Spotify Premium: News

24 Oct 2023


Spotify records 'stellar' quarter with a profit of $69 million

Spotify has announced a 3% quarterly rise in Premium subscribers, reaching 226 million, and a 4% growth in monthly active users (MAUs), totaling 574 million as of September 30.

04 Oct 2023


Spotify Premium users get free access to over 150,000 audiobooks

Spotify has announced that Premium subscribers can now enjoy over 150,000 audiobooks at no additional cost.

29 Sep 2023


Spotify adds auto-generated transcripts for podcasts: How to use

Spotify is rolling out a new feature that offers auto-generated transcripts for podcasts, letting users read along while they listen.

26 Sep 2023


Spotify's new 'Jam' lets friends collaborate on playlists in real-time

Spotify has introduced a new feature called "Jam." With Jam, friends can create and listen to a playlist together in real-time.

28 Nov 2021


Spotify scraps Car View to make space for 'new innovations'

Music streaming giant Spotify has announced the retirement of its feature called Car View that first appeared in 2019. The company has decided to make this move to "make way for new innovations."

03 Jun 2021


Spotify announces Only You discovery feature for personalized playlists

Spotify remains one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. The company is now releasing a personalized playlist generation tool called Only You. The addition resembles the annual Wrapped playlists.

11 May 2021


Spotify enables timestamped sharing for podcasts, Snapchat integration for Canvas

On May 10, Spotify announced new features that make it easier to share music and podcasts to other platforms. Users can now share links to podcasts so the recipient can start listening from a defined point.

18 Apr 2021


How Spotify's Car Thing solves a problem you never had

Last spotted seeking FCC certification, Spotify's latest hardware product dubbed the Car Thing is finally available to consumers in the US.

10 Apr 2021


Spotify claims "Hey Spotify" doesn't listen to everything you say

In 2020, music streaming giant Spotify was spotted developing a voice assistant triggered by the wake phrase "Hey Spotify". The feature resembles Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.

23 Feb 2021


Spotify takes on Tidal with new 'HiFi' lossless audio plan

Popular music streaming service Spotify has announced plans to introduce HiFi audio streaming. It will allow Premium subscribers to listen to CD-quality lossless audio.

16 Jan 2021


Spotify 'Car Thing' seeks FCC nod; significant redesign, features revealed

Popular music streaming service Spotify has sought FCC certification for a new Bluetooth-enabled device dubbed Car Thing. Last heard of in 2019, the car companion has received a significant design revamp and no longer resembles the 2019 concept.

30 Jul 2020


#TechBytes: How to host 'listening parties' with Spotify's Group Session

Due to the ongoing pandemic and all the social distancing measures in place, it is no longer possible (and safe) to hang out with friends and groove on each others' favorite music.

14 May 2020


Spotify is offering one-year subscription at Rs. 699: Details here

As 1.3 billion Indians remain under lockdown, looking for entertainment sources to spend quality time with their friends and family, Spotify is coming to the rescue.

01 Dec 2019


Spotify Premium annual subscription available at 50% discount in India

If you've been thinking to opt for Spotify's Premium subscription, now might be the best time.

02 Oct 2019


Spotify launches premium family plan in India at Rs. 179/month

Almost six months after going live in India, popular music streaming service Spotify has introduced its Premium Family plan for all the users in the country.

09 Jul 2019


Spotify Lite for Android launched in 36 countries including India

In a bid to expand its user base, Spotify has launched a lighter version of its music app in 36 countries including India.

13 May 2019


Spotify Lite for low-end smartphones now available in India

In a bid to expand its user base in India, Spotify has launched a lighter version of its music app in the country.

27 Feb 2019


Now, you can use Spotify on your smartphone: Details here

Spotify, one of the most famous music streaming apps, has gone live in India.