Articles about Google Tensor

Until the Pixel 6 was announced, every Google smartphone relied on a processor developed by a third-party manufacturer, usually Qualcomm. The Pixel 6 marked the departure of Google’s reliance on such partnerships since it transitioned to using its own homegrown processor called the Tensor chip. This is the same processor that was codenamed “Whitechapel” during development. The finished product was first announced by Google boss Sundar Pichai at the company’s annual developer conference called Google I/O in May 2021. The Tensor chip is named after the TensorFlow machine learning model since it aims to improve the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities of the new devices it powers. The Tensor chip is based on the ARM architecture and is an octa-core chip manufactured using the 5-nanometer process. The new chip could be used on other Google devices in the near future and for the Pixel 6, it could improve battery life, process optimizations, and end-to-end image processing.