Animal Rights: News

31 May 2024


$10M prize launched for anyone who can decode animal communication

Jeremy Coller Foundation and Tel Aviv University have launched a 'Coller Dolittle Challenge for Interspecies Two-Way Communication' program.

29 Feb 2024


Hollywood's A-list animal advocates revealed

In the world of Hollywood, where fame and fortune often take center stage, there exists a group of celebrities whose compassion extends beyond the red carpet to the animal kingdom.

15 Dec 2023


Here's what you should do when you witness animal cruelty

Witnessing animal cruelty can be heart-wrenching. It is crucial to know what steps need to be taken when we witness this critical issue.

22 Jun 2023


Netflix's docuseries 'Tiger King's Doc Antle convicted of wildlife trafficking

Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, who you would remember from Netflix's 2020 docuseries Tiger King, has been convicted of wildlife trafficking in Virginia.

27 Feb 2023


PETA urges Rihanna to stop wearing real fur

Pop star Rihanna is making headlines again, and this time, it is for wearing a full-length coat that appears to be made of real fur while grabbing dinner recently.

09 Feb 2023


Celebrate February 14 as 'Cow Hug Day': Animal Welfare Board

While February 14 is usually celebrated as Valentine's Day across the globe, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI)has reportedly requested that it also be celebrated as 'Cow Hug Day'!

18 Dec 2022


Jamia sets up feeding spots on campus for stray animals

All the contractors running canteens and food stalls inside Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia have been sent special directions from the university administration.

16 Dec 2022


Uganda: Hippo swallows 2-year-old kid before spitting him out alive

A rogue hippopotamus reportedly swallowed a child alive in Uganda in an absolutely bizarre incident.

30 Nov 2022

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Crocodile kills 8-year-old in front of his parents

In an absolutely horrific incident in Costa Rica, an eight-year-old boy was reportedly attacked and mauled to death by a crocodile while playing in a river near his home in front of his horrified family.

22 Nov 2022


Delhi: Pregnant dog beaten to death by students, 4 arrested

Four students in Delhi were arrested for allegedly torturing and beating to death a pregnant dog in the New Friends Colony area several days ago.

31 Oct 2022


Mumbai: Man arrested for sexually assaulting stray dog in Powai

The Mumbai Police arrested a man for sexually assaulting a female stray dog in the Powai area of the Maharasthra capital on Saturday, The Times of India reported.

19 Sep 2022


Rajasthan: Doctor drags dog chained to car on road; booked

A doctor in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, was booked for chaining a stray dog to his car and driving around dragging the canine on Sunday.

09 Aug 2022


Adopt, don't shop: Here's how to bring a pet home

Adding another member to your family by getting a pet home is an exciting and life-changing moment.

08 Aug 2022


International Cat Day: 5 adorable things that cats do

Meow! Today is International Cat Day and we simply can't get over these cute, furry bundles of joy.

23 Jul 2022

Global Warming

Polar bears forced to eat garbage amid rising Arctic temperatures

New research has warned that polar bears in the Arctic are consuming more garbage amid a rise in temperatures.

15 Jul 2022

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan protesters help tear-gassed dog outside PM office

An act of kindness by protesters in Sri Lanka is winning the internet.

24 Jun 2022


Elderly man accused of raping stray dog in Rajasthan's Bharatpur

A senior citizen is suspected of raping a female stray dog in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

07 Oct 2021

Bird Flu

Tips to take good care of your pet birds

Having birds as pets can be quite different compared to dogs and cats. They are undoubtedly gorgeous, but taking care of birds can be challenging.

02 Jul 2021


'Bruno was very friendly': Owner of dog killed in Kerala

A couple of days ago, a pet dog was mercilessly beaten to death in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

23 Jun 2021


BJP's Maneka Gandhi faces protests for allegedly abusing a veterinarian

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Maneka Gandhi, a self-described animal rights activist, is facing the heat for allegedly abusing a veterinarian.

20 Mar 2021


Mumbai: Man booked for sexually abusing a dog

A man in Mumbai has been booked by the police for allegedly sexually abusing a dog.

03 Mar 2021


Taken away for alleged cruelty, court returns dogs to owner

Taken away for alleged cruelty meted out to them, a Delhi court handed back the custody of two Golden Retriever dogs, Luv and Kush to their businessman owner, saying it would be unjustified to deprive him of the companionship and custody of his pets.

24 Feb 2021


Ex DVLA CEO Oliver Morley once saved three lions

Oliver Morley has been working with animal welfare charities since 2012. He reveals how he saved three lions in 2012.

17 Oct 2019


Drunk man jumps into lion enclosure in Delhi zoo; rescued

In a bizarre piece of news, a man jumped into the enclosure of an Asiatic lion in the National Zoological Park in Delhi on Thursday afternoon.

22 May 2019


Ayodhya: Man arrested for raping seven cows at cattle shelter

In a shocking and horrifying incident, a man has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh's Ayodhya for allegedly raping as many as seven cows at a cattle shelter.

25 Apr 2019


California: Woman mercilessly abandons 3-days-old puppies in dumpster, arrested

A woman, identified as Deborah Sue Culwell, was arrested in California after she dumped a plastic bag full of puppies next to a dumpster.

16 Jan 2019


Kolkata: Two nursing students arrested for brutally killing 16 puppies

Two days after the brutal murder of 16 puppies rocked Kolkata, two nursing students have been arrested in connection with the killings.

Kolkata: 16 puppies murdered in cold-blood leaves city enraged

The cold-blooded murder of 16 puppies has sent shockwaves across Kolkata, and outraged citizens are demanding strict action against those responsible.

13 Sep 2018


Government brings in new rules to prevent pet-trade abuse

The Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change notified a new Prevention of Cruelties to Animals (Pet Shops) Rule to prevent the abuse in India's pet trade.

11 Sep 2018


Converting dump-yard, Telangana government builds country's first dog park

Pet lovers in Hyderabad have a reason to celebrate as the city is set to get country's first dog park near Radisson Hotel, Kondapur.

CBI probe ordered into tigers' deaths at Corbett Tiger Reserve

The Uttarakhand High Court has ordered a CBI probe into the death of tigers at the Corbett Tiger Reserve over the past five years and the alleged involvement of forest department officials in the poaching of big cats.

18 Aug 2018


Mumbai: Two monkeys, being forced to beg, rescued

In India, animals are used for various purposes - from transporting goods, entertaining us to even begging.

07 Aug 2018


No more elephant rides in Jim Corbett, Rajaji Reserve

Those visiting Jim Corbett and Rajaji Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand in the hope of elephant rides are in for a big disappointment, as Uttarakhand HC has banned the commercial use of jumbos.

03 Aug 2018


People dumping live puppies, kittens in garbage, says Goa CM

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today told the Legislative Assembly that people were dumping puppies and kittens in the garbage while they were still alive.

29 Jul 2018


Haryana: Pregnant goat dies after being gang-raped by 8 men

In a ghastly incident, eight men, most of them drug addicts, allegedly gangraped a three-month pregnant goat in Mewat, Haryana.

27 Jul 2018


Govt has set target to double tiger population: Union Minister

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan today said the government has set a target of doubling the tiger population in the country.

19 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

This four-legged 'Babu' of Delhi Police is an all-India gold-medalist!

Delhi Police's Model Town office is receiving a lot of attention recently, courtesy Babu.

17 Jul 2018


Appalling! Kolkata man held for raping street dog

In an appalling case, a man was arrested in Kolkata for raping a street dog inside his residence Sunday.

14 Jul 2018


Maharashtra: 48-year-old physician booked for causing cruelty to animals

A doctor has been booked on charges of causing "cruelty" to animals in Maharashtra's Thane district.

12 Jul 2018


PETA moves court seeking ban on elephant 'joyrides' in Rajasthan

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has filed a petition before Rajasthan High Court seeking an end to the elephant joyrides at Amer Fort and Hathi Gaon (Elephant village) in Jaipur.

08 Jul 2018

Delhi Police

Delhi Police rescues four malnourished, tortured horses used for weddings

The Delhi police rescued four malnourished horses, which are used for weddings, recently from different areas, after PETA India lodged a complaint.

06 Jul 2018


Uttarakhand HC declares animals to be 'legal persons' with rights

In what can only be called a unique ruling, the Uttarakhand High Court has accorded the status of a "legal person or entity" to all animals in the state, while issuing a series of directions against animal cruelty.

25 Jun 2018


Ahead of Bakri Eid, government-agency launches campaign against animal sacrifice

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has launched a campaign against animal sacrifice, less than a month ahead of Bakri Eid.

13 Jun 2018


"Me-or-dogs": After ultimatum, wife makes man pack his bags

The next time you think of asking your dog-lover partner to slow down, think again.

13 Jun 2018

Uttar Pradesh

Agra: Dog buried alive while laying road; social-activists, dog-lovers angry

Social activists and dog lovers vented their anger on social media over the insensitivity of construction workers after a video purportedly showed they buried a dog alive under bitumen while laying a road in Uttar Pradesh's Agra.

10 Jun 2018

Pakistan News

Shahid Afridi, why do you have a chained-lion at home?

Scrolling through social media, one can generally expect to come across mind-boggling stuff. But then there are some things which are completely incomprehensible.

18 May 2018


Mumbai: Video showing deer eating plastic leaves environmentalists fuming

A video has surfaced on social media that has left wildlife experts and environmentalists fuming.

08 May 2018

Delhi Police

Tricolor burial for peacock? Delhi Police claims it's 'protocol'

Delhi Police took 'honoring' the national bird to a new level.

05 May 2018


Mother's Day celebration: Delhi Zoo to open dedicated breastfeeding room

In a unique way to celebrate Mother's Day on May 13, Delhi Zoo will open a room solely dedicated to breastfeeding mothers, as seen in airports.

01 May 2018


Anushka Sharma turns 30; announces she's opening an animal shelter

On her 30th birthday, Bollywood star Anushka Sharma today announced she is building an animal shelter on the outskirts of Mumbai.

01 Apr 2018


Kaziranga has more rhinos today than it did in 2015

Kaziranga National Park is currently home to 2,413 one-horned rhinos, 12 more than what it had in 2015, according to the latest census of the species.

20 Mar 2018


Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, is dead

In a major loss, the world's last male northern white rhino, who had been staying at Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy, has died.

14 Mar 2018

United Airlines

Dog dies after flight attendant forces it into overhead cabin

A dog died on a United Airlines flight when an attendant forced its owner to place it in the overhead cabin during the entire 3.5-hour journey.

28 Feb 2018


Mumbai: At 11PM everyday, this dog arrives at Kanjurmarg station

This can be Indian version of Hachiko, just with a slight difference. While Hachiko waited for his owner for nine years, this female canine comes to Kanjurmarg station sharp at 11 PM, when a Kalyan-bound train arrives.

21 Feb 2018


Plastic menace: Cow operated upon, whopping 80-kg polythene removed

A team of veterinary surgeons in Patna removed a whopping 80-kg mass of plastic from a 6-year-old cow's stomach on Wednesday, highlighting the need for strict action to curb plastic menace.

13 Feb 2018


SC refuses interim stay on Karnataka's Kambala buffalo race

Kambala, Karnataka's buffalo-racing sport, will continue for now as the SC refused to order an interim stay on it.

04 Feb 2018


Budget 2018: Rs. 50cr to assign cows Aadhaar-like unique IDs

The Budget 2018 has been hailed for its emphasis on agriculture and related sectors. Of the many schemes approved, a mission to assign unique Aadhaar-like IDs to cows was allotted Rs. 50cr.

31 Jan 2018

United Airlines

US woman wants "emotional support" peacock to fly with her

A passenger at US' Newark airport had a bizarre request: she wanted her "emotional support" peacock to fly with her.

16 Jan 2018


Woman seeks return of 56 pet cats from Bombay HC

A Pune based fashion designer has moved the Bombay High Court seeking the return of her 56 pet cats, that were allegedly taken away by vigilantes from her flat.

05 Jan 2018


Chhattisgarh man gets son arrested for killing his pet dog

In a rare incident, a 48-year-old man from Chhattisgarh got one of his sons arrested for killing his pet dog.

As SC hears case against Jallikattu, organizers plan IPL-style event

A year after Tamil Nadu witnessed violent protests over Jallikattu, the sport is all set to make a return, and how.

09 Dec 2017


Video of man fatally shooting his pet dog goes viral

A video of a man in Punjab's Badbar village shooting dead his pet pit bull two days ago has since gone viral, highlighting once again the dastardly behavior that dogs in India often experience.

01 Dec 2017


Six months after controversial cow-slaughter laws, Centre considers amending them

Six months after the NDA government introduced controversial cattle slaughter laws, it's mulling amending them after drawing massive flak.

28 Nov 2017


Donkeys arrested for destroying plants outside jail in UP: Report

In a bizarre incident, a herd of eight donkeys was arrested last week for destroying exotic plants outside a jail in Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district.

24 Oct 2017


Global ivory seizures hit record high of 40-tonnes

Nearly 40-tonnes of trafficked ivory was seized around the world last year, a record high, according to a report by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

05 Oct 2017


Pune: 4 stray dogs burnt alive; 16 poisoned to death

In a shocking incident of extreme animal cruelty, at least four stray dogs were tied with a rope and burnt alive while 16 others were poisoned to death last week in Pune's Baner in Maharashtra.

04 Sep 2017


Mumbai: Dog critical after being assaulted with an iron rod

In a shocking case of animal torture, CCTV footage has surfaced showing a youth in Mumbai's Vakola assaulting a stray dog with an iron rod.

17 May 2017

Pakistan News

Pakistan- Dog sentenced to death for biting a child

In a bizarre move, a dog has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for biting a child.

13 May 2017


Gurugram's missing dogs ending up in momos, biryani, kebabs?

Dogs have been vanishing from Gurugram localities lately. In April, at least two, Brownie and Motu, were reported missing.

12 May 2017


Cow to become India's national animal?

There's a new prospective contender for the post of national animal: the cow. Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind President Maulana Syed Arshad Madani has urged the government to consider this proposal, in the wake of an "atmosphere of fear" over cow vigilantes.

07 May 2017


Public Health v/s Animal Rights: India's stray dog dilemma

Reports in recent times have focused on the stray-dog menace in Indian cities.

04 May 2017


Rajasthan bringing in hi-tech system to monitor tiger population

The Rajasthan government is going on a mission to protect the existing tiger population- it is working on a surveillance mechanism to keep track of endangered animals, especially tigers and leopards.

23 Apr 2017


South Delhi: Buffalo transporters attacked by cow vigilantes

It was reported that "animal rights activists", allegedly a part of the NGO People for Animals, attacked three men in South Delhi who were transporting buffaloes, assuming they were cow-smugglers.