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20 Feb 2024

Box Office

'Anyone But You,' 'Romeo + Juliet': Highest grossing Shakespeare adaptations

The romantic comedy Anyone But You—featuring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell—made history recently as the top-grossing live-action William Shakespeare adaptation, raking in a whopping $189M worldwide.

08 Jan 2024

Christopher Nolan

Golden Globes 2024: Christopher Nolan wins Best Director for 'Oppenheimer'

Christopher Nolan has clinched his first Golden Globe for Best Director with his magnum opus, Oppenheimer, a captivating three-hour historical drama based on the life of J Robert Oppenheimer.

12 Nov 2023

Anne Hathaway

Happy birthday, Anne Hathaway: Spotlight on actor's show-stopping performances

Anne Hathaway burst onto the Hollywood scene with the speed of a shooting star.

22 Sep 2023


Angus Cloud to Marilyn Monroe, stars who died of overdose

The king-size lives and lifestyles of celebrities which include a lot of glitz and glamor, have often attracted commoners. While their flashy way of life is what many look up to, some of these stars have unfortunately died a tragic death.

11 Sep 2023


Hollywood movies with bad boy-good girl romance 

There was a time when not just Hollywood but romance fanatics globally were fascinated with the magnetic allure of bad boys and the transformative power of love.

07 Sep 2023


Top Hollywood movies with enemies-turned-lovers trope

There are some cliche storylines when it comes to rom-coms or the entire genre of romantic movies. And the enemies-turned-lovers trope is one of them.

24 Dec 2022


Hollywood movies where villains emerged victorious

For the most part, Hollywood has maintained a standard structure when it comes to a film plot i.e., hero versus villain, where the former will likely emerge the winner. Some filmmakers, tired of feeding the audience the same sauce, take a detour, reminding us that heroes don't always win in the real world.

26 Jul 2022


#RecastTChalla trends: Looking at actors who were recast after demise

Many actors are considered legends for breathing life into their iconic characters.

04 Aug 2021


Like Lara Dutta, these actors were also unrecognizable in movies

Recently, Lara Dutta stunned everyone with her unrecognizable transformation as former prime minister Indira Gandhi in the trailer of Bell Bottom.

15 Jan 2021


Filming thriller series 'The Undoing' left Nicole Kidman 'physically sick'

Method actors tend to get into the character's skin, which leaves an impact on them on a personal level.

17 Aug 2019


These 7 Hollywood celebrities have their own, private expensive islands

Top-notch performers, singers and actors in Hollywood earn in millions, and there are many who invest in a place, where they would not be hounded by paparazzi.

05 Apr 2019


#ComicBytes: Ranking five best renditions of the legendary character, Joker

The character of Joker began as a colorful clown who devised clever schemes only to be stopped by Batman.

22 Jan 2019


#HeathLedger: Five unknown facts about the Joker on actor's death-anniversary

The Dark Knight was the second film in the acclaimed trilogy from Christopher Nolan.

02 Mar 2018


A documentary on Paul Walker's life and death

A new documentary on the life and death of "Fast and the Furious" franchise star Paul Walker is being developed by the Paramount Network.