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26 Dec 2017


Mohammad Kaif trolled again, this time for a Christmas post

Former Indian cricketer, Mohammad Kaif, has once again become the victim of social media hatred and this time it was for posting pictures of him celebrating Christmas with his family.

25 Dec 2017


WhatsApp will stop working on these smartphones after 31st Dec

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp will withdraw support for a number of dated smartphones at the end of the year.

25 Dec 2017


This malware infects Facebook Messenger users to mine Monero, bitcoin-alternative

Tokyo-based cybersecurity giant Trend Micro has warned that a new cryptocurrency mining bot is spreading across the world fast through Facebook Messenger.

20 Dec 2017


Facebook gets safer; launches new tools to boost user privacy

Facebook has rolled out a series of tools to ensure greater security and privacy for its users.

19 Dec 2017


Twitter enforces anti-abuse rules: Nazis, racists may finally get banned

For years, Twitter has been criticized for failing to curb online abuse and protect its users from hate-speech, harassment, and bullying.

14 Dec 2017


Facebook to help young India create Virtual Reality products

Facebook partnered with Startup Village Collective (SV.CO), a Bangalore-based digital incubator, on Wednesday to help Indian students develop their ideas on virtual reality (VR) into globally marketable products and services.

13 Dec 2017


Rohit Sharma's 3rd double ton: Who said what?

It was the 'Rohit Sharma show' in the 2nd ODI against Sri Lanka at Mohali.

12 Dec 2017


Improved social media presence marks JD(U)'s 2019 LS elections' strategy

Taking cue from its ally BJP, Nitish Kumar's JD(U) will improve its social-media presence to reach a wider audience. Though JD(U) has social media accounts, they are not updated on a daily basis. Further, most of its leaders are not active users.

09 Dec 2017


Video of man fatally shooting his pet dog goes viral

A video of a man in Punjab's Badbar village shooting dead his pet pit bull two days ago has since gone viral, highlighting once again the dastardly behavior that dogs in India often experience.

06 Dec 2017


Obama and 'chicken-nugget guy' rule Twitter: Top trends of 2017

Twitter has released its top trends for 2017, and Barack Obama, a guy on a chicken nugget quest, LeBron James and Ariana Grande took the top honors.

01 Dec 2017


Over 25 million businesses are now active on Instagram!

Facebook's photo-sharing app, Instagram, announced its platform now home to over 25-million businesses, a remarkable rise from 15-million in July this year.

29 Nov 2017


How AI is helping Facebook tackle terrorist threats online

Facebook has revealed how it has moved from human intervention to AI to detect terrorism-related posts.

26 Nov 2017


Kolkata Police shares true crime stories on its Facebook page

Since July, the Kolkata Police has been posting true crime stories on their Facebook page and it has true-crime aficionados hooked.

20 Nov 2017


Swachh Bharat: Video of Maharashtra minister peeing roadside goes viral

A video of Maharashtra water conservation minister Ram Shinde urinating roadside surfaced online on Sunday and has gone viral since, putting in question the relevance of PM Modi's much-hyped 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'.

20 Nov 2017


New WhatsApp is in the works: All you should know!

Launched over eight years ago, popular messaging app WhatsApp is yet to launch an official version for iPad users.

20 Nov 2017


India's WhatsApp arrests: When speech regulation goes "overboard"

Legal persecution of citizens over their social media activity is nothing new and has often been used as a tool of repression in many countries.

19 Nov 2017


Pakistan Defence's Twitter account suspended for morphed anti-India photos

The Twitter account of the Pakistan Defence Forum, a long-running portal dedicated to Pakistan's armed forces, has been suspended shortly after posting fake anti-India news.

14 Nov 2017


Bengaluru company picked by Facebook for marketing mix modelling partnership

RainMan Consulting, a Bengaluru-based marketing analytics company, has become one of the primary firms in Asia to join hands with Facebook as a marketing mix modelling partner (MMM).

09 Nov 2017


Facebook asks users to submit nudes to prevent 'revenge porn'

In a bizarre development, Facebook has urged users to send in their nude pictures to the company in order to prevent them from being used as 'revenge porn'.

09 Nov 2017


Singer Sia silences snoopy paparazzo by sharing her nudes

Celebrities use various ways to react to the leak of their nude images, but none so far have done what Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler did recently.

08 Nov 2017


You can now tweet in 280 characters, but should you?

About 1.5 months after launching a new feature on an experimental basis, Twitter has finally made it official for all: everyone can now tweet up to 280 characters instead of its signature 140.

08 Nov 2017


Raya Sarkar and vigilante justice on social media

It all started on October 23 when Raya Sarkar, a 24-year-old California-based law student, put up a post on Facebook accusing two professors of Jadavpur University of sexual harassment.

06 Nov 2017

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Demonetization protest: Mamata says change profile photo to black

The opposition has been taking a cue from Modi about playing with acronyms.

03 Nov 2017


Trump briefly vanished from Twitter, users rejoiced

For about 11 minutes yesterday, the account of US President Donald Trump, an active Twitter user, disappeared.

27 Oct 2017


WhatsApp's new message recall is finally being rolled out

WhatsApp's much-awaited 'Delete for Everyone' feature is finally being rolled out across Android, iOS and Windows devices, as confirmed by its updated FAQ page.

27 Oct 2017


Syria: How parents use WhatsApp to teach kids new skills

The Syrian civil war is one of the worst the world's ever seen. It has displaced and permanently scarred millions in the last six years, forcing them to take dangerous journeys and seek shelter in nations that don't want them.

26 Oct 2017


Facebook releases "Workplace Chat" app for desktop/mobile with game-changing features

A year after launching Workplace, the business-focused social networking platform, Facebook is now releasing "Workplace Chat" desktop and mobile apps, which have Workplace's existing messaging functionality.

25 Oct 2017


Beware of your online activity. It may haunt you later

Tired of Facebook showing up your old, embarrassing posts? You aren't the only one. Also, FB isn't the only website to remind you that what you post online, in most cases, stays forever and is never truly private.

23 Oct 2017


Despite the hostility, what makes people take up nudism?

Nudism can mean different things to different people. For some, it's the most natural state of being, a life path. For others, it may be a way to protest, a symbol of transgression, a path to enlightenment, a muse of artistic creation.

22 Oct 2017


Tech giants take a stand against extremist content

Tech giants Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have agreed to take stricter action regarding extremist content posted on their platforms.

19 Oct 2017


Islamic body bans women from posting photos on social media

The Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a fatwa banning Muslim females from posting their photos and those of their families on WhatsApp and social media, calling it un-Islamic.

17 Oct 2017


Facebook buys just 9-weeks old 'teen compliment app'

Social networking giant Facebook has acquired nine-week-old anonymous app - TBH (as in "to be honest") - teens in the US are currently obsessed with.

12 Oct 2017

Shashi Tharoor

The woman who awakened Congress' sleeping social media cell

Till a few months ago, the Congress was struggling to maintain a positive image. Amid a string of electoral defeats, it was far from easy.

08 Oct 2017


Instagram's latest feature: Poll users on your story!

Good news for Instagram users: the latest update has an exciting feature. You can now poll other users to know their opinions on your stories!

02 Oct 2017


Facebook is trying out facial recognition on its platform

It appears that the new craze, among technology giants, is facial recognition. Samsung's technology was already there. It was joined by the much-hyped Apple's Face ID, which came along with iPhone X.

27 Sep 2017


Twitter may double tweet length to 280 characters

Social media platform Twitter is testing a longer character limit so users can "easily express themselves."

25 Sep 2017


Facebook is testing a dedicated WhatsApp button, says report

According to TheNextWeb, Facebook is beta-testing a dedicated button for WhatsApp in its core Android app.

18 Sep 2017


No more creative memes from Bengaluru Police on Twitter!

After gaining massive popularity for innovative memes on social media, including those on Game of Thrones, Narcos, and Harry Potter among others, Bengaluru Police would now stick to the conventional methods of reaching out to citizens on Twitter.

11 Sep 2017

Pakistan News

The mystery behind "free" fake 'likes' on Facebook solved

If you are on Facebook, you must have seen ads that offer you millions of likes for free. Ever wondered who are behind such scams, and how they do it?

10 Sep 2017


Taxpayers, think twice before posting pictures of luxury items online!

Taxpayers will now have to be careful of posting about luxury cars and other such items on social-media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.