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18 Mar 2021


Facebook Groups see sweeping policy changes following Capitol Hill incident

After it was revealed that Capitol Hill attack was coordinated over Facebook Groups, the social media giant has swung into action.

15 Mar 2021


Have decided to drop the pretense, Aamir quits social media

A day after fans, friends, and industry colleagues showered him with wishes on his 56th birthday, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan announced that he is quitting social media.

11 Mar 2021


Indian government blocked 4,400 Facebook, Twitter URLs in 2020

The Indian government has blocked more than 4,400 URLs from Facebook and Twitter in the year 2020. The revelation was made to the Indian Parliament on Wednesday.

11 Mar 2021


Instagram Lite rebooted in 170 countries; Adds Reels support

The Instagram Lite app has been available in India since last December, but now Facebook has launched it in a new avatar in 170 countries. The lightweight app is meant for smartphone owners with limited space.

03 Mar 2021


Twitter Spaces arrives on Android before its inspiration Clubhouse

Twitter's Clubhouse copy Spaces is now available on Android. With that, the microblogging platform has brought the novel audio-based take on social media interaction to non-Apple users. The feature was restricted to iOS until now, just like Clubhouse.

26 Feb 2021


Twitter's 'Super Follow' will allow users to charge their followers

Twitter announced significant new features dealing with user monetization and community-focused content.

25 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Investigation uncovers Facebook's pro ISIS move, and more

Facebook banned pages belonging to the YPG (translated: People's Protection Units) at the behest of Turkey, according to a latest exposé by ProPublica.

25 Feb 2021

Ravi Shankar Prasad

Government releases rules for social media, OTT platforms; details here

The Centre on Thursday released a set of new guidelines to regulate digital content.

25 Feb 2021


Facebook pledges $1 billion to news industry after Australian standoff

The Australian news media code has caused great upheaval in the social media space. After Facebook's recent shutdown of news feed in the country and quick reversal, the social media giant has pledged to invest $1 billion to "support the news industry".

ASCI drafts promotional content guidelines for social media influencers

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued a set of draft guidelines that directs influencers to prominently label content that promotes products and services on social media.

23 Feb 2021


Facebook reverses Australian news ban following amendments to media code

Facebook has walked back the uncompromising and abrupt total ban it had imposed on sharing Australian news sites. The bold move had blocked Facebook's Australian users from viewing and sharing news.

22 Feb 2021


NewsBytes Briefing: Myanmar joins Trump in naughty corner, and more

After getting rid of former US President Donald Trump, Facebook has turned its ban hammer on foreign governments. Its latest victim is the Myanmar military establishment, which has joined Trump in Facebook jail.

21 Feb 2021

Elon Musk

All you should know about new social media platform Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking app that allows people to participate in discussions on diverse topics of interest. They can also listen in on conversations between eminent individuals in real time by joining chat rooms.

18 Feb 2021


Facebook blocks Australians from viewing and sharing news content

Facebook has chosen to play hardball with Australian authorities by refusing to buckle under the pressure of implementing the country's contentious news media code. The social media platform has blocked its Australian users from viewing and sharing news.

17 Feb 2021


Twitter rolls out voice DM feature for users in India

Twitter has started rolling out the voice-based direct messages (DMs) for select users in India. This allows users to send voice messages as DMs, with the length being capped at 140 seconds, just like the original character limit.

13 Feb 2021


Ronaldo becomes first person to amass 500mn social media followers

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has reached yet another milestone by becoming the first person ever to have 500 million followers across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

12 Feb 2021


Government readies draft rules to regulate social media

As it remains locked in an intense face-off with Twitter, the Indian government has prepared draft rules to regulate social media, OTT (Over The Top) platforms, as well as news-related websites.

16 Jan 2021

Donald Trump

BSB splitting? Bandmates Brian, Kevin's political disagreement fuels rift rumors

Brian Littrell, one part of the most popular pop boy band of the '90s, Backstreet Boys, has earned himself a controversy.

14 Dec 2020


Seeing others' social media posts can affect your work performance

Researchers have confirmed what many of us anticipated — the fear of missing out (or FOMO in colloquial language) after seeing social media posts of others is real. It is prominent to the extent that it adversely affects your job performance.

10 Oct 2020


Now, Twitter will nudge you to retweet with quotes

In the run-up to the US Presidential election on November 3, social media giants are doubling down to prevent abuse of their platforms.

06 Oct 2020


Instagram gets interesting new features on its 10th birthday

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform under the umbrella of Facebook, has turned 10 years old.

27 Sep 2020


#CoupleChallenge: What is it and why you should be careful?

The latest trend to fascinate the netizens is the Couple Challenge, wherein people are participating to celebrate their relationships online through various social media platforms.

20 Sep 2020


'The Social Dilemma': Brutal, horrifying facts for social media junkies

How do you start talking about an invisible force that drives you from morning to night without you knowing?

17 Sep 2020

Sony Pictures

Madonna to direct her biopic, co-write with Diablo Cody

The indisputable Queen of Pop, Madonna, is making and co-writing her biopic.

17 Sep 2020

Hong Kong

Centre monitoring 2,500 social media accounts spreading Chinese propaganda

The central government is reportedly keeping a close eye on thousands of social media accounts that are allegedly spreading Chinese propaganda.

15 Sep 2020


Facebook launches new 'Climate Science Information Center': Details here

In a bid to help make planet Earth a greener and less polluted place to live, Facebook has announced a new 'Climate Science Information Center' for its main app.

10 Sep 2020


#ThereIsHelp: Twitter launches search prompt to prevent suicides, self harm

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world die by suicide.

22 Aug 2020


#LeakAlert: Data of 235 million TikTok, Instagram, YouTube users exposed

As many as 235 million users of leading video services TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have been hit by a data leak.

16 Aug 2020


After Reels, Facebook testing another TikTok-like video format in India

As TikTok struggles to hold its ground in global markets, Facebook is going a full-on assault mode to take its place.

14 Aug 2020


Instagram's servers kept private photos and DMs long after deletion

Despite doing a good job at distancing itself from Facebook and its privacy-related debacles, Instagram keeps running into occasional minor issues.

12 Aug 2020


Facebook Lite is shutting down on iOS: Details here

In an unexpected move, social media giant Facebook is sunsetting the Lite version of its main mobile application.

12 Aug 2020


Indian teenage entrepreneur ProSingh is growing exponentially

Parwinder Singh aka "ProSingh" is a social media influencer, writer, and businessman.

01 Aug 2020


Facebook's is bringing back creativity of the 'early internet'

Back in the 90s, surfing the web was all about websites with flashy texts, GIFs, and images.

29 Jul 2020


Examplad Media: One of the fastest growing digital marketing companies

From small businesses to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates, almost every organization today relies on digital marketing at some level.

30 Jun 2020


Microsoft suspends all advertising on Facebook, Instagram

Microsoft has suspended all advertising on Facebook and Instagram at least until August.

30 Jun 2020


Acting against hate speech, Reddit bans pro-Trump subreddit

As Facebook continues to reel from a massive advertisers' protest against its mishandling of racism, violence, and hate speech, Reddit, which has long been criticized over these issues, has started taking corrective measures.

29 Jun 2020


Coca-Cola to Unilever, these big brands are boycotting Facebook ads

Facebook is heavily reliant on a revenue model where it shows personalized ads from brands and generates money from the businesses for providing ad space and the resulting traction.

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