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11 Jul 2019


Papa sent goons: BJP leader's daughter threatened for marrying Dalit

The daughter of a BJP leader from Uttar Pradesh has alleged her life is under threat from her own father, as she married a man belonging to lower caste.

03 Jul 2019


WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram down; users report media download issues

The services of popular social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are reportedly down in what appears to be a global outage.

01 Jul 2019


Amid water crisis, Rajinikanth's daughter shares pool pictures with son

Superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth had to pull down a couple of photos she clicked with her son, Ved, which showed them enjoying in a swimming pool.

UP shocker: Railway cops beat journalist, urinate in his mouth

A distressing video has emerged from Uttar Pradesh wherein a journalist was slapped, punched, and abused by a group of policemen who paid no attention to his pleas.

11 Jun 2019


#FinancialBytes: 5 ways for students to make some extra money

Student life can be quite hard, especially for those who are staying away from their family. Along with studies, they have to manage a lot of things single-handedly, even their expenses.

09 Jun 2019

Yogi Adityanath

Delhi journalist arrested for 'objectionable post' on UP CM Adityanath

Delhi-based freelance journalist Prashant Kanojia has been arrested on Saturday by the Uttar Pradesh Police for allegedly sharing an "objectionable post" online on UP CM Yogi Adityanath.

02 Jun 2019


Gujarat: Train hawker, who mocks politicians, arrested

If you have been active on social media, you must have come across a video featuring a train hawker.

02 Jun 2019


Weird vacuum challenge is the latest craze on social media

The Internet is a quirky place. Every few days, we see a new, weird trend, which becomes the talk of the town.

02 Jun 2019


Mira Rajput gets massively trolled for carrying heels in hand

Social media is a merciless place, more so, for celebrities (and their spouses).

02 Jun 2019

Donald Trump

Want visa for US? You'll have to submit social-media details

Since he took office, US President Donald Trump has been speaking about cracking down on illegal immigrants. Taking this same thought a step further, the US has changed rules for visa applicants.

28 May 2019


Faridabad: Policemen beat woman with belt, video goes viral

The country needs police reforms. This was proved once again on Monday after a video emerged on social media.

25 May 2019


This Ahmedabad woman coated her car with cow-dung: Here's why

Cow dung-coated walls outside houses are a common sight in rural India as they help beat the summer heat.

26 May 2019


White foam covers entire street, changes China town into Iceland!

Recently, people of the city of Xi'an, China, were left dumbstruck when a mysterious white foam covered 200 meters of the street.

15 May 2019


Teen kills self after Instagram-followers 'voted' for her to die

A 16-year-old girl in Malaysia allegedly committed suicide on Monday after running a social media poll, asking her followers to vote on whether she should choose "death" or "life".

10 May 2019

New York Post

Planning to eat a live octopus? You should think again

Things went horribly wrong for a Chinese vlogger when she tried eating a live octopus during a social media livestream, as the eight-limbed animal decided to latch onto her face.

14 Apr 2019


UPSC CSE-2018 toppers' success mantra: Staying away from social media

The UPSC announced the final of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2018 on 5 April and Kanishak Kataria emerged the topper, securing AIR-1.

15 Mar 2019


#ShuruHoteHiKhatam: Congress has lost the social media plot

2019 Lok Sabha elections are special in more ways than one.

12 Mar 2019


US barber attaches free condom with business card, but why?

A man giving out free condoms to all his customers can safely be declared a noble being, for his inherent desire to spread sexual safety awareness, right?

01 Mar 2019


Soon, Twitter users will be able hide replies: Here's how

In a bid to enhance user control, Twitter is building a new moderation feature into its mobile app.

28 Feb 2019


Why is Twitter asking netizens to 'get off' its website?

In the era of smartphones and social media websites, expressing your feelings face-to-face is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

25 Feb 2019


Parliamentary Committee gives Jack Dorsey 10 days to answer questions

On Monday, the Parliamentary Committee on IT met with Twitter's Global Vice President of Public Policy Colin Crowell in lieu of CEO Jack Dorsey.

23 Feb 2019


How Facebook's legacy contact can manage your profile after death

Nobody wants to talk, or even think, about the event of their death.

22 Feb 2019


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will not appear before parliamentary panel

Despite the Indian government summoning Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to appear before the Parliamentary Committee on IT on February 25, Twitter has said that Dorsey will not attend the hearing.

22 Feb 2019


Not Google, but viral Baga-beach banner 'needs fixing'. Here's why

Recently, a picture went viral on social media that showed a banner in Goa asking people to stop searching the directions for Baga Beach on Google Maps.

20 Feb 2019


Now, Australia allows citizens to put emojis on license plates

Emojis are the new cool these days, be it over text messages, social media websites or movies.

16 Feb 2019


Soon, Twitter may get Snapchat-like 'News Camera' feature

In a bid to compete with Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is working on a new media-sharing feature.

12 Feb 2019


Unknown persons body-shame Kerala bride, spread rumors about her

In a despicable incident, a Kerala woman was body-shamed by unknown people on social media after her recent wedding photo went viral.

11 Feb 2019


Twitter CEO told to appear before Parliamentary Panel

Days after it was reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had refused to appear for a hearing before India's Parliamentary Committee on IT, panel head Anurag Thakur has said that he has again been summoned for a hearing on February 25.

09 Feb 2019


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey refuses to appear for Parliamentary hearing

Reportedly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other top Twitter officials have refused to appear before a Parliamentary Committee on IT that had earlier summoned them to discuss the issue of safeguarding citizens' rights on social media.

09 Feb 2019


What will happen to your digital personality when you die?

It's important to think about what happens to our digital selves after we die.

08 Feb 2019

Jammu And Kashmir

Pakistan using social-media to mobilize Kashmiri youth toward terrorism: Army

The general officer commanding-in-chief of the northern command, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said yesterday that the Pakistani army has been using social media to mobilize support among the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to stir them towards terrorism.

04 Feb 2019


Twitter CEO explains how long-awaited 'edit' button might work

For years, Twitter users have been asking for a way to edit tweets, aka an 'edit' button.

03 Feb 2019


Now, social media de-addiction clinics in Lucknow to help youngsters

Special clinics to provide counseling to youngsters addicted to social media platforms will soon be set up by the King George Medical University in Lucknow.

31 Jan 2019


Indonesia: Durian, 'smelliest' fruit globally, getting sold at Rs. 71,000

In a bizarre news, a rare foul-smelling durian fruit variety was sold for nearly 14mn rupiah (Rs. 71, 546) in Indonesia.

29 Jan 2019


WhatsApp, Skype to be brought under regulatory-ambit? TRAI drops hints

Telecom regulator TRAI hopes to finalize, by February-end, its recommendations on whether over-the-top (OTT) services, such as WhatsApp and Skype, should be brought under the regulatory ambit, according to a top official.

24 Jan 2019


Get real-time traffic updates from Delhi Police's Facebook Live feed

The next worse thing after Delhi's pollution is the traffic congestion, which makes commuting really difficult.

23 Jan 2019


Social media political ad spending expected to touch Rs. 12,000cr

2019 being an election year, social media platforms are set for a major rise in revenue as experts believe that advertising expenditure on social media will see a rise of 150% compared to the previous general election year, 2014.

22 Jan 2019


Taiwanese 'Bikini Climber' freezes to death after falling into gorge

In a tragic incident, a social media adventure star was found frozen to death at National Park in Taiwan yesterday.

19 Jan 2019


'Ande ka Funda': Here's how Instagram egg beat Kylie Jenner

2019 kickstarted with a crazy trend which made the image of an egg on Instagram the top-liked post.

17 Jan 2019


WhatsApp has beaten Facebook in terms of popularity, says report

More than four years ago, Facebook acquired WhatsApp in a whopping $19 billion deal.