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10 Sep 2017


70% Americans get their news from social media, says survey

Pew Research Center survey says, almost two-thirds of American adults get "at least some of their news on social media" and two-in-ten among them use it as their primary source of news.

09 Sep 2017

National Film Awards

National-Award-winning actress Surabhi Lakshmi abused for eating beef on Onam

National-Award-winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi has received a barrage of abuses on social media over a show featuring her telecast on Onam.

08 Sep 2017


Facebook is beta testing a Tinder-like feature for friends

Facebook wants you to meet your friends more often, for which it's now beta testing a new feature in Messenger.

05 Sep 2017


Bollywood's 10-year journey: From larger-than-life success to struggling for business

After 'Ghajini' (2008) broke records by crossing the Rs. 100cr mark, a new standard had entered Bollywood: the '100-crore club'.

05 Sep 2017


SC asks how internet giants are handling 'objectionable-material' complaints

In 2017, technology is all-pervasive. It's the foundation on which almost all systems function- governments and major corporate will fall in its absence.

03 Sep 2017

Delhi Police

Delhi: Jailed gangsters make presence felt on social media

Several dreaded gangsters with their names in Delhi Police's records are reportedly very active on Facebook.

03 Sep 2017


Facebook ended up mapping 23 countries to expand the Internet

Facebook wants to ensure that the Internet reaches every corner of the world.

02 Sep 2017


Social Media: Congress enters BJP territory

The Congress seems to be taking a leaf from the BJP's book.

31 Aug 2017


Private details of celebs stolen from Instagram

Hackers have attacked Instagram and accessed contact details of "a number of" stars including their phones numbers and email addresses, the social network confirmed.

31 Aug 2017


Snapchat: We call police to check facts before publishing

Snapchat has an in-house editorial team of journalists which cross check user-generated coverage with other sources to ensure accuracy in news coverage.

29 Aug 2017


Twitter: Some lesser-known facts about the blue bird

Twitter, which was created back in 2006, over the span of 11 years, has ballooned into one of the biggest social media platforms out there.

24 Aug 2017


WeChat users have started self-improvement groups with failure tax

While Chinese social media app WeChat was already offering loads of features from instant messaging, online publishing, online payments, business networking, online shopping etc., Chinese WeChat users have started using the app's features for self-improvement purposes.

20 Aug 2017


Is your partner cheating? New app reveals their Tinder activity!

Do you feel your partner might be going on Tinder behind your back? Thanks to a new app, their (possible) straying ways might soon be over.

17 Aug 2017


Italy teenager's post on "lucky I wasn't raped" goes viral

An Italian teenager's account of being sexually harassed has gone viral after she talked about feeling "lucky for not being raped".

10 Aug 2017


Google to soon launch Facebook-like personalized Feed in India!

Google is doubling its efforts to reach local language-speaking Indian users by focusing on regional content.

09 Aug 2017


Why this man showered Twitter with really hateful tweets

Twitter has been under fire lately for not curbing online hate and abuse.

09 Aug 2017


Emojis can now help in detecting sarcasm on Twitter!

Millions use emojis every day; they help inject emotions into our often brief and dull online conversations.

06 Aug 2017


Google to release Snapchat-like feature soon!

As Snapchat's popularity keeps soaring, other tech giants are trying to emulate its success.

05 Aug 2017


Amazon could have had a Facebook of its very own

It can be safely said that PlanetAll is/was the biggest social media platform out there. Millions of people post pictures, share stuff and connect with friends via this platform.

05 Aug 2017

San Francisco

LinkedIn introduces Tinder like service to unite mentors and mentees

Social network for the working sector, LinkedIn, which boasts more than 500 million users, has now rolled out a new service that identifies potential mentors and people seeking mentorship and then matches them together. It's almost like professional Tinder.

04 Aug 2017


Facebook wages war on fake news by providing perspective

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there and it often unwittingly ends up hosting news that has no credibility or even an ounce of truth in them.

02 Aug 2017


"Won't stay off social media", says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump's Twitter addiction is well known; he recently made it clear that he wouldn't quit using social media as it was the only way for him to "get the truth out".

01 Aug 2017


WhatsApp plans to launch another app, will start monetization

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messenger, has over 1.2 billion users; more than 200 million are in India.

31 Jul 2017


Facebook launches Messenger Platform 2.1 for a richer experience

After, Messenger Platform 2.0 in April, the social media giant, Facebook has now launched Messenger Platform 2.1, armed with a host of new and improved features to make sure businesses can attract new customers and also connect with their current customer-base better.

30 Jul 2017

Pakistan News

Pakistan: Are social media platforms blasphemy tools?

In Pakistan, social media networks like Facebook were once platforms where people could debate religion.

29 Jul 2017


Now Mohammad Kaif abused over father-son playing 'haram' chess

Former international cricketer Mohammad Kaif has become the latest victim of social media trolling: a section was triggered by his photo with his son playing chess, which according to them is "haram" in Islam.

28 Jul 2017


Twitter is losing user base, blue bird is in trouble

Twitter might be Trump's favorite place to rant but numbers suggest that the blue bird is feeling far from chirpy.

27 Jul 2017


Facebook's financial report shows solid growth, strong sales numbers

Beating analysts' estimates social media platform Facebook has reported a solid quarter banking on the demand for its mobile ads and the ability to garner new users with its suite of apps.

26 Jul 2017


Facebook is going bullish on Instagram's revenue potential

Facebook threw a curve ball when it, without any prior notice, decided to report solely GAAP earnings last quarter.

21 Jul 2017


LinkedIn launches 'Made in India' Lite app for Android users

LinkedIn has announced the launch of the LinkedIn Lite app, a data-light version of its Android app which takes up less than 1 MB of storage.

19 Jul 2017


Irfan Pathan shamed for posting wife's "un-Islamic" photo

Shaming in the name of religion? Yes, apparently that's what zealots do. Cricketer Irfan Pathan was recently attacked by religious bigots after he posted a picture of himself and his wife on Facebook.

18 Jul 2017

Pakistan News

Facebook rejects Pakistan's demand for linking accounts to cell numbers

Facebook has rejected a demand by Pakistan to link new accounts to mobile numbers of users.

17 Jul 2017


World Emoji Day: Bringing emotions back to daily conversation

Prehistoric cave dwellers did it. Egyptians with hieroglyphs did it. Now, with emojis, we do it.

12 Jul 2017


Amarnath attack: Can't an Indian vent on Twitter without fear?

Terrorists opened fire pilgrims in a bus heading to the holy site of Amarnath in J&K. Seven people died, 14 were injured.

11 Jul 2017

Terror Attack

Amarnath attack: India keeps aside differences to condemn incident

Last night, seven pilgrims were killed and 14 injured when terrorists opened fire on a bus on the Amarnath Yatra.

04 Jul 2017

Delhi High Court

Offensive social media posts against SC/ST members now punishable

Abusing members of the SC/ST community on social media will now fall under the purview of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, which would deem such acts punishable.

30 Jun 2017


Germany: Social media giants may face €50m fines over hate-speech

In a bid to regulate hate speech on social media, the German Parliament voted in favour of a law that mandates social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to take down posts containing hate speech or criminal content.

28 Jun 2017


Twitter can identify, track crime quicker than police

Since its inception 11 years ago, microblogging site Twitter has served many purposes, including social networking, keeping track of news, keeping up with friends, famous personalities and celebs, etc.

28 Jun 2017


Biggest "country" on Earth, Facebook hits 2 billion monthly users

Social network giant Facebook has reached yet another milestone!

26 Jun 2017


Facebook gears up to launch new app aimed at influencers

Social networking giant Facebook announced plans to unveil a new app later this year, targeted at influencers.