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07 Sep 2020

Donald Trump

Former Trump lawyer claims President ogled at his teen daughter

Disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen has claimed that United States President Donald Trump ogled at his teenage daughter in his tell-all memoir.

#ThatWas2018: The highs and lows of the Trump presidency

US President Donald Trump has ridden on waves of approval and disapproval since he came into power in 2016.

16 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

US judge tosses out Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against Trump

Donald Trump scored a legal victory yesterday against pornstar Stormy Daniels when a federal US judge rejected her defamation suit against him.

13 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

Melania says she loves Donald Trump, ignores cheating rumors

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump says she loves President Donald Trump and has "much more important things to think about" than allegations that he cheated on her with a porn star, a Playboy Playmate, or anyone else.

04 Oct 2018

Donald Trump

I laid there and prayed for death: Daniels to Kimmel

The last time Stormy Daniels appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', she played all coy and refused to answer "how big is Donald Trump's 'junk'."

19 Sep 2018

Donald Trump

'Least impressive sex I've ever had': Stormy Daniels about Trump

Another storm has taken over White House and this time it's 'Full Disclosure'.

26 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

Trump drowns in TIME's latest cover, Twitterati is in awe

The latest TIME cover featuring USA President Donald Trump has got everyone talking, unsurprisingly. The striking cover has the POTUS struggling to catch a breath as his Oval House is drowning, with the words 'In Deep' written.

23 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

Trump: Hush money came from my pocket, not campaign funds

A day after US President Donald Trump's long-time personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, Trump has refuted Cohen's allegations.

22 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

Trump's ex-lawyer pleads guilty, implicates him in campaign finance violations

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to violating campaign-finance laws and other charges.

13 Aug 2018

Donald Trump

After Stormy Daniels, it's TV-star Manigault Newman vs Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has one word to describe former White House staffer and fellow reality-TV star Omarosa Manigault Newman: "Lowlife."

04 May 2018

Donald Trump

Donald Trump changes story, acknowledges pay-off to Stormy Daniels

In three tweets, Donald Trump acknowledged money was paid to adult movie star Stormy Daniels, but it shouldn't be considered a campaign contribution.

10 Apr 2018

Donald Trump

Trump denounces raids on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen's office

US President Donald Trump on Monday slammed the FBI raids on his long-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

06 Apr 2018

Donald Trump

Donald Trump finally breaks silence on affair with porn star

After months of a porn star alleging that she had an affair with him in 2006 and was paid to not disclose it, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was unaware about the $130,000 given to Stormy Daniels, once again denying all accusations.

27 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Pornstar Stormy Daniels '60 Minutes' interview fetches record views

The latest '60 Minutes' episode featuring adult film star Stormy Daniels has fetched the highest ratings for the programme in almost a decade.

26 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Was threatened to keep silent on Trump, claims porn star

Porn actress Stormy Daniels said she was threatened in a bid to keep her silent about her alleged fling with Donald Trump.

26 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Pornstar Stormy Daniels claims Trump threatened her, compared to daughter

Pornstar Stormy Daniels bared all about her alleged affair with US President Donald Trump on primetime TV, and it was cringeworthy in several ways.

21 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Trump had unprotected sex with porn star in 2006: Polygraph

Donald Trump had unprotected sex with porn star Stormy Daniels in July 2006, a year after he wed Melania Trump, claims a polygraph test Daniels took in 2011 for Life & Style magazine.

13 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

Porn-star Stormy offers to return Trump's $130,000 to break silence

Further convoluting the already murky saga of Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, the porn star on Monday offered to return the $130,000 that Trump's attorney Michael Cohen paid her in 2016 to not discuss their alleged relationship.

07 Mar 2018

Donald Trump

This porn star has sued President Trump over "alleged affair"

A former adult film actress has sued US President Donald Trump, claiming that his lawyer forced her to sign a statement in 2016 to stop her from going public about her alleged relationship with the then-Republican Presidential candidate, Trump.

18 Feb 2018

Donald Trump

Donald Trump had an extramarital affair with a Playboy model?

According to a handwritten account obtained by The New Yorker magazine, Donald Trump had a 9-month-long extramarital affair with the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year, starting in 2006.

15 Feb 2018

Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels is now free to tell her Trump story

Donald Trump's longtime lawyer Michael D. Cohen recently revealed that he did in fact pay $130,000 (Rs. 83.1 lakh) to Stormy Daniels, the porn star who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the US President.

01 Feb 2018

Donald Trump

Stormy Daniels and her convoluted affair with Donald Trump

The story of the alleged sexual affair of porn star Stormy Daniels with Donald Trump in 2006 is getting murkier by the day.

13 Jan 2018

Donald Trump

Trump paid Rs. 82 lakh to pornstar to stay silent

US President Donald Trump's lawyer had reportedly brokered a $130,000 payment to a porn star to prevent her from talking of an alleged sexual encounter with Trump.