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24 Sep 2017


Why is the sports world angry at Donald Trump?

After drawing criticism from several world leaders and the media, US President Donald Trump has now offended the sports world.

23 Sep 2017

North Korea

China limits oil exports, bans textile imports from North Korea

China has stepped up sanctions against North Korea by limiting oil exports and banning textile imports from the isolated regime.

23 Sep 2017


McCain again torpedoes Republicans' plan to repeal Obamacare in Senate

Senator John McCain said he "cannot in good conscience" vote in favor of his fellow Republicans' latest efforts to repeal the Obamacare healthcare programme.

22 Sep 2017

North Korea

Now, Trump calls Kim Jong-un a "madman"

The back-and-forth childish name calling between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un continues unabated.

22 Sep 2017

North Korea

Trump approves North Korea sanctions, Kim calls him "mentally deranged"

US President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order to increase sanctions against North Korea.

21 Sep 2017

South Korea

North Korea calls Trump's UN speech a "dog's bark"

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho's has called US President Donald Trump's speech to the UN General Assembly "the sound of a barking dog."

21 Sep 2017


Pakistan: Won't accept Indian political or military role in Afghanistan

Pakistani PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has called for the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution on Kashmir.

21 Sep 2017

North Korea

Iran's Rouhani calls Trump 'ignorant' and a 'rogue newcomer'

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized US President Donald Trump during his speech to the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

21 Sep 2017

Narendra Modi

Mattis to meet Sitharaman to boost Indo-US defense ties

US Defense Secretary James Mattis will be visiting New Delhi on September 25 where he'll attempt to forge "a strong political connect" to boost the Indo-US defense cooperation.

20 Sep 2017

Emmanuel Macron

UNGA session: Is Macron pitting himself as 'anti-Trump?'

US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron delivered their first speeches in the UN General Assembly, during its 72nd annual session.

20 Sep 2017


Russia seeks India's cooperation over Afghanistan amid Moscow's Pak outreach

Russia's special envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov might visit India soon to discuss the security situation in Afghanistan.

20 Sep 2017


US to resettle 50 refugees from Australia's controversial offshore centers

A group of 50 refugees housed in Australia's controversial offshore detention centers in Nauru and Papua New Guinea (PNG), are the first to be accepted by the US under a resettlement deal.

Paul Manafort, Trump campaign chief was wiretapped by FBI

In a shocking revelation, US media reported that the FBI wiretapped former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort to probe into his potential Russia connections.

20 Sep 2017

North Korea

UN General Assembly: Trump threatens to destroy North Korea

US President Donald Trump gave his inaugural speech to the UN General Assembly in which he vowed that America would destroy North Korea if forced to defend itself or its allies.

19 Sep 2017

Antonio Guterres

Trump blames bureaucracy and mismanagement for UN's woes

US President Donald Trump said in his first speech at the UN that bureaucracy and mismanagement are preventing the world body from living up to its potential.

19 Sep 2017


Ivanka Trump meets "charismatic" Sushma Swaraj in NY

US President Donald Trump's daughter-cum-adviser Ivanka met the "charismatic" Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York.

18 Sep 2017


Sushma Swaraj leads Indian delegation to UN General Assembly session

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has arrived in New York to lead the Indian delegation at the annual UN General Assembly (UNGA) session.

17 Sep 2017


Trump's visa-policy hits IITians' US dreams; students prefer other countries

President Donald Trump's visa policy has shattered the US dreams of IITians who bagged crore-plus offers from software-giants last year.

16 Sep 2017


Police arrest 18-year-old man in connection to London Tube blast

Police have arrested an 18-year-old man for alleged terror offenses in connection with the attack on the London Tube train on Friday.

16 Sep 2017

North Korea

Kim Jong-un: North Korea will achieve military "equilibrium" with US

Kim Jong-un has vowed to achieve North Korea's nuclear goals.

16 Sep 2017


#LondonTubeAttack: UK raises terror threat level to critical

UK PM Theresa May said the country's threat level has been raised to critical, as police hunt for the perpetrators of the London Tube bombing.

Trump signs resolution condemning white supremacists, other racist groups

US President Donald Trump has signed into law a Congressional resolution "rejecting White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups."

14 Sep 2017

Nancy Pelosi

Trump-Democrats close to deal on protecting young DACA immigrants

President Donald Trump is reportedly close to reaching a deal with the Democrats to continue the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program measures.

13 Sep 2017

White House

Trump brings in 2 Indian-Americans for top govt. posts

Indian-American Raj Shah has been appointed to a key position in US President Donald Trump's communication team.

Trump's refugee ban gets temporary reprieve by Supreme Court

Last week, US President Donald Trump's temporary ban on most refugees suffered a legal blow after an appeals court blocked it.

12 Sep 2017

Bill Clinton

Bannon: Trump firing Comey biggest mistake in 'political history'

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey was the biggest mistake made in "modern political history."

11 Sep 2017

Hillary Clinton

"I am done being a candidate," says Hillary Clinton

Two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opened up about her defeat to Donald Trump in the 2016 elections in a recent CBS interview.

11 Sep 2017


Afghan foreign minister seeks closer bilateral ties during India visit

Afghan foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani arrived in India on Sunday for a three-day visit aimed at advancing the bilateral strategic relationship.

11 Sep 2017

Pakistan News

The mystery behind "free" fake 'likes' on Facebook solved

If you are on Facebook, you must have seen ads that offer you millions of likes for free. Ever wondered who are behind such scams, and how they do it?

10 Sep 2017

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia suspends talks with Qatar over protocol row

Saudi Arabia has suspended dialogue with Qatar, shortly after a phone call between Qatar's emir and the Saudi crown prince.

Trump's attempt at restricting refugees rejected by appeals court

The Trump administration's efforts to temporarily ban most refugees from entering America has been rejected by a US appeals court.

08 Sep 2017


US Senate approves $15bn hurricane relief package, raises debt ceiling

The US Senate has passed a $15.25 billion relief package for Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

07 Sep 2017


Chicago Mayor declares city a "Trump-free zone" for Dreamers

US President Donald Trump has an imposing influence on contemporary America.

07 Sep 2017

Puerto Rico

Category 5 Hurricane Irma reduces two Caribbean islands to rubble

The category five Hurricane Irma has caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean, killing at least nine people and reducing islands to rubble.

07 Sep 2017

Melania Trump

15 US states sue Trump over DACA decision in court

A group of 16 Democratic and nonpartisan state attorneys general has sued US President Donald Trump's decision to terminate Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

06 Sep 2017

San Francisco

Putin: Trump is "not my bride, I'm not his groom"

Russian President Vladimir Putin showed his humorous side during a news conference in China.

Trump terminates DACA: Thousands of undocumented Indian immigrants face deportation

An estimated 8,000 Indian-Americans are facing deportation after President Donald Trump decided to terminate Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals: an Obama-era policy to protect undocumented immigrant youth.

05 Sep 2017

White House

Trump terminates 'Dreamers' program, leaving fate of 8lakh immigrants uncertain

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday terminated the 'Dreamers' program which aimed to protect 8 lakh young immigrants illegally brought to the US as children, from being deported.

04 Sep 2017


Trump's movie career: Won the "Worst Supporting Actor" award

Did you know Donald Trump almost played the US President even before he ran for it? He was offered the role in the 2015 TV-film Sharknado 3.

04 Sep 2017

South Korea

South Korea responds to North's nuclear test with live-fire drills

South Korea has responded to North Korea's sixth nuclear test by conducting a live-fire missile drill simulating an offensive against Pyongyang's nuclear test site.