

20 Nov 2019

Spotify India

Spotify just announced new podcasts for India: Details here

Despite dominating as the most favored music streaming service on the internet, Spotify is doing everything possible to rule out its competitors, especially from emerging markets like India.

18 Nov 2019

Apple Music

Now, TikTok's owner is planning to kill Spotify: Here's how

Despite dominating as the most loved music app, Spotify faces a lot of competition from players like Apple Music and JioSaavn.

01 Nov 2019


iOS 13 killing apps rather abruptly, users complain

Apple's iOS 13 problems are just not coming to an end!

31 Oct 2019


Now, there's a 'kids' version of Spotify with curated playlists

In a bid to create a more personalized music experience, streaming giant Spotify has launched a new 'kids' version of its mobile application.

24 Oct 2019


Want to control smartphone addiction? Try Google's six new apps

Thanks to social media and instant messaging, people waste a lot of their time glued to their screens.

17 Oct 2019


Fitbit Versa 2 launched in India at Rs. 21,000

As the sequel to one of its best-selling Versa smartwatches, Fitbit has launched the Versa 2 in India.

02 Oct 2019


Spotify launches premium family plan in India at Rs. 179/month

Almost six months after going live in India, popular music streaming service Spotify has introduced its Premium Family plan for all the users in the country.

27 Sep 2019


Now, your Tesla can stream Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify

Being stuck in traffic can be a real pain but Tesla hopes to make an entertaining experience out of it.

27 Sep 2019


Meet Android 10 Go, a faster OS for budget smartphones

Back in 2017, Google had introduced a lighter avatar of Android as part of an effort to make low-end smartphones seamless.

06 Sep 2019


Now, you can use Apple Music on web: Here's how

Get ready! Apple's music streaming service is coming to the web.

09 Jul 2019

Spotify India

Spotify Lite for Android launched in 36 countries including India

In a bid to expand its user base, Spotify has launched a lighter version of its music app in 36 countries including India.

13 May 2019


Spotify Lite for low-end smartphones now available in India

In a bid to expand its user base in India, Spotify has launched a lighter version of its music app in the country.

15 Apr 2019


Amazon to launch new ad-supported free music streaming service

Taking on Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon "has entered into discussions to launch a free, ad-supported music service," according to a Billboard report.

05 Apr 2019


#SpotifyEffect: Apple Music subscription price reduced, now matches JioSaavn

In a major strategic move, Apple has reduced the price of its 'premium' music offering, Apple Music, in India.

08 Mar 2019


How Spotify compares to other music streaming services in India

Spotify has finally arrived in India and is now available to all users of Android, iOS, and Windows 10 as a free app.

27 Feb 2019


Now, you can use Spotify on your smartphone: Details here

Spotify, one of the most famous music streaming apps, has gone live in India.

02 Jan 2019


20 Android apps found sending sensitive data to Facebook

In a major surprise, as many as 20 Android apps have been caught sharing sensitive user information with Facebook.

20 Dec 2018


Facebook gave user data access to 150 companies: Details here

Facebook had a rough year in terms of privacy, but even now, the problems for the social network don't seem to end.

28 Nov 2018


Spotify launching in India within few months: Details here

Soon, music lovers in India could get one of the most popular streaming services in the world - Spotify.

17 Oct 2018


Google releases Chrome 70, fixing controversial login system: Details here

After drawing flak from privacy advocates, Google released Chrome 70, fixing the controversial browser login system of the previous version.

Spotify goes public, valued at $26.6 billion

In a unique IPO approach, Spotify is going the direct listing route instead of traditionally selling its shares on the stock market.

16 Mar 2018


Spotify is coming to India soon, confirms CEO Daniel Ek

Speaking to investors during an annual event, Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek has said that the company is "working on launching" its service in some countries including India.

06 Apr 2017

Music Industry

Spotify finally moves from free service to paid premium

Spotify along with Universal Music announced that it will release some of the albums by Universal Music artists exclusively for paid subscribers.

24 Oct 2016


Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, others caught in cyber attack web

Cyber hackers gained access on websites such as Twitter, Spotify, Paypal, and a host of other websites which are customers of the internet infrastructure company Dyn.

30 Sep 2016


Spotify in advanced talks to acquire Sound Cloud

Spotify, a music mammoth is reportedly in "advanced talks" to buy its Berlin-based rival 'SoundCloud'.