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19 Oct 2019

iPhone users can save unlimited original-quality images in Google Photos

Google Photos makes an ideal cloud backup service to keep years-old memories, be it photos or videos, perfectly safe.

18 Oct 2019

Apple might be working on a smart ring. Really, what?

Apple has come a long way since it released its first-ever wearable, the Apple Watch. Over the last couple of years, the company has immensely improved on hardware and software, making its smartwatch one of the best in the market.

04 Oct 2019

Apple likely to release cheaper iPhone next year: Details here

After launching fancy new iPhones and cutting the prices of older ones, Apple might be gearing up to add a cheaper new member into its smartphone range.

04 Oct 2019

Russia News
Russian man sues Apple after iPhone app 'turns him gay'

In a bizarre lawsuit against Apple, a Russian man has accused the Cupertino-based tech giant of "turning him gay."

04 Oct 2019

Health & Wellness
#TechBytes: 5 features you should try on your Apple Watch

Apple has finally released watchOS 6, the latest software for Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5.

02 Oct 2019

iPhone lost in river found after 15 months. Still works!

We have heard some crazy stories about iPhones and the latest one is as exciting as the last one where an iPhone survived a shark bite.

01 Oct 2019

Apple rolls out another iOS 13 update, fixes critical issues

Days after releasing iOS 13 and 13.1, Apple has released another incremental update for the platform - iOS 13.1.2.

30 Sep 2019

'Diwali With Mi' sale: Top-deals on best-selling Xiaomi smartphones

To attract buyers and boost sales, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is hosting its festive season sale Diwali With Mi on its official website.

29 Sep 2019

iOS exploit puts millions of iPhones at risk: Details here

If you own an iPhone, it is important for you to know about a major jailbreak going viral on the internet!

26 Sep 2019

How to enable fingerprint authentication for WhatsApp on iOS, Android

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to its platform, making the messaging app more functional and secure for billions of users.

20 Sep 2019

WhatsApp's 'Delete for everyone' option doesn't work for some users

WhatsApp has long been providing the option to delete sent messages - a feature that is a real life-saver for most of us.

08 Sep 2019

Now, you can fix frame drop issue in iPhones

If you are one of the many users dealing with the longstanding problem of occasional frame drops on iPhones/iPads, there is finally some good news for you.

02 Sep 2019

Now, you can control an iPhone using just your eyes

Using eyes to navigate through an iPhone sounds like the stuff of science fiction or something that's really high tech.

31 Aug 2019

Xiaomi's Redmi 6A reportedly exploded in man's trousers: Details here

Though smartphone explosions are rare, they are extremely scary.

29 Aug 2019

Apple is sorry that its contractors listened to your sex-talks

A few weeks back, a report revealed that Apple's contractors had been listening to and reviewing recordings from Siri (Apple's digital assistant).

27 Aug 2019

Confirmed: Here's when Android 10 will start rolling out worldwide

After months of beta testing and a rather unexpected rebranding exercise, Google has finally revealed the release date of its next-generation mobile operating system - the Android 10.

24 Aug 2019

Top 5 features coming to your phone with Android 10

Google is inching closer to release its next big update for smartphones - Android Q 10.

19 Aug 2019

This iPhone lightning cable can hack your PC: Here's how

Often, hackers use malicious USB drives to break into a computer and steal files from it.

19 Aug 2019

Company sells virtual iPhone, now being sued by Apple

Apple has initiated legal proceeding against a company that it says has been illegally creating and selling virtual iPhones.

11 Aug 2019

Apple's Face ID just got hacked in most bizarre way

Apple's Face ID is said to be one of the safest available biometric locks.

09 Aug 2019

Samsung pulls ads that mocked Apple for no headphone jack

We all have seen Samsung troll Apple through some very hilarious commercials.

07 Aug 2019

Apple Card finally starts rolling out: Here's how to apply

Apple's first-ever credit card offering, the Apple Card, has finally started rolling out.

04 Aug 2019

Here's how to turn your normal TV into smart TV

For some reason, if you haven't been able to upgrade from your old, boring, normal TV to a feature-rich smart TV, you're not alone.

02 Aug 2019

Amitabh Bachchan
OnePlus brand ambassador, Robert Downey Jr., uses Huawei's phone

Just after the release of Avengers: Endgame, OnePlus roped in Robert Downey Jr., the actor who plays Iron Man in the movie, as its brand ambassador.

02 Aug 2019

Hackers can steal your number using Apple's AirDrop feature

Over the last few years, Apple has been particularly focused on making its devices and services more secure.

31 Jul 2019

Confirmed: Apple Card is launching in coming weeks

Apple's first credit card offering, the Apple Card, will be launching in a matter of weeks.

28 Jul 2019

Soon, you can use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices

It is currently possible to use WhatsApp on your desktop, but it is not really ideal. Your phone must remain connected to the internet for everything to work.

24 Jul 2019

Why Apple is updating years old iPhones and iPads now

In a strange move, Apple is pushing an update for iPhones and iPads that were launched several years ago and are well out of their update lifecycles.

24 Jul 2019

iPhone 11 features: Improved displays, new taptic engine, and more

In September, Apple will launch three new iPhone 11 models as the official successors to the famous iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.

20 Jul 2019

This tool can steal data from iCloud, Google Drive

An Israeli company, by the name of NSO Group, is selling a dangerous hacking tool, one that can be used to mine your personal files from Google Drive and iCloud.

12 Jul 2019

Apple will reportedly launch a notch-less iPhone in 2020

Apple seems to have some major plans to overhaul its 2020 iPhone line-up.

09 Jul 2019

Weird iMessage bug can brick iPhone: Here's how to fix

Despite being pretty impressive, Apple's software products also witness the problem of bugs and vulnerabilities.

08 Jul 2019

Apple testing new way to sign into iCloud: Details here

Apple is leveraging biometric authentication to make its cloud storage service iCloud more accessible to the users.

07 Jul 2019

Apple is reportedly working on a 5G enabled foldable iPad

Everyone speculated foldable devices to be the hot tech trend of 2019. But because of durability issues on Samsung's Galaxy Fold and a mysterious delay of Huawei's Mate X, the tech has failed to make the right impact.

01 Jul 2019

'Sign In With Apple' not fully secure, says OpenID Foundation

At this year's WWDC, Apple announced 'Sign In With Apple' - a novel way of signing into apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

01 Jul 2019

Google is bringing Apple AirDrop-like feature on Android

File sharing between Apple devices, be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac, is a real treat, thanks to the company's AirDrop service.

30 Jun 2019

#TechBytes: How to block spam callers on iOS 13

Spammers and telemarketers are an absolute nightmare.

28 Jun 2019

Apple envisioned taking photographs from wrist: Here's how

Apple has a knack for exploring (and patenting) high-end technologies for its products, be it on an iPhone or MacBook.

28 Jun 2019

Steve Jobs' spiritual partner, Jonathan Ive, leaving Apple

The chief designer of the iPhone, Sir Jonathan Ive, has decided to leave Apple after nearly 30 years at the company.

28 Jun 2019

Now, use Windows 10 calculator on Android, iOS: Here's how

A few months back, Microsoft open-sourced Windows 10 Calculator as part of an effort to make it more capable.

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