Friendship Day: News

06 Aug 2023


Friendship Day: Here's how to twin with your girl gang

Ladies, on Friendship Day, flaunt your bond to the world with joy and pride.

05 Aug 2023

Akshay Kumar

Friendship Day special: Our favorite friends in Bollywood comedy films

Friendships are the very foundation of our lives, and it is difficult to think of getting through a day without sharing our joys and sorrows with a friend.

05 Aug 2023


Friendship Day special: Expert reveals top five zodiac friendship pairings

Friendships can be tricky sometimes. It is not necessary that you will gel well with all your friends. Some connections will be wonderful while others might be upsetting.

31 Jul 2023

Mahatma Gandhi

Friendship Day: Historic friendships that are still remembered today

They say friendships are like fine wine as they only get better with time - a notion history has validated!

28 Jul 2023


Friendship Day: Books on friendships that you may relate to 

While books are our best friends, nothing gets more friendly when they solely talk about friendship.

27 Jul 2023


How friendships change as we grow older

In the pyramid of human relationships, friendships are at the base, and on top of them are romantic partners, parents, and children.

27 Jul 2023


Friendship Day: How to rekindle old and lost friendships

Life can get crazy busy, and our social life takes a backseat as we navigate adulthood.

27 Jul 2023


Unique ways to celebrate Friendship Day for lasting connections

Friendship Day is a unique opportunity for us to celebrate and value the extraordinary relationship that we have with our friends.

27 Jul 2023


Friendship Day: Meaningful gifts to surprise your dear friends

Finding the perfect gift for your friends can be a delightful yet challenging task. While the sentiment behind the gift matters most, giving something unique adds a personal touch and shows how much you value your friendship.

21 Jul 2023

Travel And Tourism

Friendship Day: Plan a memorable trip with your besties

Sometimes all it takes to alleviate the stress of balancing a profession, family, and personal life is a getaway with your pals.

30 Jul 2022


International Day of Friendship 2022: Ways to surprise your friends

Friendship is one of those special relationships synonymous with mutual trust and support.

01 Aug 2021


Celebrating this Friendship Day with some 'hatke' onscreen friendships

Be it Jai-Veeru or Munna-Circuit, films have gifted us some solid friendships and heartwarming bonds.

07 Aug 2018


Received more 'good morning' forwards than complaints on helpline: Railways

A week ago, the Railways launched a number where people can send their complaints on WhatsApp.

06 Aug 2018


Thane: 16-year-old girl raped by friends on "Friendship-Day", accused arrested

Two men allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl yesterday after taking her out on the pretext of celebrating the Friendship Day in Maharashtra's Thane district, a police official said today.

05 Aug 2018


Vinod Kambli's Friendship-Day post features Sachin Tendulkar and a promise

Today is all about cherishing your friends, and cricketer Vinod Kambli too joined the bandwagon.

05 Aug 2018


#HappyFriendshipDay: 5 Bollywood movies which capture millennial friendships

Today is Friendship Day- the day to actually thank those, whom we insult the year around. Because what is friendship without this banter, right?