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19 Jul 2022


Amazon Prime Day sale: Deals on Fire TV, Echo devices

The two-day Amazon Prime Day sale is all set to go live from July 23. The e-commerce giant has revealed some of the offers, including amazing deals on Fire TV as well as Echo devices.

29 Sep 2021


Here's a roundup of Amazon's new products for kids

At Amazon's September 28 event, a slew of smart devices and a cute home robot called Astro were unveiled to the masses. The e-commerce company also showcased a new device called the Amazon Glow aimed at children, new "Hey Disney" Alexa skills in partnership with Disney, and a Disney-inspired Echo Show case made by OtterBox.

29 Sep 2021


Here's everything Amazon unveiled at its event

Last night, e-commerce major Amazon wrapped up its fall product launch event in style. The company announced new gadgets including a home robot named Astro, the company's first smart thermostat to rival Google Nest, and the wall-mountable Echo Show 15 smart speaker.

21 Sep 2021


Everything we're expecting from Amazon's event on September 28

E-commerce and tech major Amazon has announced that it is set to hold its annual hardware and services event on September 28 at 9:30 pm IST.

20 Aug 2021


Have Alexa? Ask Amitabh Bachchan to tell you a joke!

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan's voice is something any Indian can recognize.

25 Feb 2020


Here's what different ring colors on your Amazon Echo mean

Amazon's Echo devices, known for their handy Alexa-powered features, sport fancy light rings.

24 Dec 2019


Amazon Alexa tells user to kill herself for 'greater good'

Recently, a paramedic student in the United Kingdom was left horrified after seeking the help of Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa to study.

26 Sep 2019


From eyeglasses to ring, these are Amazon's new Alexa-powered devices

Amazon is taking on Google and Apple like never before!

29 Jun 2019


Amazon Dot v/s Echo: Which one should you buy?

It feels so futuristic to summon Alexa and have her do things for you - play music or read news or set reminders or simply turn on/off the lights.

16 Jun 2019


Baby thinks her name is 'Alexa', thanks to Amazon Echo

Smart assistants, like Amazon Alexa, have become a part of our daily lives.

30 May 2019


Now, you can ask Alexa to forget conversations: Here's how

Alexa, the digital voice assistant from Amazon, is getting a handy new privacy feature, one you can use to delete your voice recordings instantly.

28 Apr 2019


You can spy back on your smart devices like Echo

Smart home devices are known to collect/share information with third-parties to improve your experience as well as to serve adverts.

25 Apr 2019

Google Maps

Apparently, Amazon's Alexa employees can find out where you live

Amazon Alexa is great at handling queries - be it ordering food, getting a cab, or keeping you entertained.

16 Apr 2019


Amazon Earth Week Sale: Top-deals on smartphones, accessories, and laptops

In commemoration of the Earth Day, which falls on April 22, Amazon has announced the Earth Week Sale from April 16-22.

01 Apr 2019

Mukesh Ambani

#AprilFoolsDay: Best pranks ever played by tech companies

Finally, it's April 1, the day when we all play some of the wackiest pranks on our friends, family, and loved ones.

29 Dec 2018


Soon, Samsung could launch an affordable Google Home competitor

In the game of smart home speakers, Google Home and Amazon Echo are the most preferred choices.

22 Dec 2018


#CreepAlert: Alexa told user to 'kill your foster parents'

Amazon's Alexa can help you with tasks ranging from food ordering to shopping.

21 Dec 2018


Amazon 'mistakenly' sends someone's private Alexa recordings to stranger

Sales of virtual assistants, like Amazon's Alexa, are booming in many countries.

16 Dec 2018


Amazon's Echo Wall Clock visualizes your Alexa timers: Here's how

Back in September, Amazon had announced Echo Wall Clock as a smart home device capable of adding visual elements to your Alexa timers.

02 Dec 2018


5 interesting things you can do with Amazon's Echo speakers

When it comes to smart assistants, there's no denying that Amazon's Alexa is neck-to-neck with Google Assistant.

02 Dec 2018


Finally, Amazon Echo speakers are getting Apple Music: Details here

After a long wait, Amazon is bringing Apple Music on its Alexa-powered Echo devices.

28 Nov 2018


Alexa beeps out 'C**d' from 'Abhi Na Jao Chhod kar'

Alexa, Amazon's very own digital assistant, has been garnering a lot of love and appreciation in India lately.

12 Aug 2018


Here's how Alexa's India-specific content can help your child

Amazon has pushed new updates for its smart assistant Alexa and Alexa-supported devices like Amazon Echo to particularly cater to Indian children.

08 Aug 2018


Here's how Alexa's India-specific content can help your child

Amazon has pushed new updates for its smart assistant Alexa and Alexa-supported devices like Amazon Echo to particularly cater to Indian children.

04 Aug 2018


Amazon Freedom Sale begins August 9: All details here

Amazon has announced its three-day 'Amazon Freedom Sale' in India.

05 Jul 2018


Amazon Prime Day Sale starts from July 16: Details here

For the fourth consecutive year now, Amazon will be hosting its Amazon Prime Day Sale in India starting July 16, 12 pm IST onwards.

25 Jun 2018


#CreepAlert: Alexa says to its owner, "I see people dying"

San Francisco-based Echo user Shawn Kinnear has reported that Amazon's digital smart voice assistant Alexa recently made an unprompted and disturbing statement at his home.

26 May 2018


Amazon Echo recorded private conversation, sent it to random contact

Danielle, an Amazon Echo user from Portland, Oregon, has experienced something strange and rather concerning with her digital home assistant.

26 Apr 2018


Amazon launches Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker

Amazon has launched a Kids Edition of its Echo Dot smart speaker for $79.99 (Rs. 5,400) in the US.

17 Apr 2018


Alexa gets Cleartrip integration, Amazon Echo can now search flights

Amazon's Alexa has found another use-case with the integration of Cleartrip - an online travel company.

08 Mar 2018


Bug in Amazon's Alexa makes it randomly laugh, scares users

In a strange and rather amusing bug, users of devices enabled with Amazon's digital voice assistant Alexa have reported that the latter seems to randomly start laughing of its own accord, without being prompted to.

15 Jan 2018


Facebook to launch voice-based video chat home device

According to media reports, Facebook is foraying into the devices market and has developed a voice-based home video chat device called Portal.

12 Jan 2018


CES 2018: The rise of offbeat and bizarre gadgets

The ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 at Las Vegas, USA, is witnessing the launch of some truly innovative gadgets and products that go beyond smartphones and laptops and even VR headsets.

05 Nov 2017


Alexa powered Amazon Echo devices can now understand your accent

Amazon has taken its own sweet time to launch the Echo range of smart speakers in India, and for good reason.

28 Sep 2017


Amazon introduces smarter and more affordable Echo

Amazon's Echo has been a money spinner for the firm with 15 million devices sold till date, as per estimates.

21 Sep 2017


Amazon will release Alexa-powered smartglasses soon

Smartglasses are tricky things.

28 Apr 2017


Amazon's new Echo Look comes with a built-in camera

Amazon just added a camera to its new Echo Look device - now, the Echo Look can both see and hear everything.

21 Dec 2016

Mark Zuckerberg

Meet Mark Zuckerberg's home AI, Jarvis

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a video of his new home artificial intelligence, Jarvis.